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Developer: Miniclip.com
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.17.1
ID: com.lukedoukakis.speedstars


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Simple yet tricky, competitive, fast-paced physics game! Use two-finger touch controls to zip down the 100m straightaway! Master your timing and you'll zoom at scintillating speeds, smashing your personal bests and climbing the world ranking!

Race against ghosts of real players, go head to head with the AI racers, or run a solo time trial. Then see where you stack up against the rest of the world on the global leaderboard! Watch replays of your race with cinematic camera angles, and choose the stadium theming from 8 colorful presets!

With the full version, you'll get five more iconic track and field race distances to master - the 200m dash, 400m dash, 60m dash, 110m hurdles, and 400m hurdles - as well as the ability to create your own racers with customized appearances and stats!

Version history

- Fixes and optimisations
This update provides bug fixes!
This updates provides a few new settings for players to adjust to their liking, as well as bug fixes!

- Players can now change their display name and nationality from the settings menu
- Players can now adjust swiping sensitivity for hurdles from the settings menu
- Fixes a gameplay bug affecting physics for a small number of players
- Other minor bug fixes and graphical changes
This update provides minor graphical changes and bug fixes!

- Your 30 meter split now shows when running the 60m dash
- Other minor graphical changes

Bug fixes:
- Addresses a rare issue causing loss of score data for some players
This update makes some minor graphical changes and bug fixes!
This update adds some minor features, graphical changes, bug fixes and performance improvements!
- Added an energy meter to allow players to better understand gameplay and see how they are using their energy
- In the 100m dash, 60m splits are now shown
- Fixed crashes that occur when device is not connected to internet
- Improved performance and device battery usage
- Addressed other minor bugs
This version provides bug fixes and graphical adjustments!
This update provides bug fixes, stability/performance improvements, and minor graphical updates!
This version provides stability, bug fixes and performance improvements!
This update introduces Race Day mode! In this event, all players play with a matching racer on the same event, which resets every day. Scores set here are sent to a separate leaderboard, so each day there will be a new champion!

- You can now scroll to see past the first 10 entries in the global leaderboard again
- Improved the randomness of random character creation and AI racers
- Other minor bug fixes
This update fixes a couple of minor bugs!

- Fixed post-race results sheet showing the wrong score as the world record
- Fixed a bug that showed the wrong speed for the spectated racer when watching a replay
This update brings some minor bug fixes and improvements!

- Fixed a bug that caused the player to race their own ghost even with the option deactivated
- Other minor bug fixes

- Added the ability to switch the racer that the camera focuses on when watching race replays
- Swapped out the racer color selection to one with a larger range of colors
This update addresses some bugs and adds a few minor features!

Bug fixes:
- Fixed touch input not registering near the bottom edge of the screen
- Fixed a rare bug causing some custom game data to be lost
- Fixed a bug causing the wrong ghost to sometimes be saved when setting multiple personal bests consecutively

- Added 5 more slots for racer customization (full version)
- Added a first-person viewing option for when watching a race replay
- Added a height display when customizing a racer
- Added a slider in the settings menu to adjust screen stretch
- A few other minor cosmetic changes
This version provides some needed bug fixes and gameplay adjustments!
Bug fixes and improvements
This update contains minor tweaks that scale back and balance some gameplay changes from the the 2.0 update!
This version fixes a bug that can prevent opponent ghosts from loading.
- Added 110m hurdles and 400m hurdles events
- Added new character customization options, including sunglasses, wristwatch, calf sleeve, and more
- Adjustments to character animations
- Leaderboard now shows the percentile of all players that your score falls into

Bug fixes:
- Fixed an issue where ghost data was piling up over time, which took up storage on the device and caused crashes
- Fixed crashes caused by pressing menu buttons too rapidly
- Fixed a rare bug that caused the racer to occasionally never lose energy and maintain full speed indefinitely
- Fixed some visual bugs with buttons in the customization menu
Improved match-making feature to update opponents accurately each time you set a personal best or re-open the app. Fixed bugs and reduced random crashes.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Full Version
(No ads, all race events, character editing!)
JJ919538067✱✱✱✱✱ 89B5EA2✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
7 706 Ratings


Fabulous game pls fix false start glitch/bug
SpeedStars, a mobile game that has taken the gaming world by storm, is an extraordinary masterpiece of entertainment that seamlessly blends heart-pounding racing action, stunning visuals, captivating gameplay, and an immersive world. It is an absolute triumph that redefines the mobile gaming experience. With its unparalleled attention to detail, exhilarating speed, and an abundance of features, SpeedStars sets itself apart as the unequivocal champion of the mobile gaming realm.

