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Survive in an abandoned town

Developer: AI Games FZ
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.5


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Welcome to the world that has experienced widespread devastation and where only small groups of people have managed to stay alive. Survive whatever it takes in this apocalypse game. Manage survivors, build the last shelter, and repair a large truck to leave the abandoned city.


In this idle survival game, you need to explore every piece of the land to find materials, fuel and other valuable resources that will help you survive. Break abandoned houses, loot cars, and scavenge to get anything that can be used for crafting and constructing.


Join forces with other survivors and develop your own shelter. Create a spacious storage for food and materials, upgrade the dormitory to allow more survivors to live in, and build a farm to provide food. Only you can protect the survivors!


The more resources you collect, the more new tools you can invent. Don't forget to build a medical center to cure the survivors and make them faster and stronger! There are dozens of other upgrades you can use to make the city a better place to live.


If you like survival simulator games, you’ll definitely enjoy exploring the ghost city, looking for hidden crafting materials. You can even launch expeditions to other locations to get more valuable resources.

What are you waiting for? Loot resources, craft tools & build the shelter! Help survivors restore life in the abandoned city! Join one of the best idle crafting and survival adventure games.

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Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Remove all ads
(Removes all ads)
HB230065030✱✱✱✱✱ A021A12✱✱✱✱✱
Remove forced ads
(Removes banners and interstitial ads)
HB175311042✱✱✱✱✱ E9BF41F✱✱✱✱✱
5 Airdrops
(A tiny pack of 5 airdrops)
HB351489137✱✱✱✱✱ C6AA953✱✱✱✱✱
1 Airdrop
(Just 1 airdrop)
HB875379302✱✱✱✱✱ 7F76448✱✱✱✱✱
12 Airdrops
(A small pack of 12 airdrops)
HB927043664✱✱✱✱✱ D6727D5✱✱✱✱✱
30 Airdrops
(A medium pack of 30 airdrops)
HB468379931✱✱✱✱✱ BA1AD22✱✱✱✱✱
Remove all ads
(Removes all ads (with discount))
HB230065030✱✱✱✱✱ A021A12✱✱✱✱✱
Common character
(Buy an additional common character)
HB947939245✱✱✱✱✱ E35B903✱✱✱✱✱
Common character
(Buy an additional common character)
HB947939245✱✱✱✱✱ E35B903✱✱✱✱✱
200 Airdrop
(A huge pack of 200 airdrops)
HB119644005✱✱✱✱✱ 042EEEB✱✱✱✱✱

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3.9 out of 5
10.1K Ratings


Love the game but has some glitches
I quite enjoy playing this game. It’s a nice way to pass time. I even paid to remove ads so I can speed up without having to watch an ad each time. Only 4 stars because of some glitches. Sometimes the little people get stuck and don’t move and have to exit and reenter. Why do all of people have to work on the same task? I have like 12 now and it would be nice if I only had to use like 4 or 5 for building and the rest could continue collecting supplies. And it seems like every resource is priority over the blocks cause they collect everything else before that and that is the resource needed most and you use the largest amount of.
And lastly but most annoying is that there is no way for me to manually save progress. So even if I wait a few minutes before exiting, sometimes my progress is not saved. I then have to repeat what I just did like upgrading my crowbar for instance. Multiple times I’ve had to repeat tasks I’ve already done because progress wasn’t saved
It’s very time consuming in a game that already takes quite a bit of time to complete tasks and gather resources due to the issue mentioned before about using all my people to do any building
But I do love the game so you have a great product here. It just would be great if you fixed those little issues.
I have never left a review before but enjoy this game so much I wanted to let you know and offer suggestions that I think would make it so much better!
Fun but could be better
This game is very addictive and fun, however I think it could be better. I think it would help if you could select a certain number of workers to do a task instead of all of them working on one thing, and they sometimes get stuck so it might help if we could select a worker to control and perform tasks with. I would also like if multiple workers could help unlock a building and cars so that it would be faster (just like opening other things). These things could make the game better but not having these isn’t a problem. What is a problem is what happened to me when I got to the second level.

