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Tap to slice!

Developer: Voodoo
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.7.6
ID: com.tummygames.sliceit


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Tap to flip the knife and slice amazing obstacles in juiciest way!
Cut or slice everything and become slice master!

Version history

- Bugfixes.
- Bugfixes.
- Bugfixes.
- New Levels
- New Levels
- New Levels
- New Levels
- Bugfixes
- Bugfixes.
- Bugfixes.
Bug fixes
- Performance improvements
- Performance improvements
Bug fixes
Bug fixes
Bug fixes
Fixed missing level and obstacles
Updated levels
Enemy obstacles
Shop enabled
Unique knifes
language support for 12 languages
Updated game with new verticality and zoning game play
Updated game in to new vertical obstacles, zoning, extra life and few more improvements
Updated levels

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(Remove Interstitial and Banner ads)
IH651810439✱✱✱✱✱ 33C69E9✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer
(Remove ads, get new knife, trail and coins)
IH194896275✱✱✱✱✱ 0482F40✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
201.3K Ratings


amazing game!
Hello, i would like to start off with saying this game is incredible! I have been playing it for a while now, and it is strangely addicting. Probably one of the most satisfying games ever! I really enjoy the app. And starting off, the graphics are amazing. And the oddly satisfying noises make it 10x better then it was to begin with! Now on level 2,000 , I will say. I have no idea if this game ever ends. But i’m hoping it doesn’t! If your ever bored, I 100% suggest this game. I will say, it may need a little fixing up, like when i login to the game sometimes it just randomly does this thing where i get into the app it the knife just falls down when i tap to jump. That is the only problem I have ever had with this entire game. I do think it needs a little mor knifes to buy though, considering i bought all the knifes in about two weeks. So maybe just a little bit of fixing up and then this game will be completely awesome! Best review i have ever written for a app (this is my first time 🧑‍🦲) but i think this will probably be the best one even in the future! thank you for this amazing game. I recommend! 🦧

