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Version: 1.7.0
ID: com.paradyme.roomrampage


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Room Smash is a sandbox physics destruction simulator, it features a variety of different environments and weapons from rocks to explosives,

Version history

- new room - gym
- new weapon - railgun
- free roam mode allowing walking around rooms
- bug fixes
new room - blockton
new achievements
bug fixes
bug fixes
bug fixes
bug fixes
new items in rooms
- bug fixes
- fix for remove ads (reinstall recommended)
- bug fixes
- improvements to raptor smash clock visibility
- new room - Office
- new weapons - Axe, Brick, Machete
- achievements
- two new secrets
- bug fixes
- Bug Fixes
- new room - Space Station
- new weapon - Drone
- customisation added for some weapons
- bullet holes added for static objects
- improvements to subway car room
New weapon: Tornado
New scene: Subway
bug fixes
New room, New weapons, new dummy responses
- bug fixes
- Added a new gravity pull weapon
- Added Localisation
- Multiple bug fixes
- app name amended
- 4 new weapons
- 1 new room
- existing rooms updated
- dummies now react to impacts
- aim mode added
- Performance fixes
- 1 new weapon minigun
- bug fixes
- 2 new weapons
- dummies have varying levels of toughness
Bug Fixes

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
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HH379932340✱✱✱✱✱ 39FB015✱✱✱✱✱

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4.8 out of 5
24.6K Ratings


GOOD GAME but needs more things
this game is the best but it needs a few things sandbox games come with more weapons and that one with the leaf icon the tornado and the earthquake can you add like 🤔 more natural disasters and make the player walk and move around to do that you need another control unit. use a command for the unit for the player to move around and add like mods more maps like Jeff shop from roblox doors and squid game places and a room with a office and a hallway the hallway has @ red carpet and tan colored walls in the office there is a chair that is black with a big computer 💻 with tan colored walls with red colored floor and a secret wall. and make my re skins of dummy’s you could choose for your maps so when you get on the app you can see a button where it says skins like seek granny frogs Spider-Man skins venom beyblade characters 😂😂😂 and make your own avatar!!! oh! The adds when I play room smash when I go from a map to 2 further maps a add comes up the adds are really annoying to me why do people even put adds on games😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 delete the adsssssssss!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It’s a disappointment😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 ARE YOU BLIND!!??!?!?!? ARE DEAF TOO you here those peoples commands JUST LISTEN TO THEM!?!? AND ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYWAY hope you listen to this review or else I’ll hunt you down ok we’re good now 😀😀😀😀😀
please don't delete this game,
Please add other sort of bombs
Hi so I was thinking you should add like other kind of nuclear bombs like cluster bombs atomic bombs but it doesn’t go inside the building as you can like you’re dropping outside the building and you can hear an air raid siren and then when that happens like when the manikins are there they should turn the dust and when it explodes all the stuff she just flip over and be destroyed And for the tornado where are you Spond it please put a tornado siren for it and that’s it for my review and also there’s a glitch on the train if you want to much the train will flip over and for the tornado where are you Spond it please put a tornado siren for it and that’s it for my review and also there’s a glitch on the train if you vomit too much the train will flip over and then a green game will crash but other than the game crashing it’s a great game🧒🏿
This game is good but
I think this game could use a squid game map because I I’m a really big fan of squid game. But I do understand if you can’t but the squid game map in with copyrights and all of . That but you can some how make the squid game map I would be delighted the reason I want this squid game map is because I’m getting bored of these other. Games and squid game is favorite show and like this game as well and all of the weapons and guns you have. I think it will be perfect if you at least add one of the maps from squid game and Once again I completely understand. If you cannot add a squid game map either it’s to hard or copyrights. I just want to see if you can complete my request thank you for listening to my review Developers.
porige guy 09,
AMAZING GAME! (But a few suggestions)
Hey I just want to let you know that I think this game is awesome, but I have a few suggestions. 1. You could add some outside area where you could walk around instead of staying in one place. 2. You could add a tank so you could drive around and crush stuff 3. Also you could add a parking garage map with cars you can destroy, and when they get destroyed they have an animation where they could blow up.(The parking garage would be a good map for the tank) And 4. You could add another thing to the “drone” section where it would be a drone with 2 machine guns on the side of it. I hope you approve of my requests! Still, this game is awesome!
Perfecto and perfecto
This is the better version of destruction simulator games so here’s the ideas idea 1: add a mall to explore like a point and click game to go into diffrent sections including the managers office destroy and new weapons like a punch which can knock someone out if you punch there head if your lucky and a musket or the M1-garand or even the Springfield rifle idea 2: make it so there’s a weapon with a dummy icon which spawns blue aggressive dummies that target and start a fight with other dummies or smash the room up and a bug which scares the dummies or squish the bug if your lucky and if they bite a dummy they get sick and cough on other dummies which spreads the sickness like a virus or something and that’s my review bye
What I think you should add to the game
This is a GREAT game but I have things that I think would be a good addition to the game, first can you please add a nuke that you can control while it’s in the air to hit the room, second it would be nice to add a reverse button to kinda clean the room and hit it again (yes I know they already have a undo button but I think it would be nice for that) and last but not least I think you should add a button that makes the earthquake a little more powerful I tried it once and it did nothing to the room, and that’s what I think you should add to the game.😁
A Person56,
Good Game but Needs More
READ PLEASE!!!! I love this game and the other smash games. I just think that both room and city smash need more tools and weapons like a thing where you can just drag items across the rooms or throw them at different things. I know you already have the magnet but it doesn’t work very well or at least for me. We definitely need more natural disasters too. Maybe add something like a setting so that you can make it to where if a surface is flammable and you throw the Molotov it actually burs instead of the fire just falling to the floor or just having no effect. I only gave 4 stars because this game and city smash haven’t reached their full potential. Again please consider this.
creeper guy888,
This game is AMAZING for a mobile game
This game is the best Mobile game buuuuuuut I would like a custom room creator or at least an empty room with a dummy spawn tool. I need realism 1: oil… I bet your confused but I would love oil that spill out of the dummy’s when they get shot and when limbs get dismembered. 2: better damage to a dummy, when I shoot someone and they fall onto someone else that person just dies but when I make the gravity go up and down 10 times they get up like nothing happened. Overall this is an amazing game to play when I’m not at home (cuz then I can play on my pc) but it’s also a good game to play in your free time. Get this game if you haven’t.
This Is Amazing!
Hey, Heres a Tip what you should add in your next update:
5 news map:

