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Instant town building toy

Developer: Raw Fury
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.04
ID: com.rawfury.townscaper


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Build quaint island towns with curvy streets. Build small hamlets, soaring cathedrals, canal networks, or sky cities on stilts. Block by block.

No goal. No real gameplay. Just plenty of building and plenty of beauty. That's it.

Townscaper is an experimental passion project. More of a toy than a game. Pick colors from the palette, plop down colored blocks of house on the irregular grid, and watch Townscaper's underlying algorithm automatically turn those blocks into cute little houses, arches, stairways, bridges and lush backyards, depending on their configuration.

Version history

Fixed a rare crash
Fixed a crash that could occur on specific circumstances.
- Various bug fixes
- Hide UI button in settings
- In game volume controls
Miscellaneous bug fixes

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4.6 out of 5
671 Ratings


I never ever review games. I rarely review anything. Please take time out of your day and download this app. It’s only $4.99 and you will find endless enjoyment. You don’t need to worry about upgrades or tasks. You don’t need to unlock anything. The whole game is sandbox for you to grow and grow and let your imagination roam wild. With every added block, the world shifts to something new—hanging laundry, birds, bushes, lamps, entire neighborhoods with grass and fences.. that’s not even a fraction of the beautiful creations within this game.

You play on your time at your own pace. You can play for two seconds and get back to whatever you’re doing and in that time completely shift your world if you want. This has helped break apart my busy life and bring my mind to ease on my schedule. It’s like being able to take out your brain and squeeze out any anxieties or stressors that have been in there.

The beauty in every little thing in this game is unmatched. The creators were so thoughtful and downright magical when putting their hearts into this game(i don’t even like to call it a game.. it’s really an artistic town building app). Anyways, I could talk forever about it, just download and find out for yourself.
Love it!!! Here are some good ideas!
This is an amazing game. Want to make a town on water, well, here is the perfect place! Its an italian or southern europe styled architecture town in the middle of the ocean. This game is pretty easy, make some paths, build AMAZING houses, guess what! There is no in-game money, so the houses are ALL free! Now, I know you haven‘t updated in over 8 months from the time I uploaded this review, however, I have some update ideas!
First of all, STYLES! You can select styles. For example: Italian, English, German, Japanese, and MANY MORE! You may select this in the settings button and the houses and paths would immediately change.
Second of all, LAND! You should be able to select what you want the land to be. Not only water, but grass, forest, or farmland! This may also be selected in the settings. This may help fit a roleplay.
Last of all, ACTUAL BUILDINGS! Note being rude or anything but, towns have more than homes and lighthouses. There should be shops, barber shops, maybe even a supermarket. Its italy (during the time-period I‘m posting this comment), have you ever seen Italy with only houses?
Thanks for reading!
Amine jane,
Love this game <3
I love this game! So far this game has been so amazing, it’s cute, simple, easy and fun. The building is satisfying and easy, and the aesthetic of the game is just perfect but I would like it if you could add an option to make the world less warped, it look silly and I can add area in certain places because of the world being so warped, but at the same time I like the warping, it adds a challenge to building and it does look great if you can do it well, the settings are easy and everything else if very well polished and perfected. I have nothing else wrong with the game other than the warping, i’ll keep playing the game with it and it’s still very fun. Another fun feature you can add is people, like little people that can walk around with each other and enter and exit houses, a feature like this that could be turned in and off would be so cool and fun, but that’s just my suggestion. The game is amazing I would recommend, 10/10.
This app is amazing! I actually bought it for the Switch first and loved it so much I wanted to be able to do it without my Switch so I bought it again which I didn’t mind spending the extra money if it meant supporting the creators! I hear what people are saying with wanting to add more features like parks, etc. but I actually like how limited the features are so you have to really be creative and use your imagination.
I do wish that there was a way to change the color of existing buildings without having to destroy a building and rebuild it.
My only other suggestion is I think it would be cool to add a timelapse feature (like Procreate has) that records your progress as you’re building so that you can go back and watch your progress from the beginning. I think that would be a fun way to bookend the features in this fun, relaxing experience!
CC Hunt,
Is it a game or therapy?
In the main, most games are fast-paced, goal-oriented blood pressure boosters. When you are tired of those or they just aren’t your taste, try Townscaper. Because there are no points and no achievement-specific goals, it really isn’t a game. Your pace, your rules (within the apps limitations, of course), your creativity. Some think Townscaper is more akin to therapy, and I agree.

