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Version: 2.2.5
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Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator, it allows the player to use a variety of different weapons to destroy the planet. These include nuclear missiles, lasers, monsters, spaceships and asteroids.

This game contains flashing lights that may make it unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions. Player discretion is advised.

Space images credits:
NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Space Telescope Science Institute

Version history

fixed crash on startup
- fixed crashes on load
bug fixes
- bug fixes for 2.2.0
- Healing Pack bug fix
- Ceres
- Persephone Orbital Ring
- Waterworld

- Flat Mars
- Block block, block donut
- Machineworld orbital ring

- Spinning laser ball
- Defensive satellite

- Chimera fighters

- Portrait mode
- Tutorial for new users
- UI overhaul
- Dark energy weapons ignore shields
- China missile defence
- Black hole effects update
- Freeze beam variant of beam
- A lot more XP from destroying planets less XP from achievements
- Optimisations
- Graphics updates

IAP Variants:
- Regen beam, regen orbital, white hole
- bug fixes
- 4 new planets - Trappist-1D, Trappist-1E, Trappist-1F, Europa
- Custom texture planets
- 1 weapon - Space shiba
- 5 variants - Mecha worm, Cheems bonk, Large shield ship, SpaceY rocket, Large blackhole
- Rings update
- Moons added to Earth and Jupiter
- Orbital moon weapons orbit planets
- Camera variations - orbital, free camera
- Star customisation

- 2 weapons - Wormhole, Gravity generator
- 2 systems - Trappist-1, Tau Ceti
- Improved speed controls
bug fixes
regen missile now correctly is unlimited for adfree users
donut ghost now unlockable
bug fixes
- seasonal weapons added
- 3 new planets added
- 1 new secret planet added
- 6 planet variants added
- 15 weapon variants added
- level progression added for weapon variants
- Game Center cloud saving available via the achievements menu
bug fixes and performance improvements
- 1 new planet Starworld
- 2 new weapons Remote Detonate Missile, Missile Platform
- bug fixes
- added a second analogue stick to aim mode for more precision
- fixed grid not protecting the planet properly
- fixed weapons not firing sometimes
- fixed cube and donut Earth not working properly on some devices
bug fixes
bug fixes
- 2 new star wars inspired planets
- 1 new halo inspired planet
- 1 new secret planet
- country borders toggleable for Earth
- cloud bug fixed
- shockwave and debris added for weapons
- planet killer alternate appearance for Avalon
- lasersword colour customisation added
- 2 new custom planets for system smash
- Game Center achievements support added
- bug fixes and performance improvements
Planet Smash:
- two new planets - Adranos and Aphrodite
- one new secret planet
- one new weapon Locusts
- previously secret weapon Fighters has now become official
- one new secret weapon
- spaceworm redesign
- audio overhaul

System Smash:
- planets are now scaled accurately to each other
- planet mass, size, and rotation can be modified
- the orbital tool has been improved
- planet collisions release debris that can form new planets
Bug fixes
Planet Smash:
- seasonal weapons added
- 1 new planet
- 1 new secret 'planet'
- customise options added to freeze ray
- new freeze effect added to planets
- regen missiles added

System Smash:
- planets can now be placed
- follow planets mechanic
- grid customisation
- graphics overhaul

Both Modes:
- improved textures for Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, and Venus
- pluto added to planet smash
- 1 new weapon - planetary bombardment
- 1 new secret planet
- improved background customisation
- various improvements and changes
- bug fixes
- bug fixes

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
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DB113584659✱✱✱✱✱ FF00E9D✱✱✱✱✱
Healing Pack
(Healing tools that restore your planets!)
DB145518549✱✱✱✱✱ 7D775AA✱✱✱✱✱

