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A story in 12 objects

Developer: ustwo games
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Version: 1.10.54


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From the studio that brought you Monument Valley, comes a story about taking things apart and putting ourselves back together.

When Maria, a globe-trotting antique restorer, arrives in the sun-soaked town of Bellariva, she has no idea just how broken it will turn out to be. She wants nothing more than to help the town’s inhabitants save their most beloved possessions, but when it’s their personal lives that are starting to fracture, she’ll need to find a way to hold them together, one spare screw at a time.

“Feels perfect for mobile” - The Verge

“A tactile and touching experience” - Gamesradar

“As a study in the wordless pleasure of fixing stuff ... it really sings” - Eurogamer

“If ever there was a game to show how games are an art form, this is it.” - Touch Arcade

MEANINGFUL PUZZLES: Explore the objects through Maria’s eyes and find a way to restore them.

EVOCATIVE STORY: Meet the townsfolk of Bellariva. Come to love their quirks and help them reconnect.

NOSTALGIC CHARM: Rediscover the defining objects of decades past to the tune of the original soundtrack, inspired by the sounds of the 80s.

HANDCRAFTED VISUALS: Enjoy gameplay rendered in a beautiful, impressionist style, alongside a completely hand-illustrated story

This game does not support MFi Controllers.

Version history

UPDATE: Voice over now fully available in Mandarin!
UPDATE: Voice over now fully available in Spanish!
NEW CHAPTER: Carmen needs your help! Without Maria around, Carmen needs to figure out how to assemble her new Espresso machine. Can she craft the perfect Latte?
Major updates:
- Fixed the black screen issue: players were prevented from starting the game and only seeing a black screen.

Bug Fixes:
- The Record Player now goes the wrong way and then the right way instead of the right way and then the wrong way. If you hadn’t noticed, forget we said anything.
- Typos and localisation issues.
- Text clipping in different formats.
- Updated credits to improve accuracy in all languages.
- Z fighting issues - which is not as cool as it sounds.
Assemble with Care is here!

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4.8 out of 5
4 821 Ratings


Brilliant! Just Brilliant!
The game, as soon as you open it, gives you a comforting and charming atmosphere. While the game itself only lasts about 1-2 hours, the story it tells is beautiful and teaches you to he importance of understanding the faults of others, and accepting them for who they are. The voice acting is delightful, with characters that show true emotion, and feel like they fit the characters you see on screen. Speaking of screens, the art for this game is perfectly balanced between detail and abstract, giving a very pretty and relaxing style to the game as a whole. The puzzles themselves aren’t too hard, but the appeal is in the way each repair tells more story than you could expect out of a puzzle. The overall experience was excellent, and the recommendation to use headphones was taken into account and greatly agreed upon. Not only do you get a great story, art, puzzles, and voices, but the game also offers a very soothing and calming soundtrack that I personally found to be the finishing touch on this already amazing game. I highly recommend, and cannot express how much respect I have for the developers of this game. I would love it if more people were able to experience the game, like if it was put on Steam or the general App Store, but even with its limitations, it is utterly fantastic.
Give it a try! You won’t regret it.
After playing this game, I came to its reviews in search insight from other players’ experiences that would reaffirm my own. Like so many before me, I felt compelled to write my first app review; so here I am. Assemble with Care has provided me with perhaps the most unexpected and delightful interactive storyline that I’ve ever embarked upon— all guided by a mobile app. It’s clear that the developers, storywriters, voice actors, visual artists, and the rest of the crew put a tremendous amount of thought and detail into their work. I thought, like Monument Valley, I would play it sparingly whenever a free moment presented itself; however, I didn’t stop assembling items until there were none left to assemble. Not only did I discover the odd satisfaction achieved from mending broken heirlooms and electronics, Assemble with Care also reminded me of valuable lessons in compassion and selflessness that I think many of us have lost sight of. I have never felt compelled to call my mom after playing a video game before; until today, that is!
Fantastic Game
I don’t often write reviews, but this game definitely deserves one.
I enjoy the gameplay itself. It’s fairly easy and relaxing. There’s a few points I got stuck on but not for long at all, just needed some tinkering. I would’ve like a zoom-in feature, but it’s not a big deal.
I adore the art style! The use of color is amazing and it’s very crisp and clean.
And then my absolute favorite part of the game: the story. I loved all the characters and their own little character arks. With this being a pretty short game the writers were able to explain so much and add on to the characters in a very impressive way. I was able to connect with all these characters instantly and I left wanting more. I would love this to be longer to have more interaction with these characters, but asking for that is my own selfish desire. The story telling was to good to add anymore just to add more.
All in all I highly recommend this game, especially if you’re looking for a relaxing game and enjoy a well told story.
This game was amazing
I don’t usually write reviews for games . But wow this game is amazing . A puzzle type mind bender and a saucy drama story to go along with it . The thing I enjoyed the most about this game was the game wasn’t rushed , it took its time and its all about the experience . If your the type of person that usually skips dialogue in video games then this game isn’t for you . Usually I wouldn’t like this kind of a game but the puzzle in addition to the story made the game the type of game you wanna start and finish within a day or two of getting it . It’s like a good book that’s hard to put down, yet the story line is so simple. The mental mind puzzles make the story feel more engaging by making you believe your really doing things to help people’s lives be easier or to enrich past moments and memories of a recently deceased family member . Very unusual , captivatingly original and just wowzer!

