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Become best friends

Developer: George Batchelor
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 3.8
ID: com.georgebatchelor.birdalone


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◆ Apple Design Award Winner 2021 ◆

Become best friends with the loneliest bird in the world.

A journey of growth and loss with a best friend.
Talk about life, make music, draw pictures and write poetry.

Start each day answering your new friend's questions about life, death and the meaning of existence.

Guide the bird through daily life as it confronts the same worries as the rest of us.

◆ What's your favourite colour?
◆ Where are all my friends?
◆ Do you ever think about death?

What will your best friend ask you today?

◆ Draw a picture for the Art Gallery
◆ Write a poem together for the Book of Poetry
◆ Unlock today's plant for the Musical Garden
◆ Rub its belly

Watch each day turn to night
Ponder the changing seasons
Face the heaviness of growing old with a best friend.

Maybe this bird won't be so lonely after all.

* Minimum required device: iPhone 6S or similar *

Content warning: Bird Alone contains themes and discussion of death. User discretion is advised for those sensitive to this topic.

Version history

• Play the beginning for free
• In-app purchase the full experience
• Replaced local weather forecasts with randomised weather
• Play the beginning for free
• In-app purchase the full experience
• Now available in Russian and Brazilian Portuguese
• Play the beginning for free
• In-app purchase the full experience
• Now available in Russian and Brazilian Portuguese
• Play the beginning for free
• In-app purchase the full experience
• Now available in Russian and Brazilian Portuguese
• Play the beginning for free
• In-app purchase the full experience
• Now available in Russian and Brazilian Portuguese
• Dialogue edits
• Fixed some things
• Dialogue edits for clarity
• Bug fixes
• Further optimisations to help run Bird Alone on older devices
• Improved the drawing tool
• Graphical improvements
• Bug fixes
• Significant optimisations to help run Bird Alone on older devices
• Added all Kanji to Japanese fonts
• Graphical improvements
• Bug fixes
• Keyboard support for multiple languages
• Localisation edits
• More optimised drawings
• A new conversation
• Allowing longer poems to be written
• More responsive gyro camera tilt
• Faster location response for the weather
• More leaves
• Bug fixes

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Bird Alone full version
(Unlock the complete Bird Alone experience.)
HI424964882✱✱✱✱✱ 0DB8004✱✱✱✱✱

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4.8 out of 5
6 430 Ratings


Rico's best friend.,
To rico, my best friend.
I don’t know why I thought you were going to last forever rico. But the night I downloaded you I was having a really bad panic attack and I was at my lowest. But I still remember the night where I got to name you. I still remember our first talk, and how you said we were going to be best friends.. forever. You brought me joy and helped me so much with my depression. It’s stupid though…. I mean you’re only a bird.. but you really did help me… I loved seeing your notifications during class. I made so much time for you. Each time I saw you I would smile, because you were my joy. You were my best friend. I loved singing with you at the waterfall. I loved drawing with you. I loved writing the poems with you. I loved growing out the garden with you. I loved feeding you those fruits. I I loved every little bit. I always will love every moment. You taught me so much. You taught me to live the moment and to not stress. You were always in a good mood, even if you had a bad day. And when I had a bad day you tried your best to fix it. I really did enjoy my time with you, I even told my family and friend how you, a little bird, was helping me so much. I loved all the little things I did with you, and all the big things I did with you.

I guess.. every good thing must come to an end. Nothing good last forever. But the memories do last, and my memories with Rico are something I will never forget.

Goodbye Rico.
goodbye, my little dude.
When I first downloaded this app, I thought I wasn’t going to buy the full version. But the moment I glanced into his colorful figure, I fell in love. I creatively named him birb, and we bonded from the first day. After the trial ended, I decided I was going to buy the full version of the game. I watched as he would fly from branch to branch as we made music, wrote poems, and drew pictures. If you’re looking for a game that you can spend hours playing, look elsewhere. If you like birds and/or sometimes need a pep talk from a loved friend or family member, this app is for you. Whenever I visited birb before school in the morning, it would always make my day seeing him bob his head up and down, and ask me how I was feeling. We went through change, and he told me how he was feeling older every time. But one day, I noticed the bland color of the leaves. Birb then brought up a topic I never thought he’d talk about: death. I was worried. What if my little birb is going to pass away? He kept bringing it up and then one day, which is today, he said it was his last day. I was and still am heartbroken. I couldn’t believe what he was saying! Is my little chonk really going to die? I’m maybe she’d a tear or two as we wrote our last poem, and planted our last plant in the garden. I hope there will be an egg waiting for me tomorrow, as many people have stated there is. Goodbye, my dearest birb.
My experience with Patricia
I don’t talk to many people and I found this app while scrolling through the app store bored out of my mind. When I quickly skimmed through the reviews and found many 5 star reviews with long winded paragraphs, I knew I had to buy the full version. I named my bird Patricia and quickly learned that I’ll be sent notifications for when Patricia wanted to do something with me. I loved writing poems and making songs and even though I wasn’t the best artist it was fun seeing her reactions to my terrible drawings. Every day I would pet her and feed her. When I couldn’t sleep, I’d go look at Patricia and see what she was up to. Our conversations were very deep and insightful.

