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Developer: LCG Entertainment, Inc.
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.3
ID: com.telltalegames.MI105IPHONE


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Start your adventure!

Our piratey heroes meet their ultimate match with the Rise of the Pirate God. Can the world of Monkey Island be saved? Find out as the Tales of Monkey Island saga comes to its thrilling conclusion.

* The last part in a five-episode saga with an intriguing storyline that becomes deeper and more entangled as it unfolds
* Series favorites Guybrush, LeChuck, Elaine, Stan, and the Voodoo Lady are joined by a new cast of characters
* Streamlined adventure gameplay with all the humor, romance, and swashbuckling excitement that made the franchise famous

Useful control tips:
* Two-finger touch to view selectable items on screen
* Double-tap to skip dialog

"Rich in humor, character, puzzles, and reverence to its forerunners, this is the ultimate adventure game for Monkey Island fans." -TouchArcade
"Confident continuation of the franchise..." -PocketGamer
"Looks great and sounds even better; good puzzle variety; witty dialogue…" -SlideToPlay

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***Full Retina Graphic Support on 4S devices!***

NOTE: This app is compatible with an iPhone 3GS or third generation equivalent iPod or later.

Version history

Re-Release with minor bug fixes
* Miscellaneous bug fixes

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5 out of 5
5 Ratings


been into this series ever scence the first PC game, if you havent gotten down on the original 2 games there on sale for the ipod/pad/phone and totally worth getting, you'll get alot of the puns and humor and past characters nostalgic one liners if you've played the past games, totally my fav series of point and click adventure games ever! plus the price drop for these games is worth it, to bad i bought em when they were 5$ but STILL worth it haha
Good game that wasn't tested for iPhone
I love the MI games, and the fact that this app was only $2.99 is fantastic. I love the puzzles and jokes. I don't love the choppy gameplay. It's really horrible when switching from a cutscene to when I have character control. Right now, I'm at a spot where the antagonist keeps tossing me around a boat, and due to the choppiness, I barely have enough time to see items in my surroundings before I get thrown to a different area. It's exceedingly frustrating. I have all the other tales of MI apps, but the choppiness during this portion of the game coupled with the time factor is terrible. I feel like this game wasn't tested on iPhone before it was put on the market. I love Telltale, I think you guys are keeping the adventure game alive... but maybe it's better to keep a good game on PC, than to put a seriously choppy version on smartphone.
Amazing game!
Monkey Island game series i think are one of the most amazing games ever made. It uses your brain, it's funny and you don't need to kill anything to be a hero unlike other games out there! i also think the graphics are pretty cool comparing to other iphone/ipad games. I'm so glad they are keeping this game alive by bringing it to iphone. keep the good job...
Thank you Dave and Ron
For giving us another Monkey Island game. These games have filled the void since the first two original MI games were created. Maybe one day we'll actually know what the secret is and hopefully season 2 is in progress.
Keeps me coming back for more...
Lots of fun, tough to stop once you start, (guess that's the point). Have now played through the whole MI and the whole Walking Dead series for IPhone. It's definitely a punch to the wallet for each of them though. Would like it better if price was in half especially WD series. Thinking about moving on to Telltale's Sam & Max series. Worth the $?
MI is the greatest
this game is been my fav sence the orl on pc its keeps me wanting more and i will die a fan im sure
Fun, But....
Ok, so this series was alot of fun to play. But, it was so expensive!! $5.00 a piece through 4, then 5 was a bit cheaper. But cmon! Thats too much! The chapters were very short. And face it, its mostly an interactive story. I do like the MI games...I just think this series was over priced...
just the best
these games have rocked me since the first one on floppy discs on windows 95. god bless everyone who keeps making these games part of my world. every single game in this series rules! sooo, when curse of/escape from going to be re-released on ios?!
It's a fantastic game but 3$ that's a hit much for a series game but all in all it was fantastic
Not opening
It wont open...keeps crashing