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City Smash

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Price: Free
Version: 1.7.1
ID: com.paradyme.citysmash


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This game is a physics playground where you can smash a city with a nuclear bomb, missile, black hole, laser beam, or lightning.

The buildings have been designed to break apart in a realistic manner so that you can witness the devastation created by these weapons.

Version history

bug fixes
- new weapon: Kong
- new city: nightscape
- bug fixes
-1 new city
-2 new weapons
-3 new achievements
new city - nuclear plant
new weapon - balloons
bug fixes
- new city
- new weapon
- bug fixes
- Bug fixes
- Fixed restore purchase on iOS not showing in main menu
Terrain Modification,
UI updates,
Improved Water Physics,
New Tripod weapon,
- bug fixes
- new weapon acid rain
- ability to hide ui
bug fixes
- ui updated
- new scene: military base
- new weapon: controllable ufo
- bug fixes
- 3 new weapons
- 1 new city
- weapon customisation added
- vehicle explosions weakened
- new scenes bridge and highway
- 5 new weapons - portal, gravity beam, clusterbomb, firework, hurricane
- new vehicles bus and petrol tanker
- weapons list swipeable
- bug fixes
- New city added
- Two new weapons added
- Graphics selection added to settings
- new weapon - C4
- bug fixes
- engine updates
- new weapon meteor
- added tap and drag aim for missiles and meteor
- increased variety of city buildings
- physics overhaul
- performance enhancements
- weather selection
- background selection
bug fixes
- bug fixes
- new attacks volcano, tsunami and carpet bomb
- cars added
- performance tweaks
- shake added to bomb, nuke, ufo
- IAP added to remove ads
- various bug fixes
- tornado and earthquake added
- bug fixes
- ufo added
- bug fixes

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FH933310996✱✱✱✱✱ 039EC4E✱✱✱✱✱

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4.8 out of 5
54.7K Ratings


SL go kfcnkf mmhdf,
Bugs/Improvments And Updates Please Read!
This game is overall really fun but the giant laser beam from the sky is weak for somthing that big please make the damage bigger Its somthing so big yet weak on an overkill another thing i would like somthing like a freeze time item and then u can pick cars and buildings up and like move them also with the tornado i want it to be able so the person can set the size so basically from small to mega or like you can set the type of tornado so like a water tornado or a fire tornado also a new york map would be nice and having like a sandstorm or a thunder storm weapon would be nice what i mean by thunder storm is like it summons alot of clouds and it starts raining and thunder demolishs buildings and the lighting tool i thing should start a little fire when it hits the ground to be a little more realistic also a 3d mode would be cool and what i want a little is a no car option sometimes they get in the way but its fine
More things that i would like is a realistic its kinda dumb when cars drive thew the tsunami and last but not least a fix would be nice for the earth
quake to much of an over kill i want it just a little weaker

Thanks for reading this i think the game is fun these improvments would make it even funner i love the game stay safe i hope this makes it into the game i support the game again stay safe!
Please read this
Alright, so I have a few ideas. I think every time you equip an item, (not use it) it should make a little sound, like for C4 maybe a click and a beep, Nukes when equipped would be cool if it made a looped air raid siren until used. Also, it would be cool if the natural disasters reacted with weather too. Like Tornados and Rain
Or a nuke after exploding it snows.
(This one might be hard) maybe you could add a freeze time feature but you can still interact with the stuff, along with a zoom in feature so it could be easier to put c4 on cars and other specific places. Maybe you can change the size of the tornado? 2nd to last thing is that the tsunami should push cars with it like a shock wave, all explosions should do that. It’s weird to see that cars drive through the tsunami. And don’t go flying after being hit by the shockwave of explosions like the nuke. Final thing: there should be an tap feature were you can pick up cars and knock down buildings by swiping or tapping. It would really give that Playing God feeling.