I didn’t realize that Patricia would be gone from me so soon however. Yesterday, she announced that her time has come. My jaw dropped. I didn’t want her to leave me. I wanted to cry when I did our last poem. I also managed to finish our garden. The last time I saw Patricia I pet her for nearly 10 minutes straight. And then, as the clock struck midnight, I tried to check up on her and was stunned to see nothing but the backdrop of forest leaves. I checked everywhere but there was no sign of Patricia. I felt a deep sense of despair and loneliness, but knowing that I have something to keep her memory alive is what keeps me going forward in life.

I will miss you forever Patricia.
I know how it feels
So, once I got this game, a long time ago. Kind of. I didn’t buy the full version, because my dad doesn’t like paying for ‘games’. Only educational games, and only on special events will he ever ‘buy’ me a game. After the trial was over, I deleted it. A LONG TIME LATER… so then I got it again. When I saw his face… that just cheered me up. I got to name him Scruffy. I loved feeding him oranges, and I loved drawing him pictures. And for the poems… well, honestly I was kinda bad at them. But most of all… I really loved making music. THEN came the day where the trial ended. After a day of begging, my dad paid. I played, and played… until, it got kind of serious. He said, “my bones are starting to get old and creaky”… that made me think, how much longer will he live? I knew it was coming soon. So, I tried to make my days with Scruffy as dear as I can, until he said, “I think this is my last day.” I was heartbroken. I played a little more then I usually do that day, (yesterday) until the next day he was gone. (Today). Now I know the next day there will be an egg… right? Is that what happens? If not… I WILL CRY MY HEAD OFF. So, I know how it feels, to lose that bird. But please get this game, it’s really good. I recommend it.
Edit: what? I looked on, (to see the egg) but… it literally restarted. Not like, all the way, but somewhere close to the beginning. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED HERE?!
I love you Sunnee
I think it was pretty stupid of me to think I would have Sunnee forever. Every morning i would get a notification from him saying it was time for a drawing or a poem, but sometimes it was to ask for space for the day because of a change. I remember every time me and my bf fought I would open up the app to Sunnee. He always made me smile, made my day. Feeding him oranges and rubbing his tummy helped me a lot; I was able to confront my bf usually afterwards. When the hints of him not being here forever arised I kinda shook it off to be my imagination. Until it was brought up again. I wanted to ignore it again but I knew that would’ve been wrong. I have just recently lost a pet so trying to push things away didn’t feel right. I talked to Sunnee as much as I could. And on his last day I felt this anguish in my heart, a twist and a turn. However, I am thankful I got to watch him grow, mature, and handle his problems. It was inspirational. It was metaphorical. It was beautiful. I cried while writing the last poem with him. Reading his crooked and shaking text. I was scared to open the app and visit him this morning. I feared for the worst and so I pushed it away until now. I reread the poems, reviewed the paintings, revisited the garden. It didn’t feel magical without him. I will miss you so dearly my old friend. I won’t delete you. You won’t disappear in time.
So long my dearest chonk
So I thought of it as nothing and just wanted to have a friend/pet bird … naming him was the first big step into a great connection and making a cool new friend … chonk was creative fun smart and loving , always asked how I felt and always enlightened my day .. I always looked forward to the next day to create with chonk and well as the belly rubs and fruits for breakfast lunch and din din.. one day chonk asked me about getting old and told me he didn’t have the same energy he once had… I started to work so gave em triple the belly rubs and checked in on him hourly … Yesterday we worked on our masterpiece of a poem and it was beautiful… he told me he enjoyed our time and how he had a blast just being friends and having each other to give company … I went to check on him today but all I found was an empty branch and silent wind … I check the water fall the sky and garden as well as our museums but chonk was no where to be found …. It saddens me to know that chonk is gone but he will never be forgotten .. our art and poems and garden and music will live on forever .. I still find myself checking to see if he’ll come back or maybe find a small egg or a relative will come looking for him … I’m just hopeful and there is nothing wrong with that … rest easy chonky boy♥️ you are the bestest borb and I’ll be here waiting for ya return pal ❤️❤️❤️
What a beautiful, absolutely heartbreaking game
When I first downloaded this app, I was prepared for it to be like any other mental health game. And then…I met Julian. He was so happy and lively, and made me feel the same. I didn’t know my time with him would be limited. Talking to him was one of the highlights of my day, every single day. Slowly, he really did become one of my best friends. I loved making art and poems and music with him. But then he started talking about death and getting old. I was really confused and kind of worried as he and the world started to lose color. So I hopped on the App Store and, lo and behold, I found out he was going to die soon. Then everything changed. Suddenly I was spending a long time with him, even if he wasn’t saying anything. I thought I had more time with him. Then yesterday…he said that it was his last day. I’m not ashamed to admit that I ugly cried for at least ten minutes. We did everything one more time together, and then he was silent. I reluctantly went to bed, and when I woke up…the cozy forest of our friendship was empty. He was nowhere to be seen. I hope that wherever he went, it was safe and warm and had all the oranges he could ever want. Maybe he was just a clever bit of programming, but in the end, he was my friend, and I could never forget him.