One thing I like most to do while I’m building is to write little stories in my head about why the build looks l Ike it does and about the people who might live there. Each section of “town” becomes part of a community for me.

Browse the Interwebz for Townscaper builds and you’ll find examples of some amazing creativity, design sense, and down-right whimsy. If you like what you see, then get started! And tell all of your friends. They’ll thank you.
This needs to be a new standard of mobile game
What standard is this? The passive, constructive, world building type game. To some this may seem like a tech demo but it’s not. I’ve watched this game get built from the ground up over Twitter and I am so happy to get my hands on it. Now, does this game se feature-less? Sure. That’s your opinion. But this game isn’t meant to be that type of game your imagining. This is a relaxation type game.

If you are looking for THAT type of game, Osaka’s other game, Bad North will scratch THAT itch.

Now, weather would be nice. I’d love to see rain, or snow build up on the roofs, but it’s not needed. Once you turn on some Lo Fi, turn on some rain sounds and play this game, you will have so much fun. If more features come to this game, I’ll be happy but Osaka, my dude. Thank you so much for this! You and Tiny Touch Tails are killing it and I respect that
Despicable hero,
Zen city!
One review said it was a simplified sim city, I call it Zen city! It’s easy and relaxing, with no municipal troubles to worry about! It’s basically tap and play. Create beautiful cities or towns, and then start building up to make towers or tiered levels! One of the most fun and relaxing games I’ve ever played!

If I may add a bit of constructive criticism, I feel the game would benefit from a few things:

Color change option: if we could repaint the buildings after they’ve been built that would be awesome(also maybe a few new wall textures), maybe a color wheel or custom colors.

Drag and build/fill in feature: tapping to add each individual segment can be a bit straining on the hand, if we could draw an outline or drag to build multiple segments at once would be amazing! Also the ability to build new segments under existing overhangs would help a lot!

Layer control: I tend to build tall towns, but sometimes they get in the way of my view when adding more buildings(especially when most of the grid is full). It would be nice to turn off the layers to maneuver the camera a bit.

Overall, this game is amazing! The developers really did a fantastic job in creating this game!
4* for Potential. Needed features.
Very cool tool. Touch interface is awesome. Visual options are great. Most important stuff is done well.

1 - Ability to add a range of objects at once. Don’t care if it’s a separate tool if you can’t work it into existing touch controls elegantly. I’m happy to change mode. I’m not happy to build a big floor plane poke by poke. Just have the range extend horizontally and vertically separately. Or make it start with a highlight range by selecting points, and then having an extrude tool on that selection. That’s 2 or 3 pokes to highlight a range and a drag action. Add or remove.
2 - ability to delete a layout. My first one was me figuring out what the app does, not an intentional layout. Again, have to delete objects poke by poke, and can’t remove the map at all. Tried a long hold on the map load, didn’t do anything. Makes it not worth the effort.
revil gamer,
Love it! Just kinda frustrates me
I know the entire game is supposed to just be simple and relaxing but I kinda hate that it’s too simple. Like I just want a couple extra tools and buildings to decorate. Otherwise I love it and in no way wasted my money. This is just kinda my opinion. I also think it seems a bit.. Bare. The floor is always stone, the only way you get grass is by closing in, there’s like 2 animals available to see ( love how fat the birds look ), but I would definitely recommend this game to people who just wants a whole ton of simplicity and relaxation. If your like me who have a craving for a bit more design, I would still recommend trying it buts it’s fine if it isn’t to your taste. it’s quite nice but quite empty. I give this 4 stars just because it’s way too simple but if I didn’t have that craving for design I would give it 5.
Joshua Thorne,
Amazing game with limitless potential.
I adore this game. I have been playing it for a week and already logged a dozen hours. It has such simple and relaxing gameplay and a brilliant concept. It’s an absolute joy to see the Townscapes expand and transform as you build them block by block.
As I exhaust the the dimensions of the game I imagine what a potential sequel might include…
I couldn’t help but imagine building towns on a mountain or having the ability to terraform in a similar manner. Also, more inhabitants, the birds are such lively touch it would be cool to see other forms of life. Culture too, I kept imagining flags or iconography adorning the spires of the tall towers I’d construct.
Overall, I am blown away with the quality of this game. Bravo!