If you did read this, thank you. I love this game
Honestly this is the game I’ve been searching for my whole life. And that’s no lie. I’ve always been searching for a game that you can throw bomb and nuclear bombs into a city and watch it disappear. This gives me exactly that. This is so cool. You guys should definitely download this game if your reading this. There is one reason I gave you 4 star instead of 5 star. It’s missing some things. As I’ve read some reviews they actually have good ideas. You should add the nuclear, earthquake, tornado, hurricane sirens. That would make it even more believable and fun. Also you should add something where you can make a fire. Like make it so you can light a building on fire. And going along with that you should add to the fire like firefighters that just drive up to it and spray water to stop it. Along with that, I’ve been watching the cars when I do anything to the city and you should make it so the cars react to the situation and run away from it. That would make the game unbelievably cool. And last request is just make the city bigger where you can adjust your view and zoom in and out to wherever you want. All of this would make the game just the best game ever! Like actually! Please just think about my request and hopefully I can see them in the future. Good job on making this game and good luck!
This is a very well made game and it can be very enjoyable for somebody like me who is a big fan of watching things break for satisfaction. In my opinion I like the game because it’s a well put together game that runs surprisingly well for how objects that move and break into small pieces are in the game. I do have one piece of advice for map 4 and it is that the bridge breaks when you enter the city and just can cause the whole city to erupt into flames and rouble. I did have some questions for the recent update of why the military defenders don’t attack the new movable alien type robot but they attack ufos and the bomb planes that could harm the military base but the alien robot also harms the city. (everything in the game harms the city) Thank you for reading my review of the wonderful game called “City Smash” that I think is very good for people who like satisfaction and destruction and Thank you for reading what I think may need some fixing in my opinion but you don’t have to fix it it was just a suggestion that some people might also wonder.
This is me again rating but it’s better this time
This game is still fun and I’m giving it 5 star rating this time. anyways I’m glad you made more city’s and weapons but I’m bummed you didn’t do my suggested tap smash but that’s ok because you added this I didn’t even think about. Honestly I have been looking for a good destruction game not by voodoo and one that is sandbox, not campaign style and I’m glad I found this, but it could use more like this game needs 3D graphic like you can change your camera angle and make it bigger. Also I have an idea for a map, a small village with small houses and cottages, other weapons I would like are, blizzards to make things cold and collapse under the weight of the snow, also a custom map maker and something like an army or protesters, I don’t know what it would be like but I think they would destroy things around them. Well I hope of you read this you like and agree I hope you find this constructive and not mean. This is me and my 2nd review signing off.
Jaydon Micheal Kincaid,
5 Stars, I have some suggestions btw
Maybe add a construction site? Or maybe a New York stylish map, with like Times Square and the Empire State Building and all the other things, you get what I mean. Anyways, maybe also a 3D mode, and larger scaled maps, kinda like San Francisco but it’s close to real size and with 3D mode and cares driving around and stuff like that, and maybe if you do this, add a construction team working on the Golden Gate Bridge, or you could do Los Angeles, what ever one you wanna do, but that’d be really neat and would get you guys more people playing, I don’t care how long this all takes, if you can do it, please do it, and maybe also a nuke shockwave, sorry this is very long, this is only a suggestion comment, so don’t think you have to do this all, this is the end of the suggestion, if you read this completely, thank you…..
\/\/ VV W vv w,
Very Good Game, though with some minor issues. ❤️
I like it. Its a very simple and creative game. I like the graphics and the physics of it. Though more sound affects and background features could be added. For example, if there is a tornado or nuke you could add in an air raid siren. And let’s say if you change the background to rain you could maybe add water droplets bouncing off of objects. Or if it’s snowing, maybe add snow to the ground of buildings. Background music could also be a good feature to implement. And one last thing, make the vehicles less destructive. There have been many times where a bridge cable collapsed and blew up the cars and bridge. It’s like the cars are filled with high-grade explosives. Anyways these are just suggestions. Love the game and the direction it’s heading in. I hope you keep updating it and keep up the good work. Thank you if your reading this! 👍
Orlando Jose Prieto,
This is the perfect game but…
Ok creators of city smash… when you enter the game you have the option of choose the city and there are different cities and you know ok the problem here is the animation when you click the button to change the city it has an animation alright everything normal but I want you to quit the animation because the animation makes you wait for the animation to end and I wanna quit the animation for us to click the city faster and not wait for the animation to end and I want you to add a reset button just like in solar smash that there’s a button to reset I just want to make the game better ok so if you read this please at least try to make it I’m not saying that the game is bad I actually love this game so please try to do what I told you because it would make the game better. Thanks
bob j wayn,
Please fix bug
The game is super fun and interesting but I found some bugs. First one I was using the Tsunami and if you use it 4 or 5 times in a row it glitches and becomes really small and wont work. Second if you go and click the speaker thing to turn off sound in the game (I dont mean turning off the phone volume) then everything goes silent but the heat ray still makes noise. I dont mean to be petty with the last one I just want to help you fix the glitches. I do have a suggestion though, when you use the tsunami I think the cars should be knocked over or at least stop driving but they just keep driving and aren’t even affected at all by the sunami. I dont know if that’s a glitch or not but I wanted to add it anyway. But its still a good game anyway, thanks for reading in advance (:
Pinning like crazy,
PLEASE READ. Look, this will help very much because this will, ok time to tell you my biggest ideas for this game. #1: Fire disaster #2: 3D WORLD #3: Bigger worlds #4: no adds for free!! (Really ads after u hit the reset button is very annoying) #5 remote charges #6: nuclear siren button (ends when u hit it again) #7: a tornado siren on a building (every time u hit reset there is a new type of siren) #8: grass and trees and a non-civilization area (to make the game better and not just buildings)
#9: new explosives and things. AND LASTLY #10! Lakes and rivers and things like buildings on hills and tsunamis and acid rain and the sun but dying and turning the whole map a winter wasteland and it stays like that until u hit reset. PLEASE USE THIS TO MAKE THIS GAME BETTER. NO REALLY THIS WILL MAKE YOUR GAME AMAZING!!! Also don’t forget a bar that lets u look at all the disasters like the pull up bar. PLEASE READ.