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Developer: Kaigan Games OÜ
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.7.1
ID: com.accurve.game23.ios


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You found a phone belonging to a missing person. What would you do?
Sara has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and your only lead is her mobile phone.

Search for clues by investigating Sara's personal messages, notes, emails, pictures and videos while trying to piece together her final days. Unlock password protected files, uncover hidden messages and decrypt lost data and figure out where she went, what she did, and how someone can disappear without a trace so suddenly.

- Multiple choices will lead to multiple outcomes and endings.
- Chat with different people at the same time.
- Receive phone calls from NPCs and other mysterious callers.
- Hidden sub plots and extra information to unlock.
- Receive videos and photos from other NPCs.
- Simulated mobile phone helper, providing hints.
- Utilizing a similar typing mechanic as popular messaging apps.

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3.7 out of 5
2 589 Ratings


Great, but too short
This is an amazing game, truly. The videos and images are pretty unsettling, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t get scared easily. It’s probably the fact that this could actually happen (like, some crazy cultist could try to kidnap and sacrifice you) that is the most spine-chilling. I thought I was missing something because it look less then 20 minutes to finish, so its a bit short. I know this was kinda a test and that simulacra is much better, but it still wish it was longer. Still, the videos were super creepy, especially the end of the ‘recruitment’ video with the plague doctor or SCP-049 looking thing(I think it might have been SCP-049, actually), probably because of the almost indiscernible text to speech voice. Its just terrifying that they send pictures of Sara or Faith actually being killed, and the filter just makes it creepier. Just, don’t download this is blood/death/torcher and stuff like that is a big Nono for you, the amount of violence and blood in this game can be very triggering to some individuals, so please keep that in mind but otherwise go ahead! ^^ Also, if anyone was wondering, THE VIRUS PAGE AT THE END IS NOT REAL, ITS PART OF THE GAME, ITS SUPPOSED TO DO THAT AND IT WOULDNT HAVE BEEN SO POPULAR OTHERWISE DW<3
Solid Start 😨😍
Wow! I spent an evening playing this after being told it had clips from Marble Hornets in it and was very pleasantly surprised. The game has a similar formula to the Mystic Messenger game but gives it a horrific (and realistic) twist. To me, this has a great quality that I would put on par with creative Indie video games more so than "mobile" gaming.
This was a great demo for what is to come very soon, I'm sure. I'd love if in the future we could look through Sara's dating profile (and read more of Buddy's cringey attempts to flirt), see more realistic attempts at texting (less "...", those read more as a smug intellectual texting rather than intimidating), and more branching out in genuine choices (not "omg this is so scary" to a text where a person is asking a question).
This has such a solid foundation and I can't wait to see it grow. I have a feeling I'll be a fan of this company from here on out. Thank you for releasing such a fun game!
Enjoyable at first but is disappointing
When I first heard of this game I was so excited to play it but I couldn’t get to it at the time. However when I got to it I was a bit disappointed. The beginning was solid you found a phone and by the help of IRIS you recover a video of her that implies that she is in danger. May I add that the game has a cheap tactic of scaring you with jump scares. The video of sara was amazing and can really give you chills down your spine. I went through her phone throughly looked through her photos videos email music and all I found was useless information. Now some of the information you find is helpful but that’s only 1% of the info. The rest is just junk. It would be great if you could actually find a lot more information about sara’s disappearance. When you go through her messages you get to discover more about her life sad thing is you only get to talk to James and Izuru (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Izuru is the cause of all of this and at the end you have to pick who will die Sara or Faith. I felt like i should pick Sara because the whole game was about finding her and I really didn’t get attached to Faith. So overall this game has its ups and downs And I wouldn’t really recommend this game to anyone else because it can get boring at times. Can’t wait to play SIMULACRA
Not amused
Overall the game seemed really cool and different and I enjoyed acting out as a Nancy drew trying to solve her disappearance however it doesn’t even seem like you get to do that. You read through all her texts, look through all her photos for clues and yet everything you do to “find her” is pointless because you don’t actually find her. You find out her location, everyone dies but Sara unless you choose to kill her and not faith and then the game ends. Plus what’s the point of helping out the Iris thing if you don’t get to see if Sara makes it out of the party alive or not, she kinda just abandons you after you find her location and the game ends. I feel like the game would be more interesting if everyone doesn’t die at the freaking beginning and if the game went on longer than, what it feels like, 5 minutes. And if videos were included from our point going there to save Sara. Plus the “choices” you make in the game aren’t even your choices you’re kinda just forced to go along with the plot and don’t get any free will to try and save Sara OR her friends. The only semi-cool feature that you have free will to do is leave a note and type anything you want in her notes. I’m glad this game is free because if I would've spent money to play this I would be furious.
Enjoyable, but weak plot
You are tasked with solving the mystery behind a missing girl's disappearance, and at your disposal are her mobile phone and its virtual assistant IRIS. The game takes on a voyeuristic element as you comb through her messages and photos, and the developer does a fantastic job of recreating a small slice of a young woman's life - even down to the way her millennial friends text and use emojis.