I was almost finished with the second level and was working on fixing the truck. When I broke the rock in front of it, it dropped the fuel tank for the truck and I ordered the workers to open it. It was opened but then it glitched and the workers wouldn’t pick it up, they left it there, and I could not interact with it. I eventually closed the app and opened it again, and when I did the tank was gone and was not added to the truck. Because of this, I can no longer progress.
Needs so much work
I paid the full amount (which is STUPIDLY pricy btw) because I like supporting Indie game developers and I hate ads, but as it is right now, even paying $5 is a bad idea Here’s everything you need to fix, and I really hope you’re taking my and other people’s comments into consideration 1. It takes FOREVER to get items. You basically get one airdrop once in a blue moon, leveling up takes forever and if you haven’t paid anything or watched any ads, it’s slow as molasses. It’s not an idle game, so once you leave, progress halts 2. Paying $17 to still watch long ads when expeditions return is moronic. This should be an automatic 1.5x reward. I’d say the same for airdrops. Paying for airdrops on top of $17…y’all are just greedy at that point 3. Players glitch and get stuck in random corners picking up pieces of nothing off the floor. Sometimes they all stand by the fire for a long time when there’s items to take out of the car or the farm, etc 4. Why do I have 5 people when I have 6 beds, 7 people when I have 8 beds, etc? I upgrade the bedroom and get one person each time. If it’s doubling, I should get two people to account 5. Zoom in and out needs to be better. The feature is barely noticeable and the world is pretty small scaled. With so much happening in the background, a closer zoom in is necessary 6. No offline rewards 7. Can’t access the settings at all on the iPhone 14. Here’s to hoping you make some changes!
Fun but needs some polish
The game is pretty idle so far, the characters do what they want, but unfortunately they sometimes do nothing. They standaround for minutes on end with a full back pack and just stand there. There is an option to watch an ad to get 2 more people so i did. Those people stood around the trash can for 45 seconds before they went to gather materials, then i noticed there was no movement, i found every person huddled around raw materials with full packs doing nothing. Took several minutes to finally see one by one they would take the materials back to the supply. Other than the AI bugging out, the game seems laid back and pretty fun to make progress. the vast majority of the advertisements are buff based so you are not constantly bombarded with ads unless you click to watch them to get ahead faster which is nice.
Smelly tramp28,
Little idiots
This game is so bad. It should be called Little Idiots. All your “survivors” are morons. Just watch them. They might all try to collect the same resource, and when it runs out, they just stand there wondering what happened. Or they may partially fill their “backpack” to then go to another pile somewhere else when there were still resources at their feet. They may also walk right past the storage with a partial load to then go across the map to finish filling their backpack and then return to storage. My favorite is when you need them to upgrade or craft something, they will come back with their loads to return them to storage, walking past the crafting site to do so, only to immediately pick up the same resource they just dropped off to storage to then take it to the crafting site they had just passed. You have no real control over these Little Idiots, so they collect whatever resources they want. I also like that I’m near what I believe to be end game and they have given up harvesting food, so I can’t get the required 750 food for the truck. I was hoping to finish the game to be sure it never got better, but the game seems to have made a way to not finish it and the only thing I can have them do is go on expeditions for small amounts of resources.
Adds lies. Needs work. AI is infuriating.
Honestly enjoyable enough to want to watch adds. But first problem/issue…. The add had zombies and I’ve been playing for a week and have yet to come across zombies. So if you see that add, it’s false advertising.
I do not like how the characters all choose to go to same shelf rather then spreading out, and that they cancel out each others work when only so much can come out of a resource pile at once. Can’t control any of characters individually and it’s marking game progress SLOW AND SLUGGISH.
Really discourages me from wanting to keep playing when I’m not doing anything fun or interesting for hours on end.
Really need to find a way to let characters be selected and sent to and for specific spots and resources. Continuously gathering food and gas to max while I’m waiting and waiting for them to pick up the hundreds of building materials is becoming numbing.
Speaking of gas….. the exploration feature is almost POINTLESS when the AI characters don’t take the supplies off the truck. I’ve had the same truck filled for 3 days and haven’t done expedition cause they’re so busy collecting reasoirces I don’t want or need at the time.
Fun but full of bugs
Similar to what others have written in their reviews, I really enjoyed playing this game so I spent the $17 to remove all adds and speed up the play. It’s true that at random times survivors will get stuck and you have to force restart the game and lose progress to go back to wherever the game last saved. Could be recent or could lose a lot of work. There is no way to tell, you have to very closely pay attention and as soon as something seems slightly off, restart the game to ensure you don’t lose progress. That I can deal with, even though it’s annoying.

The reason I’m giving 2 stars is because now that I have completed the first and second level, there are NO SURVIVORS on the third level to start collecting items. The first time this happened I thought it was fluke so I uninstalled the game, restored purchases, and did the first and second level all over again just to again be stuck with zero survivors for the third level. So $17 and no more game play within 24 hours of starting the game. It’s VERY frustrating.

There is no way to report errors in game. I’m just stuck.
Decent but short and costs too much
I got through all of the content there was to offer without buying anything in ~2 days. There are only two levels so don’t waste your money paying the $5 to remove ads or the $17 to remove ads and get the boosts unless you like playing the same 2 levels over and over again. I didn’t spend anything, but those prices are way too much. I’d spend maybe $5-7 to remove ads and get the boosts, and only after there’s more than 2 levels, $17 is ludicrous.
On the second level, sometimes the little guys will go all the way around the fence the long way to go out of bounds for a singular brick that they couldn’t grab through the fence.
Sometimes they get stuck in place and you have to refresh. If you bothered watching an ad to get an airdrop, say goodbye to your airdrop when you refresh the app.
This game isn’t worth spending money on in its current state. It has quite a few glitches and not enough content.
Was fun but too buggy.
I was enjoying the game, it’s automated, perhaps too much due to the issues I have discovered but still fun. After playing for a bit, I turned it off and when I returned to it later, the characters just completely refuse to collect any more carrots from the farm. You can’t tap on anything to force them to collect. They just hang out by the barrel. This doesn’t make the game unplayable but it will take forever to farm enough carrots to raise skills and what about the next item that it stops collecting? I’m not really looking forward to putting any more time into something that’s just going to become completely unplayable because of a similar bug.

After the above review I kept playing. After 2 upgrades to the farm, they started using it again.

On stage 2 I ran out of supplies and the helicopter sits in the corner never bringing more supplies. I am 1 upgrade from getting the fuel tank too. Very frustrating.
Buggy as heck
It’s a fun game, but needs serious work. A cardinal sin for a tablet/phone game is it only save every so often, and you can’t tell when. I’ve lost a half hour o r more of progress by just exiting to answer an email and coming back, more than once.. I paid the fee for no ads at all, just get the stuff, and 90% of things that had ads still do. Lost an airdrop I bought when it lost state. Periodically gets stuck, with people unwilling to do what I asked them to do - like build something. Won’t even show up as a task until I’ve done some actions to make the game notice, or restarted so I can get back into the construction menu. Characters will run half way across the map to get a resource that they are standing next to, and will ignore the ones I need to finish construction until they feel like it. And why do I need 8 people to stand there and make a crowbar?

I think this would be a four star game if they put some time into debugging and play testing