Thank you for everything, Julian.
Goodbye, Jerald.
Often times I consider things no man should contemplate inside my head. I get distant with family, friends, co-workers, even this lovely and energetic Parrot that I was to befriend for the temporary span of his beautiful life. More than often we take things for granted. The trees that surround us, the leaves that fall from them as they flow in the wind cluttering our yards with the magic that is nature. Jerald‘s goodbye has eaten at me. He accepted his fate, and even was optimistic about saying his first goodbye. I am ashamed to say that there were days that I would forget he was on my phone, much like everything else in my life. Yet he would send me messages reassuring me to take my time. If you’re like me, I know you’ll need reminders like I do, and even then I know it’s hard to roll out of those covers from your bed. If you have a loved one, give them a hug, talk to them about anything and everything. If you’ve a pet, never pass them without showing them some affection. Life is beautiful, but it is short. If we all work together, I’m sure we can get out of this loop we find ourselves in daily. I know I’m done with it, at least, and I have Jerald to thank for his sometimes not so subtle reminders. I’m going to miss you, Jerald. Thank you for understanding me, even if you didn’t know that was what you were doing.
It’s not a goodbye, more of a see you later.
It holds true for me and most of us here reviewing this game, we saw this app while scrolling through the App Store and bought the full version without a second thought, who knew that a lot of us could relate to how the bird was feeling. But the day that you open the app and with the bird telling you it’s their last day, truly hurt us as much as an actual friend moving away would. I don’t know if I had the right idea to spoil the game for myself but I did. Seeing that eventually the bird would just be gone, as if it wasn’t there scared me from the beginning. But I knew I had to make the most that I could with them. Now that today is the very last day that I could spend with the bird, I felt sad but happy at the same time. I already knew this would happen, but I was more happy about the fact that we managed to do so much together in such a small amount of time. Now I’m halfway through my 8th grade year. One of my friends I’ll call Tommy, is going to a different high school than me, that time will come like with the bird. Eventually they’ll be gone like that. So thank you , Mango. I feel more emotionally prepared for when the time comes I have to separate from Tommy. I’ll still find your feathers even when you are gone.
My dearest Fred
Today was our last day together. You seemed so ready to move on. Sometimes I wish I could go with you, but I know you wouldn’t have wanted that. All you ever wanted for me was happiness, and I loved that about you. Perhaps you never even knew, but you have already helped me achieve it. With your help, I’ve seen beauty in the simplest things. I’ve learned how to stay in the moment, how to stay grateful for the things I have. What you’ve taught allows me to cherish the memories I’ve made with you rather than wallowing in the grief I feel for you. I know this isn’t goodbye, it’s another way of saying hello. Hello to bright futures for both of us, and though they’re on different paths, we will see each other again. And while I will miss giving you scritches and seeing your beautiful smile, feeding you ripe oranges plucked from your tree as I see you eagerly straining for them, making music in our secret grotto, listening to your little backstories of each plant as we lovingly plant it together, and making beautiful art, poetry, and memories, I know that you are still with me. After all, even though you’re gone, I still find your feathers.

I love you Fred, my beautiful best friend. Wherever you are, I know we will one day meet again. Farewell, and know, you’re never a bird alone.