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become the King of Cats!

Developer: ponos corporation
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.6


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An exciting new app from the makers of The Battle Cats!
Knock your animal rivals off the edge and become the legendary King of Cats!

【Simple Controls - Just Roll Your Cat!】
Roll your hero just right to bump your enemies off the island!

【Take on a variety of animal enemies!】
A crazy collection of cute rivals come at you with unexpected attacks!

【Get Stylish with Unlockable Skins!】
Collect character skins! So many to choose from!

And there's more!
Clear missions to unlock rewards in The Battle Cats too!
Simple controls and exciting gameplay; a legendary adventure destined to go down in Cat history!

Version history

As always, thank you for playing! What's new this time?
- Other small improvements.
As always, thank you for playing! What's new this time?
- Fixed an issue with loss of save data.
- Other small improvements.
As always, thank you for playing! What's new this time?
- Again, fixed an issue with being unable to progress past stage 40.
- Again, fixed an issue with being unable to progress past a black screen after a restart of the app.
- Other small improvements.
As always, thank you for playing! What's new this time?
- Fixed an issue with being unable to progress past stage 40.
- Fixed an issue with being unable to progress past a black screen after a restart of the app.
- Other small improvements.

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4.8 out of 5
11.1K Ratings


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Nwonknu (unknown),
Another great game but a huge bug
Obviously another amazing game by ponos, well mainly because it is off of the famous the battle cats lol but still great and simple game with easy controls, doesntly fully copy the battle cats units and some “enemies” have special abilities you could say (I won’t spoil) which is also fun. Another amazing thing which I think a lot of battle cats players want is collab missions like for cat food and rare tickets for the game. So far, I enjoy this game as I do with every other ponos game, this is like an early release so there can most likely be multiple changes
The only thing that quite hurts is that once you exit the app and the next time I play it, it’s stuck, and then crashes so I’d have to reinstall which also loses the progress which can ruin about the whole game experience, this may only be for me but even if it’s only to me, it’s quite a big issue
Thanks for reading and have a nice day <3
the real yeetmaster42,
Very fun, little flaws.
This game is very fun, though it doesn't have much replay value and is quite repetitive after a while you still can have a very good time while playing it. Obviously the reason most people download these games are for battle cats rewards and that’s ok! Because its a fun game on its own and the battle cats rewards are just a plus. I would rate it 4.5 but ill just give it a 5 since i did not waste my time on this game and enjoyed playing it.
turtle fan90,
Great game, needs more challenge though
So, if you’ve every played The Battle Cats you would know that is has lots and lots of levels with lots of challenges for the player. Burgle Cats is also fun since the payer gets to choose he defense to protect the chests along with climbing up the stages but it also gets repetitive. This game is fun but the levels are super easy, there are very few rewards and almost zero challenge making the game not as fun. I mean I got all the BC rewards but I personally feel like there needs to be more BC rewards. PONOS if you read this review I would very much appreciate if there were more Battle Cats rewards and some more challenge so we can try to see some more of MattShea.
The late game problem
I cleared 50 stages on my second attempt, and it was actually pretty fun. PONOS finally made another .io type game somewhat enjoyable (at least for me.) The only problems are the lack of late game enemies. The most threatening thing in the game that will keep popping up are those annoying little sonic cats. Another thing is that the challenges end abruptly with collecting all the skins, and while this would make sense for a final challenge to the player it is rather boring clearing a ton of stages for a cosmetic change to your cat. The game of course has ads, what did you expect? At least this time they only show up to give you a boost in return such as coin multipliers, continues, and size multipliers. A pretty good game though, good job PONOS!
good broooooooooooo!,
It is kind of annoying because you can get to level 100 and when you die you have to go all the way back to level one but it does give you time to like level up your character more so if you’re all the way out like 100 you can go back die get more strengths and then when you go back to 100 you’re most likely gonna beat it because you got extra the strength than you did the last time you did it but other than that it’s a pretty good game it helps you on battle cats and I am OK at it but I feel like a lot of you are you gonna be better
Reward ads only + battle cats tickets
The game is very simple but still pretty fun. I got all the battle cats rewards within 2 hours and got all the skins in a day for all achievements. Once you have all the skins you can continue getting chests but you’ll only get 100 gold there after. My highest round was 76 with no continue used. They could easily just add these as mini games within battle cats but I guess this adds to their list of completed games.
Good but a glitch ruined it
I love everything about this game especially the artwork but it all went wrong when I was playing the game and my phone became laggy. 2 minutes of that and the game crashed. When I opened it back up it showed my cat inside of the ground and everything was still visible but it did not give me the option to move around. I contacted Ponos but I haven’t heard back, I even restarted the app and phone many times.
Fun but hard
I think this is fun and it ties to battle cats me and my friend grind quests in this game and I beat level 50 and now I have 3 Ubers the king cat is to over powered and with the purple sonic my suggestion is make bigger gaps on level 50 and make the purple sonic cooldown longer that’s all the rest of the game is so much fun I love this game I recommend it to all battle cats players and the game is good I play this all the time #battlecats4life😼
sir oak man,
Great but I can’t even play the game
It one of my favorite games when I played it for the first time, but I had to go to sleep. When I woke up I went on the game but the only thing I saw was a gray screen for about 10 seconds, then it crashed. I opened it again but it did the exact same thing for at least 5 times. So just wanted to say I love this game but I actually want to play it.