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Last Ball Standing!

Developer: ponos corporation
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.1.3


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Roll around and knock other balls off! Make sure not to fall off yourself... Can you do it?

Simply swipe the screen to roll in all directions. Some enemy balls are small and fast, some are large but slow. Hit balls at the right moment and they fly off the stage!

- Easy intuitive controls
- Smooth 3D graphics
- Feel-good physics
- Many skins to unlock

Roll on and let the fight begin!

Version history

- Small improvements
- updated for the latest version of iOS
- other small improvements
- Small improvements
- Small improvements
Small improvements.
- Small improvements
- Receive Santa Ball from December 1st!
- With snow effect!
- Only available up till Christmas!
- iPhone 11 support
- Other small improvements
- Small improvements
- Small improvements
- new enemy types added.
- other small improvements
Small improvements.
Small improvements

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(Disable ads (except Reward Video))
IH059999739✱✱✱✱✱ F4932F5✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
38.4K Ratings


Alex Gamer YT,
Hello, and I would like to take some time to give you for the game, Ball Action. The game is really fun and I want you guys to make it better.

*Online game mode that include either battling or working together.
*Trading or giving with anyone.
*Unlockable chests or prizes.
*Special deals, like 2 or maybe even 3 bonus levels in 1 row.

That would be it for my suggestions, and if I have more, then I’ll share ‘em with you guys, and thank you for reading. (By the way, this took me about 5 minutes to make.) Also, if any player is reading, I have some strategies for y’all:
*To block ALL ADS FOR FREE... turn off your internet. That way, you’ll be ad-free.
*In-game, try to trick balls, like this: Go to any edge of the platform, wait for it... and BEFORE they hit you off. You can either zoom into the center of the platform, or just move a LITTLE and they will fall off.

That’s all, bye!
Pretty decent
I like this game a lot. It’s fun to see you knock off other balls from the platform. Here’s some cons though…
1. The rating is kinda off. Why is this game rated ages 9 and up? I mean, I honestly think that it should be 4+. These ratings prevent kids from getting stuff they want.
2. The ads. There is too many. WAAAYYY to many. Creators like this can’t find a better way to make money in their games so the put a hundred pop up ads in the game. After EVERY single level I do, there’s always an ad. Sometimes I’m praying there won’t be an ad. But of course, THERES AND AD. It’s kinda hard to enjoy these games with that many ads. Too many!

I hope the developer fixes the ad problem. If they don’t then I’m gonna avoid this game for a bit
Dayja opinion
This game is fine. One thing that is wrong is the double it option. Another is all the ads. The double it option is a problem because you might accidentally touch it and it gets on your nerves because you are going to have to watch the whole video. The ads are a problem because you don’t even get to play the game because of all the ads. I gave this game a 3 for two reasons. I am a child and I say that you could make this game better. But this game is fine overall cause I am a fifth grader and I like this game cause I can play with my friends and all that but it could be better. Thank you for asking me too Write a response. This game could be better that is why I gave it a 3. You could make it better please this was my response. BYE 🙄✌🏾😘😜😡
The title is what HAS to happen if you want to have people stop hating on this game and give it a five star review. I mean I know sense this is a free app there are going to have to be ads but the amount you are giving the people who get the app is RIDICULOUS and Ima be real with you, one day you are going to lose all of your users of this app and don’t be complaining when it happens because I’m sure many of us have told you you reduce the amount of ads. So......... yeah REDUCE, REDUCE, REDUCE, REDUCE!!!!!!!!!!

P.S I am (kinda) sorry for being so mean in me review.... but we all know it’s true. There are to many ads and that the amount of users are gong to decrease because of it.
Benzoni’s Official Review
This game is quite simple and very interesting. The concept of this game is very unique compared to other “pass the time” games. The controls to the game are very sensitive and can take some time to get used to but this can be frustrating and annoying at times. The levels can also be challenging at times but this is mostly due to the controls being sensitive. Very last but not least is the terribly long and boring ads, understandable why they have them in a FREE game. overall the game is decent, a couple tweaks need to be made and maybe some more features would definitely make this game ADDICTIVE.
Ball Action Master,
Great Game, But The Secret Theme?
I am rank 50 and at level 137 but can not figure out how to get the secret theme. There is no clue on how to get it in game. For example, if I use the space theme and complete a level, you can see the completion bar to the next theme. For me, it says over 1000% completion but when I use the space theme, there is nothing but a line and picture of a blacked out theme with a question mark on it. I as well have gotten all the skins. Could someone please help! And btw, this is a great game and hope more improvements come to it!
Good game but too many adds
Do you like adds? Well if you don’t this is not the right game for you. It has too many adds. Every time I finish a level I’m stuck in an add. I don’t usually write reviews. In fact this is the only game I’ve wrote a review for. I wrote it to warn you about adds. But the good thing is you can sometimes skip adds. Otherwise it’s one of my favorite games out of all my other apps.
WiZ SmoKezz,
It is kind of trash..
I gave this a 2 star rating... Not really because the game is trash but if some things that happen.. First it is the ads. You have to watch an ad to continue on a stage, but if you press no thanks you still get an add AFTER EVERY ATTEMPT. Also, the upgrades. Why do you have to buy the same thing 3 times to get to the next level? You hardly get coins from completing levels! Also the balls. Why do the small balls hit as hard as large balls? I mean they are already fast enough. And then they hit hard? My resistance is on 14. Now idk if that is a lot, but like I said. The coins are already hard enough to get. And that is what makes me dislike this game.
Wish I read the reviews #AdCity
Literally no joke it’s the same concept over and over with different graphics. The first 10-15 levels the ads are like one every two or three levels. After that you have 30 + second long ads after every single round. Spend more time watching ads than playing. It’s faster to finish a round, and then close out of the app and reopen than to watch these ridiculous ads. At level 47 am deleting because it’s a waste of time.
This could be good BUT...
As I said, this could be a good game. I like it, I can challenge myself by deciding how leveled up I want to be, and that’s cool. However the amount of adds is terrible!

It takes ten seconds to finish a level and then you get a thirty second add. You did something wrong? Oh you get an add. You want double? You get an add. You don’t want double? You get an add anyway.

I understand you need money from the adds, but the levels are really easy and can be finished in the time the add takes. It’s simply not worth my time so I’m un-downloading it.