Definetly would recommend you check it out :)

Who even reads these anyway???
Great game, way short
I love puzzle games and when it comes to the whole “fix the whatever” genre most games tend to be very repetitive and loaded with ads, one seemingly every 30 seconds or so. This app is neither repetitive nor ad laden. It’s fun and a little challenging but not “I’m going to lose my crap” so, while it lasts. The while it lasts part is the problem. I played the entire thing in one sitting, except for the epilogue, which I had to finish the next day because I started it later in the evening. Maybe they are going to expand it over time, which would be great, but as it stands now it’s simply very short but very fun while it lasts. The one other thing I noted that brought the score down was that supposedly there’s one unlocked level in order to complete it. Maybe that’s an upcoming update or maybe it’s a glitch. I double checked all the levels and have completed everything released. Of you want a couple of hours trying out a “fix the thing” game, this nails it. Just don’t expect it to be an every day time waster.
Wow. Just Wow.
First of all let me say go play this game now. Anyway, this game is absolutely fantastic. I downloaded this game expecting some mediocre assembly puzzles, but I got so much more. The story (which I won’t spoil) is really good and fits the game quite well. I love the voice acting and the way they do the cutscenes it’s just brilliant. The core of the game the puzzles, is even better. The puzzle are click and drag puzzles but it’s great. You unscrew screws (which is way too satisfying), click things together, drag wires, and heck you even make SOUP! The puzzles aren’t too difficult or incredibly long which is nice. With some you fix a camera or a statue. With others you build a coffee machine and fix a game console. The game is fairly short(1-2 hours) but the presentation (graphics are phenomenal by the way) the soundtrack is fantastic and the story and gameplay is so good that it deserves everyone’s admiration and most importantly…. 5 stars.
Playing up, closing lines of the chapter
Maria’s last lines in Chapter 7 took me right to my own feelings when I left home. I didn’t care enough about leaving my parents behind because deep down, I knew they would always be there. That was, until my father unexpectedly passed away. I am 12 years on in my grief, never forgetting my excitement to live my own life ultimately came with a price. It’s taken years to relieve myself of the stress that if I cared more, visited and called, and wrote more, my dad would still be alive.
The truth is leaving home is all the exciting bits that should make you forget about the comfort and familiarity of home. I know in my heart my father was very proud of me then, and is even more proud following my journey in life from the spiritual realm.
Assemble with Care is AWESOME. This is my first foray in Apple Arcade game offerings. When I’m finished with this game, I will care enough to leave it behind to dive into your other game worlds and adventures. Well done.
Favorite Arcade Game
Completely loving time spent with this game. It ticks all the boxes! :). I’m an artist, an avid listener of audio books and I love working with my hands, so this sweet little game couldn’t be more perfect for me. The artwork is beautiful with a soft, beautiful hand-painted quality. The voice of the narrator(s) of the story are truly very good and the storyline is truly enjoyable. The very best thing is that the controls are accruals responsive and intuitive, hallelujah!! A new Arcade explorer and after about 12 games where I was sooo frustrated with controls that didn’t work or make sense and games that were frenetic and/or crazy loud, finding this enchanting, relaxing game was a life-saver. I hope the creators continue making more chapters or more games like this one. If I can hang in there and find a few more reasons to stay with the Arcade thing, I’ll certainly be down-loading the next installment. Good job!
Cool idea, love the mechanics, calling it a game is generous.
This is an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable experience. The idea of taking things apart and reassembling them is very interesting and fun. However the challenge mechanic of the game is just not directly telling you what to do and waiting for the player to figure it out. There is no way to lose or influence the progression of the story whatsoever. Its an odd mismatch of picture book read-along with periodic game play that is impossible to lose. In one level involving the making of soup I went back and intentionally tried to fail as it is the only section that allows for choice and even my soup of a head of broccoli and a stick of butter was "the best food ever made" despite totally ignoring the recipe.
This could all be redeemed by how enjoyable it is to take apart diagnose and reassemble things but with only 11 true levels each buried in two to three minute read along adventures, this app leaves you wishing it had been more.
The potential and concept of this app are really neat but unfortunately the game itself rarely lives up to them.
Absolutely fantastic game!
This is my first review of a game on the iPhone and I have been playing them since the App Store was released to the public. This game prompted me to actually write a review for the first time in all those years.
I downloaded the game without that high of expectations, and even put off playing it until last out of the group of games I downloaded at the time. I was so wrong to have waited.
From the minute I started the game, I was hooked and couldn’t stop until I completed it.
This is not particularly a game that creates any sort of challenge, but rather an experience.
From the minute the beautiful voice acting starts with Maria’s narration of her travels, to the conclusion of her describing the things she is packing away, I was invested.
The story is sort of whimsical at first, but as you meet characters with things to fix, you are given small hints as to why the objects mean so much to them in dialogue. As you fix the things you discover clues on the different objects to add deeper meaning, which ultimately is realized by the characters describing why they mean so much when you are finished.
Everything from the sound design, art direction, gameplay, and story are perfectly woven together to make a wonderful game that will have you feverishly fixing things to continue on with Maria’s story!