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4.8 out of 5
227.2K Ratings


Pj LLM fisher,
Planet Smash
Planet Smash is one of the best solar system games I love it but it’s not perfect Either it’s not as good as universe sandbox 2 it doesn’t have much options to chose from ether they need to focus more on weapons and customization planets like there’s only 1 new weapon in the update but like at least add more its been like 2 months add more weapons and more options for plants and MORE Solar smash things it’s boring in solar smash just at least add more weapons please I don’t want to sound greedy but please at least 10 more weapons then I will be happy also people have monthly updates not like 2-3 months of the same thing it’s boring that way also get rid of the ads I know it’s money and all of that but do like a ad to get money to buy idk like weapons earn money from destroying planters idk but just stop with ads every time I destroy a planet and want to reset it it's ad after ad and please fix solar smash it’s so boring compared to planet smash love the new lighting btw and add more tools / weapons it’s boring but I would recommend the game for fun or for anything else highly recommend it but I’m still gonna give it 4 stars main problems are just the lack of gameplay this is my opinion so don’t shame or be mean to be mean to me and I’m gonna go play universe sandbox something a a lot better gameplay and better graphics see ya!
Naruto =👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼,
This game is perfect and awesome but I have sum ideas
First off in Planet smash I think you should add like a big sharp arrow infused with lightning and it goes strait through and makes a lightning shockwave. The next weapon I think you should add is a bomb barrage. What i mean by this is that a big space ship hovers over the planet and drops a bunch of bombs, then that same space ship should shoot the bombs with a laser. Next thing I think you should add is a big stone monster slams both hands on the planet and a few seconds later a big sharp stone spike rises from the ground of the planet. Finally the last thing I think you should add is ( this one might be a little to big) a whole category full of different types of big monsters, just like the purple one that you have that punches. You can put a lightning monster, earth monster,(already mentioned) fire monster and even a water one. You can add more of different types if you want. Thank you so very much if you red this and I hope you can make these updates soon, and sorry if this is too much stuff to add. I would really appreciate if you added at least a part of this and have a great day!
Entertaining! A game I’ll never delete!
This game is super fun! And you can destroy Earth,Mess around with control’s destroy other planets and I can go on! This game also has a active Developer which is always great! I have a few suggestions that may make the game a bit cooler And also some features that can maybe even scientists could use! Feature 1: Let us start with a feature that maybe useful to a scientist, You should add Tons AND TONS of stars, solar system, planets and black hole’s I know it maybe a stretch but scientists can simulate what could happen to the planet’s! Feature 2: Coin's should be added as a currency to buy planets and weaponry and cosmetic items! The cosmetic items will have a use in the last feature…. Feature 3: I think you have enough money to do this now…. Add online Minigames! You could have so much fun a few modes I thought of were you had a wario-ware-like minigame were you can have a little timer to do stuff like REMOVE THE SUN or something! I hope you enjoyed and I hope you add some of my suggestions also one more thing add the egg to the weapons and make the egg the most powerful item in the game
It’s good
I played this forever and liked it but I noticed that when the moon hits a planet it immediately explodes on contact when in real life it would start to merge and rocks would be thrown then it would become part of the planet. Oh and there would be a small explosion too. In other ways I recommend this game to you. UPDATE: Yay thank you for not making it explode on contact. Anyways you guys should add a detonation bomb that you can press a button to explode. I’ll update at some time

Update: Wow you actually fixed that, amazing, this is the first time a thing I suggested was put into the game. Amazing development in this game. It has a lot of potential!