- Ur mom
Gelly Gellington,
A Honest Reveiw
When I saw this game it looked pretty satisfying so I tried it out and it was just like the ad. It’s an ok game and pretty time consuming. I was going to give it a 4 star but there are hidden flaws that I very quickly noticed. Firstly after a few levels in the shop disappeared and I was just stacking up money for no reason. (They did end up fixing it with a very recent update) Secondly there are quite a lot of ads (big surprise 🙄) which really brings a games enjoyment down. I get you need money but why throw so many ads expecting people to not delete your game within the first few seconds. If I’m being completely honest I have found a way to get away with playing the game without ads and without paying for the no ads but that’s not the point! The point is that there are too many ads! Third as the levels go on you get different places and things to cut but after the update I have been stuck in the same 2 places and all the things I’m supposed to cut except for some apples are INVISIBLE. I thought that maybe it was just that level but NO. Level after level it’s the same dang thing. I was going to delete the game and write a bad review but I wanted to see if it was just a bug that needed to be fixed so here I am asking that you fix the fact that I am stuck on 2 stupid sections with invisible things to cut. Also some of these reviews are fake so please read reviews before getting games if you wanna same some time.
Great fun BUT!
First off the ads are horrible. Dropped the $3 cus I enjoy the game and the ads were super frustrating. Was happy with my purchase decision but then very shortly realized, We really need more to stuff to buy with my money. I just started playing this game today. By level 60 or so I had purchased all the knives. I’m around 220 now with over 4.6 million dollars. I have so much money I’m making for absolutely nothing. We need wayyy more knives, maybe skin packs for the knives or something, power ups (maybe like a bounce back for the knife if you over shoot), maybe even add a multiplayer where you can try to get the highest score in a generated level, entry fees with a winning pool. There just needs to be more content for the money. Or just a purpose for this money. I’m getting good at hitting 50x and taking in some big wins, but then my excitement is diminished realizing.. I really don’t even need the money now. Or maybe that was your purpose. The game is fun and makes you happy regardless, proving that money doesn’t buy happiness. But it would buy more things I can do with my happiness. And it also bought me the removal of ads to help me enjoy the game even more. There is your proof that money has a purpose. Pleasseeeee add content to this and give this money a purpose. Thank you
So much potential (devs please read)
Hi. I have been playing voodoo games for a very long time now and I enjoy all of them. They were a part of my childhood. However, throughout most voodoo games one problem is presented through all of them. The adds. Now, I understand the significance of adds and I’m not saying to completely get rid of them. However, I think your games would be much more popular if they didn’t have so many adds. Most games these days are in the style of your games; pretty one dimensional and not that many things to do, but still fun nonetheless. But adds. They are a major problem in all of them. If you were to stop playing adds after every round and maybe go down to every 5 rounds, you would have so many more players. It would be trendy as the first game in your format to not have as many adds, and people would dig it. Once your platform grows, you can start to put more energy into your games, making them better quality and having more things to do and maybe even a little bit of a backstory to make them more interesting. As a marketer, I think the adds need to go. As a player, I think the adds need to go. And I think most voodoo enjoyers can agree that THE ADDS NEED TO GO!!
Hey so I’ve never written a review before and the devs probably don’t even look at them because this is just a knife cutting mobile game, but I’m quite literally addicted to this. Sometimes I will stop what I’m doing just to play this game. I don't know what it is but I can play this for hours without getting bored. I think I need medical help. Anyways, into the actual review bit. The graphics are pretty nice compared to other mobile games. I would like to see more knives added to the game, since the most expensive one right now is around 300k coins and I may or may not have 33x that amount and I need something to spend them on. Maybe add some knife effects? It could be anything really. Now some things I’ve noticed that could be changed. BRING BACK THE WHEEL please. I finally mastered how to get 50x coins and then they TOOK IT AWAY AND REPLACED IT WITH THE WEIRD TOWER THING its not that annoying BUT STILL. also the legos are sorta glitchy on the inside when you cut into them thats all bye
Way too many ads
I understand that you need to make money on games but at this WAY over the limit. There are ads after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL which is pretty common for most “time waster” type games except that each level in this game lasts on average 8-10 seconds. Each ad forces you to watch around 5 seconds before skipping (I timed both of those by the way). That means at the best 50% of the game is watching ads and at the worst is around 75%. Do you know how outrageous those numbers are? This game is extremely enjoyable and satisfying but those ads make it almost unbearable to play. Most people aren’t willing to pay $10 to take away the constant ads from an cheaply thrown together game. This game is purely a cash grab. I believe that they get around 10 cents per ad shown so If you don’t pay $10 then in about 30 minutes they would have made $10 off of ads you watched anyway. It is a very smart tactic for making money but extremely stupid if you want to get a follow behind your company, which makes you more money in the long run. So Voodoo and tummy games, fix your ad to gameplay ratio because I can guarantee that in a couple of years all of this is gonna come crashing down, and karma will finally turn around and bite you in the rear.
Addict to episode girl,
Good and relaxing game!
So this game is a really good game, you can choose a different knife but, the knifes are soooo expensive. I think one of the knives are like 350,0000! But I think when you buy all the knives you get to a higher level than basic because if not then why have basic. And when you get to this higher level you get plus 2 I think, instead of plus 1. But anyways, it is retry relaxing and a way to get rid of time. Plus, it doesn’t need internet, your internet down, No problem! I like that a lot because I use Slice it all on my tablet. And we go somewhere that’s the first game I play. I usually bring my tablet anywhere and if not then my phone. But anyways, my brother thinks the concept of the game is to cut things and then I say NO, the concept of this game is to satisfy you and relax you, that also involves cutting things. That is all, if you guys uptake it I would hope for the knifes to be less expensive but yeah that is all
Fun Game
I have really enjoyed this game so far. It’s satisfying and straightforward. The only issue I’ve had is that since I’ve hit level 211 or so, the kitchen counter levels, it seems to be glitching. The only thing that shows up on the counters are apples and on rare occasion a cup of coffee. I can tell there’s supposed to be other things there to slice because as I hit the knife to move forward you see the +1 after some of them, or they get stuck like when you hit something but you aren’t at the top. Once that gets fixed it’ll be a five star game. I agree with the others that there are too many adds per game play, but the people who created the game have to earn money from it too. They have a living to make. I think it would be better with one advertisement every five rounds. I think that seems fair. I’d love to have an option to see the progress in the levels, and to have the ability to go back to previous levels to play. That would help when things start to glitch. Overall I love it. Thanks so much!
Very fun game, but there’s wasted potential
I like the concept of this game, it’s satisfying, it’s relatively easy, and there’s a seemingly unlimited number of levels to play through. You earn money with each object you slice and at the end of each level there are multipliers you can land on to get more money. However, there is nothing to do with the money you get. I currently have over $200K with nothing to with, which is fine, but I wish I could spend it on something to make the game more fun. Like different knives or backgrounds or objects! There is so much potential there. And knowing the developers and their style of games, I doubt we will get any big updates like that.
Another thing- the knife I use in the game is a kitchen knife with a red handle. However, in the ads for the game it is a machete with a blue handle. This tells me that maybe there are other knives the developers made for the game, but haven’t put in yet?
If you like satisfying things play this game
I like this game because it’s very simple, and there is only one goal. To chop it all! It’s a great app to play when you are bored. It’s very addicting and once you start you probably won’t wanna stop. (At least it is like that for me 😆) I like how there are different things you can chop and all of them have different sounds!! This game is very satisfying, mostly when you chop down a big tower of pencils, legos, etc. I also really love the fact that when you chop something the middle of it is a color that usually goes in rainbow order!! Overall I think it’s an amazing game and if you are reading this you should totally buy it. Also thank you very much for adding things to buy with the money! I also like the new maps I am playing!! This game is just so amazing 😉

A slice loving fan ❤️