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Head Tripping Action

Developer: ponos corporation
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.2.3
ID: jp.co.ponos.korogarimasu


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Heads Off!
Heads are rolling...
Just touch the screen! They will scream and move faster.
Let's roll! Scream! Collect many kinds of heads.

Version history

- other small improvements
- other small improvements
- other small improvements
- other small improvements
- updated server code
- other small improvements
- Small improvements
- New strange heads
- Gameplay balance improvements
Big UpdaaaAAAAaaaaate!
- New strange heads
- New strange features
Big UpdaaaAAAAaaaaate!
- New strange heads
- New strange features
- Support for iPhone X
- Other small improvements

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4.8 out of 5
793 Ratings


It's weird, it's crazy, it's PONOS!
At first glance it doesn't look all that impressive, but looks can be deceiving(very deceiving!) Just remember flappy bird as an example.

Looks simplistic but what lies underneath is a very unique and addicting game! You play as a head, and to move you need to press and hold the screen which will cause the head to scream continuously until you stop pressing the screen. The scream is what propels you forward but the catch is that where ever the face is facing is the direction the scream will push you.

So if the face is facing down, screaming will propel you upwards, and so on. The face however moves clockwise on its own meaning you need to time your presses in order to jump over pits.

The game is an endless type game akin to flappy bird, with many collectible souls and fire souls scattered throughout the level.

With said souls you can unlock custom heads with each their own unique screams and designs.

Heads off is not a serious game and shouldn't be taken as such but rather is a game you play now and then as a time killer and the game does that perfectly!

So that's pretty much it, the game is new right now and will probably get future updates with more custom heads and possibly modes. But as it is right now it's great!

So what are you waiting for?
Let the scream fest begin!
The Reviewer of Many,
A Surreal Experience
Heads Off seems to be a metaphor for life; you travel through and only make real headway-pardon the pun- in life through frustration and strife. Some people’s anger come in many different forms, and can be dealt with on a nearly individual level. Sometimes being happy and comical (like the panda head) while others can be horribly expressed (like in the original or “bare” head). I also like how the lives of the heads seem so different, but contains many of the same events. The fact that we are connected and have the same emotions is really refreshing in today’s society. These games are under appreciated. Please continue with these creepily goofy, everlastingly scholar-esque games.
With all due respect,
Very Engaging…and a Bit Macabre!
Just stumbled upon this game more or less by accident. I love it! The game play is very simple and easy to pick up from the get-go. This has a deliciously morbid twist to it and already appears to be a very fun game. Highly recommended if you’re into these quirky, off-the-wall, and somewhat gruesome games that are easy to learn but still challenging. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

The game is still great! I wanted to ask Ponos if they could bring back Mr. Oops and the other Mr. games that used to be available for older devices. Those were some great games! Would be nice to be able to play them on newer devices.
I came from the battle cats and decided to play some other ponos games
It's simple, unique, and works well. No ads, too. So, a head drops onto the ground and you hold to make it scream and propel into the air. The head spins so you have to time your screams. You try to get souls to grow more heads off a tree. They all have different designs and screams. There's also a side story with your age. It's a little creepy, I mean, heads growing off a tree? Dying young? The music? The colors? It's not scary, just a bit creepy. That's all I have to say, I hope you enjoy the game(if you decide to get it).
Great game but the stories....
It’s an absolutely great game, very amusing and addicting as you kinda want to collect all the heads, the stories are randomly generated and also interesting but they would be a lot better if they went along with what you were born as and you ages because I’ve never heard of someone at 6 years old “losing spokespersons job to someone younger” it would be so much better is the story made more sense but other than that is a great game and I 10/10 recommend
J 0 V D E B,
Heads up
What a gem! Endless distance games aren’t usually my niche but this games absurdity and uniqueness has me hooked. The player rolls a motley crew of severed heads through ages while picking up orbs to use as currency. A summary of what your head did during each age is given as the line is crossed. My favorite so far was “at age 11 practiced Karate through telephone.” The melancholic piano music makes the game that much more enjoyable 5/5

PS I look forward to more projects
You need to get this
I don’t normally don’t write reviews but since this game doesn’t have much I’m gonna. When I saw this app I tho it it was some stupid psychopath app and I wanted to try it for some reason 😂 the first few minutes I was confused but it’s fairly simple. This game is really addictive once you get the hang of it and will definitely go far in becoming a popular app.
It's alright
Ngl this game is very very addicting. The noises they make are really funny and very catchy. At the bottom of my screen it has random things like a home button and other buttons. But there is an ad blocking it and I can't click on any of them. If that could get fixed I would enjoy it better. Overall this game is great but it's really hard to play. I'm very very happy because I haven't got a single ad since I have had it. So basically my review is ok.
Super Fun
I stumbled across this app years ago and it’s amazing and fantastic, the controls are simplistic as is the art style but it’s strangely addictive. My only gripe is that I do wish they would create more heads for it, as once you’ve reached all of them all that’s left to do is continue using your scores on each character.
Super good!
it honestly doesn’t look like much but once you get started and start collecting more heads it’s great! it’s so creative and every time i play it i wonder what kind of work went into it with all the different screams and animations. it couldn’t have been to easy, so thank you for making this a free game for all to play!