And Theater

New Features
Have an ability to possess a Ragdoll,
Ragdoll Abilities:
Punch: Just a punch bro.
Kick: Kick anything
Grab: Grab anything

New Features Use to Smash Rooms:
Horizontal Gravity Feature: Everything falls onto the Left/Right

Ragdoll Spawner Feature: Spawn Ragdolls & Remove Ragdolls

New Gun: Railgun, The Railgun can destroy any solid material/ragdoll To Find the Railgun, Hit the Gun Button, Scroll down and find the Railgun

Size Feature: Make a Ragdoll TWICE, MAYBE EVEN QUADRICE THE SIZE OF A RAGDOLL! Size Limit: 5x Size

Customize Ragdoll Style and Action Feature:

Want a Ragdoll Doing another Ragdoll, YOU CAN! With the New Ragdoll Button, Make your own Positions and EVEN MAKE 6 LIMBS, WANT THEM TO FIGHT, YOU CAN MAKE THEM FIGHT!

Multiplayer Feature: Tired of being alone? GOOD NEWS! You can play with 10 different players!

That’s all i got for now!
james cayden,
My favorite game to rage but a couple of things
Ok best game I’ve found but I was wondering if you could add like a sword and when you slice the dummy it cuts it realistically and not just those joints and could you add where when you shoot it leaves a hole in the body and and could you pls add a light saber or sword or even a chain saw but I have one more request could you add like telekinesis or a demogorgon from stranger things or like something similar oh and allow you to control it other than that it’s my favorite game