All I ask is that the dumb glitch where you get a perfect start and it turns green then goes red and counts it as a false start gets fixed.
Also i hope that multiplayer or local co op can be implemented to this game. Maybe add long jump, high jump, or even triple jump?
Free Version Lame
Definitely wish I could do some more of the modes, I understand having some sort of premium version that’s better than free but taking out all the customization, and the only mode your aloud to do is the 100 I think is a little overkill. It’s a fun game for about two seconds because your just running a 100m to beat your pr and once you get to like sub 10:30 it takes tons of tries and a good start to pr. All I’m really asking is just give something more than like 1 mode and a tiny bit of customization to free players. It’s called track day who says it needs to be limited to running, the running physics are really cool and unique I couldn’t imagine not being able to do a pull vault or shot put or something with throwing. Give those modes to the paying players and give free players at least hurtles or something just so the game doesn’t get repetitive. I want to give a 2 star but the running mechanics are so cool, hard to learn at first but once you figure it out it’s pretty easy then all you can do is improve your reaction time. I also don’t really like the starting sequence maybe like a gun going of or something, not a ready start and a slowly switching sign it’s kinda hard to tell when to start. Also props to everyone on the leaderboards holy crap I have no clue how your getting a sub 10 my best is like a 10:21
Best app ever yehahrrjejdkjr,
Glorious Game 10/10
This game. wow… magnificent, there is really nothing like this on the mobile game market i mean i am astonished by the level of detail, this game made it so people like me in the hood could really make it out im like wow… The level of physics, the level of quality, the level of just straight amazingness is bar none the best in the gaming industry, I have never seen anything quite like it, the physics in this game are so detailed, every tap down to the matter within your fingers touching your iphones OLED display interacting with each and every pixel matters to your MPH count within this game, you make a mistake just like you do the in the hood, your speed goes down, this is amazing, I want the developers to have my babies
Very intricate
Though at first glance it may just seem like a game where the faster you tap, the faster you go, the physics behind it are actually really fun. The running has a learning curve that is exciting to conquer, and the leaderboards are an attainable goal as the game is small enough to climb rankings easily. I paid the 99 cents to get rid of ads and add character customization and I think it’s worth it. Really fun and I’m spending way too much time on it. Really hope the devs add updates and flesh it out even more because this is honestly one of my favorite games on the App Store. 10/10 shoutout to TikTok too
Jack R.Bmore,
It’s alright except for apps and in game help
Played this game once and had no idea what to do so I quit, later on after stumbling across a tutorial on TikTok I understood how to play. Instead of making users find their own solutions on how to play they should add a tutorial. Unless you pay it gets kinda boring and the adds in the middle of a race are the worst thing ever. It is annoying, destroys your tempo and strategy and ruins any chance you have of a good run. Please fix this just make the ads wait until after the race is over. It’s also difficult to break 25 mph without having a build which is paywalled so there is no chance of getting wr or even going below 10 sec on 100 meter. Could just be me but I can’t get past 25 mph no matter what I do or search or try and come up with.
At first I used to think the faster you tap the faster you go but then I got used to the mechanics and it’s overall a fun game. Also I like that it’s only $0.99 for premium which makes the game even more better by letting you be able to customize your characters. I’ve been wondering if it was possible to add like a relay race game mode it would make game a lot better even though this is my favorite mobile game too. I really enjoy this game and it’s something I can play anyway I’m telling bored or tired or coming home from a long day.
Very entertaining
Very fun game, seriously I was surprised at how much I could enjoy it. It’s super simple as far as the touch controls go, just tapping each side of the screen, but there’s a complexity to mastering the right technique to run fast. It’s definitely not about tapping as fast as you can. My favorite thing is how you can race your ghost, either 1 on 1 or in a full race with other AI. I’ve been hooked on it, and as I’ve gotten better my ghost is harder and harder to beat. Just set a new PR after trying for like a month and I was hype 😂 now to beat this ghost…
Unpolished Game Alert!!!!
This game is super-glitchy! Starting the game screen goes black, or title screen freezes in a blur, and game locks up and you can’t do anything but exit the game and try again! When ads happen, which is too often, screes sometimes freezes up. Figuring out how to run is not hard to understand, but it IS TOUGH to learn the right cadence and you will need to practice! Game will/would be very good if devs fix these things and make sure it runs right in the next update. Ads are LONG, and if you really dig the game, it would behoove you to pay for the whole thing and to get rid of the ads as well. For me, as it stands, I’m gonna delete this but maybe in the future I’ll pick it up if things are fixed.
bad dfgfgdxg,
Perfection at its peak
This game has changed my entire life. Recently I have been going through a deep depression, not really knowing my place in the world. I haven’t been able to eat, sleep, or function as a human being for months. But this game, it change something in me. All of a sudden I was… well… happy. I hadn’t felt that feeling in a long time. I felt like a mesmerizing butterfly, finally coming out of its cocoon. With my depression behind me and a new perspective on life, I was ready to face the world. P.s. I also really like character customization.
Things to add
Absolutely great game love playing this but I don’t know how you would do this but can you find a way to make relay and field events long long jump and shot put and maybe a story line of your own character how you can upgrade them to be a sprinter jumping thrower or distance runner also be able to run against real runners but there bots but they run there own times like Usain Bolt or Michael Johnson that would make the game huge but make it to where you have to buy it cause that’s a lot of stuff to add thank you.