However, not only is the game incredibly short (about 40 minutes or less), but its plot is forced, arbitrary, and nonsensical. There are many characters and plot elements introduced that serve no purpose, and the fun mystery element quickly and suddenly veers into graphic horror which I wasn't expecting or prepared for. Overall, while the game could be greatly improved, it's still an enjoyable and thrilling way to spend half an hour without spending any money.
Great innovative UI
It’s an interesting format. Having a game with the UI of a phone means that you pick up the controls very, very quick (although at the beginning I accidentally went to my actual home screen a few times out of habit). There’s some good scares and a surprising amount of footage and photos which add to the ambiance. However, it loses a star for weak storyline, short gameplay, mild (actual, not simulated) glitching, mildly misogynistic undertones, and especially because of a hackneyed death-cult leader. Also, Sarah has a bunch of candid non-selfie photos of herself in her own camera roll. That’s weird and breaks the immersion a bit.

[SPOILERS] The game would be seriously strengthened by a chance to actually meet and work with Sarah, rather than simply choosing whether or not to “sacrifice” her before IRIS goes AWOL on you.
I can't begin to describe how great this game is. I watched 2 walkthroughs and then played the game myself 3 times and yet I still want to play it again. Although I got curious and I watched the trailer. The trailer is overall the worse done part of the game. If I could give you suggestions for the trailer. I would say that you possibly should build slightly more suspense. And definitely add at least one good jumpscare. One more thing I think you should ad is I think having an actual Iris app would be pretty cool. It doesn't have to be exactly like like the app but I think it should at least be a little chatbot and virtual assistant both in one. Other than that the game was fantastic and I'm going to give your app what it deserves. 5 Stars and many more playthroughs.
Great Game... Too Short
Amazing game with amazing details, I may have a odd opinion but I wish it was a little more brutal and legit, maybe a little more graphic, but such a good game, totally worth downloading, if you don't have space, delete facebook, instagram, and snapchat, it's worth it! Too short for me though, the whole game was totally you trying to know what happened, then when it happens, the game ends and plays a song that totally fits the mood, and it's just such a good game, it says 17+ but it's more of... 13+? It has a little sexual content, nothing visual, but it's in a text.. in words, nothing too serious but probably no younger than 12 for the game, not too graphic either, such a good game, i can get over it.
Good Horror Game
Sara is Missing is a good introduction to any game made by this studio. It’s got a solid story, good scares, and tough choices to make. It’s definitely worth trying if you like horror, or even if you just need something to entertain you for a little while.
Like all games it has pros and cons to playing it. I’ll list some of them below.
1. The game is a slow burn and you aren’t frightened or on edge very often. Most of the horror is concentrated at the end of the game.
2. You have to sift through a lot of information on the phone to find out what happened to Sara, which some players may find boring.
3. This game uses psychological horror to terrify you, but also includes gore and disturbing content.
4. There aren’t a lot of sound effects or music. They only pop up at certain times during the game.
5. The game is very short. I finished it in one day.
6. You don’t get to make much of a connection with any of the characters, and several of them aren’t relatable. So you don’t care if they live or die.
If you do play the game and enjoy it, then try out some other games this studio made. They’re even better than this one. :)
watermelon proof,
When I started I thought nothing was going to go wrong it was great until the end.. I picked Sarah then after the game it took me to this wepsite on safari it said “WARNING your address has been used without your permission “ now I’m writing this a few minutes after that I feel unsafe and im scared im not sure if it was fake or if it was just planned out I think it was planned out but it said “run away” or “stay safe” I clicked stay safe then it started talking I exited it out I think it was fake because when it was loading it said Sarah something about Sarah then it changed I think it was planned out but I’m scared

Please tell me if it was fake PLEASE