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Get ready to unleash chaos and destruction on an even grander scale in the sequel to the smash-hit app, City Smash! City Smash 2 takes everything you loved about the original and cranks up the intensity to epic proportions. Prepare yourself to rampage through a sprawling metropolis, leaving a trail of devastation in your wake!

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new weapon - meteor

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A lot of ideas
So there’s only one map and it’s not that big lots of buildings are kind of unrealistic when they fall so make sure you like so if 1/2 of the building falls or gets destroyed it falls the way that the half the building just got destroyed. Also, it needs like five more maps. I’m joking. I only need like a couple more like two or three because one map kinda gets boring and make the maps like really dang here’s the Maps I want just suggestions. APretty much take your other game. What is it called City Smash and make it 3-D feel like you know the Bridge map right make that like 3-D with that be so cool like inspiration from the other game and it needs a lot more weapons like for the driver boss, Ariel, strike and helicopter that you can spawn and it’s just crashed into a building. I’d be pretty cool. and and the rest is up for like the weapons you can decide about like the new weapons for the new update, but that’s just my ideas

sorry for the long comment and typos
PLEASE READ ideas for the game
So don’t get me wrong at all on this I absolutely love this game and I know your going to add more content but here is suggestions

- people are walking around the city
-their are realistic insides of the building
- day and night cycle
- people Run when a disaster hits
- there is blood when people die
- when people die they have good ragdoll physics
- more realistic physics
- death and population counter
- you can make weather different
- you can go into a human and control them which they all have powerful weapons or guns. Including a fallout 4 like mini nuke launcher and a bunch of other assault rifles or pistols. And explosives
- when hijacking a human you can go into any building and if it is really tall then you can ride a elevator up it that doesn't make you just teleport like actually make you wait
-more disasters
- able to control the power of the disasters
- many other types of nukes
- zombie apocalypse disaster
- ww2 disaster we're soldiers fight and destroy city's and have ai movements for smart gameplay that can also help them hide behind covers
- mod browser to install disasters that people can make
- realistic animation for humans and cars and other moving things

I would really appreciate it if you did all this and would probably make it to we're people would really love this game so please look into this and think about it. Thanks!
Henry f for fun,
Great Game
Gives me a Gmod Vibe ya know? The game doesn’t have to be realistic to awesome. I love all aspects you really took your time! I would suggest insides of buildings blah blah blah but I’m not going to waste your time! I have a suggestions that I feel could make this game even more unique! 1: World Cities (Not a huge Variety) some examples could be New York City, Moscow, London, Paris, Shanghai, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal. If I would pick the main 5 you could add in order it would be New York City, Tokyo, San Francisco, Moscow and London or Paris. In your old game you included areas like the nuclear power plant which was upsetting when it didn’t have a nuclear explosion when you destroyed- what am I talking about I’m just going to get to the point if anything PLEASE add the maps from the old game.
This show is awesome,
Amazing Game
I have played and had a ton of fun with the original city smash for years, so when I saw this game I knew I had to play it. And I just have to say that wow it is an amazing improvement. The graphics are pretty good for the system it runs on and the storage it takes up, and are a good continuation of the original game’s style. While the game is small right now, the original was updated for a long time and went from 1 to 8 maps and now has way more weapons as well. The fake twitter part is also a great idea. It’s tons of fun, though not too much can be done yet and we don’t yet have all the chaos possible in the first game. Overall, for an under a month old game it is great and I can’t wait to see where it goes.
P.S. when you place too many C4s on the helicopter blades it kinda glitches out, might want to fix that.
merfin the muffin,
i love the game so much and I also love how the people can talk on Twitter or should I say X but I also have a few ideas the first one is that you can choose the map and there will also be a Monster section and if the map is a water type map like a beach there will be one extra monster which is a Kraken and a megalodon and the basic monsters will be a tentacle monster that comes from the sky and a dinosaur the other idea is that you can find people walking on the streets and you can also control that people if you click on them like the cars and you get one more section which is items you will have a bomb knife and gun but the police will try to attack you and the last idea is that you can text in X if you are controlling a citizen that is all the ideas I have
i really need these,
Just Ideas and suggestions
I know ya’ll are stressed and have a tight schedule, but here are some suggestions and ideas

- Make the UI better
- Make the city bigger, more buildings and make the island surrounded by water.
- Make buildings more sophisticated and add furniture and office decorations to make it more realistic.
- Add a tsunami weapon
- Make actual living people that walk around in the city and inside of buildings and make them freak out when something happens
- Make a city population number and add a death counter
- be able to control the weather
- instead of joysticks and a star button, when driving vehicles, make a pedal icon and a break icon and a steering wheel.
- Day and night cicle
- flood weapon.
- lightning weapon
- make the textures look more realistic.
- when it’s night time and lights on buildings. On the houses make some lights on and some off and make them turn on or off at different times

I know this is a long list, but it’s less than you have ever made. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more wonderful content on this game. I hope it goes well with other projects and newer projects that you may be working on.

Carlos xoxo
Fun game but repetitive
You could try to add more weapons like a fire spreading or a tsunami but don't make the game terrible like you did with solar smash. Games amazing but make new maps. Like a military base, airport, or even a futuristic city. It would make the game so more immersive but you just decide to reuse old concepts. MAKE ORIGINAL WEAPONS. In all of your previous games there have been lasers, black holes, tornados, asteroids, ect. But you decide instead of making more ideas you just make one poorly made map and reuse past weapon ideas and make the map miniscule. Please just make your game better, put more effort, make more maps, larger variety of weapons, larger maps, higher graphics, realistic destruction, maybe even some in game purchases so you can make some extra cash like mega nukes or mega blackholes. Just do whatever it takes to give you a higher budget. Maybe then it will be 5 stars.
it's laggy bad too many ads,
I like the game but here is some stuff you need.
Ok, so the game’s good I like it. But It doesn’t have that much stuff I mean like only Tanks, Ac130, choppers and UFO and the disasters like black holes, earthquakes, tornados, and stuff like that. Also maps, you should really make Like three or two maps cause only with one map gets kinda boring. Then you should make the map bigger so we won’t fall off. More cars we need like different cars not like two of the same ones together. More buildings so you should make different buildings not just the same like make houses, skyscrapers, and like stores or factories like in real life. Finally I had come to conclusion it’s a good game but these are the changes you should add! also i love the game keep it up! 😃
Good but can be better
So the old had maps unfortunately this one doesn’t they can add another map because this isn’t their first 3d game but I don’t how difficult it is to make a map but still it feels like it is missing something when you spawn multiple tornadoes the game has a glitch the game is so empty it just makes me want to play room smash which has more maps so probably in the future it won’t be as underrated and will be more of a fun game but we look back at its history aka 2d city smash not like I won’t play the game it is still a good game it’s just some things missing I love the creator nothing can beat city smash except city smash of course and I spent one hour of my day playing this game
I was waiting for this so long I was dreaming and it’s here but also can you add more destruction like realistic also like swats and more fighter fighters and ambulance I know you just started updated it but I still love it also can you add then Milltary will show up after you destroy like 10 buildings and a bunch of cars and also add like a tripod when space ship crashes it can spawn tripod or when meteor falls the meteor called tripod meteor you can control we’re it falls and in how much minutes and add 2 new maps and when I go to menu there is truck but when I play a game there is no trucks pls add trucks and add new police cars and do settings to control the power of it self thank you