Update: To all those who are complaining about ads, in case you didn’t know, that is how games make money other than gamepasses or in game purchases. Yes, we all don’t like ads, I’m not saying I do like ads. But I deal with it because the best I could do is get a remove ads purchase. Maybe you should do that, it’s no more than 2 dollars, I’m sure if you can afford something to play this on, then you probably can afford a 1-2 dollar purchase.
Add new stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read some of the comments on the screen and they have the same problem as me lak of. Content and that’s my problem I’m a mad and I haven’t played it in a while I played it this morning because I was bored and I wanted to get one of the other games versus smash games but still even if it’s more smash games it doesn’t make for the fact the solar smash is being Maggie I’ve only seen one new weapon that I haven’t already seen and that’s a dumb and that God is boring very fast please add a new weapons and new planet that’s also one of my biggest problems there’s not new planets I want to stop smashing earth 10 billion times also enough with the ads that’s another problem people have been having anywayAdd new planets annoying to smash the same planets over and over again I just need new planets anyways new weapon ideas mini gun meteor strike Sunsdown sure you have the moon strike in the meteor but I mean like a big meteor because TopSpeed nuke just a note or inside or do you know the freezer and heat rate just do it I’m tired of make it so that the sun has more gas and make it so that the laser beam cannon thing doesn’t just disintegrated everything Anyways I still like the game just needs new Contant really badly
Big Wisco,
Updates and bug fixes
I’m going to tell you bug fixes and updates that could be fun the bugs might only happen for me but I’m hoping people are having problems with these bugs too. Bug fix one: can you make an bug fix where when using the shape thing added into the update on the gas giants it doesn’t go straight through it. Bug fix two: can you make it so that the dragon since you control it when you use the plasma breath it spawns more dragons and kills you and it makes it impossible to play as it. Update one: can you make an update where you can upgrade the stats for the weapons like increase the size for the plasma cannon and for the mini-gun of blue things. Update two: can you make an update that makes it so the humans can re-grow their population over time it would be copying system smash but i think it would be cool. Update three: can you make an update that heals the earth over time yet again it would be copying solar smash but it would be really cool. That’s everything that i and maybe other people would want to be fixed and added.
Decent Game (Only a year old and it’s pretty good
It does have its bugs,but it still an amazing game for only being 1 year old I do have some suggestions like when you hit the ocean there should be a tsunami and when the moon or any planet hits the target it shouldn’t just like sink into the earth it should at-least basically just make more small meteors or asteroids and then they just do that like a mass extinction and also for system smash to create other stars and go to other solar systems and make the Goldilocks zone visible and create habitable planets and (if I sound that I’m making a long suggestion you can just take parts of it or just don’t do anything if you don’t like it)Basically this game is amazing yeah some bugs because the actual game overshadows the bugs and also when supernovae happens it should create a black hole or a new star and there should be system where the sun gets bigger overtime as it is technically doing that right now but nothing drastic like ever minute more like every 10min you don’t have to do this all a suggestion much love
AJ 2527263637,
I love the game, suggestions for weapons
I really enjoy this game, and I found out about it from a YouTuber, probably like most people, and the new updates is like a kid in a candy store, there’s just so much things! Also can you add more achievements please? For example: “Very Splitting” Split the planet in half, or: “Bowling With Rocks” Use ten moons before they disappear from the screen, or maybe “The Artist ll” Customize all the weapons within five mins, I just thought of those now ;> Also can you make it so you can’t just blow up the sun with the laser in planet smash? You know how that planet, Hades (my favorite one) and it has that blue sun? Can you make so you can destroy that too? Weapon suggestions: Here’s the list, 1: A big asteroid that’s flaming, and crashes into the planet, causing it to split. 2: A big spaceship, that has two arms on the sides and it spins around, crashing into the planet. 3: A purple, small type of fungus that is flung at the planet, that slowly grows, eventually consuming the whole planet. That is all, again I really love the game, and creator, if you see this, keep up the good work!
What I think about SolarSmash
I like the fact that you made the giant ghost that punches, the world, GigaChad and I like how you made those cosmic flies the bees from bee simulator can you make the space dragon, the ender dragon if you unlock level eight. This is better than CitySmash This is the best game plus how did you get the graphics this good!!!! also, these are all my suggestions for stuff I think you should make the death star or a planet and you unlock it when you get level four also, I think you should’ve make the sand worm the giant worm from SpongeBob also you need to make the dwarf planets I highly recommend also, I think you should make the cosmic flies Minecraft bees when you unlock level for teen. Also, do you know that alien ship that shoots like 100 missiles? Can you make it the wither from Minecraft when you unlock level 40 please? also, I will never played this game is the best game I’ve ever got!!!!!!!!!!!! also, please make all of this in the next update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best in my opinion I guess but I still need access to solar system edits and stuff
This game is the best game I’ve played in years because I think it is so good I will tell you how I started playing it I started playing it because I saw Youtuber online named TheFrusratedGamer that was playing Solar Smash so I thought I could play it so I downloaded it online But on my version of the game I couldn’t do barely anything with Solar system I want to have a better version of the game please because Solar system is not working right sooo yeah and also I have some suggestions for the game 1.”I would like there to be a Tsunami” 2.” I would like there to be a zombie apocalypse” 3.” I would like there to be Galactus taking the zero point out of the island like he did in Fortnite” 4.” I would like there to be a tornado” 5.” I would like you to be able to blow up the blue thing on the futuristic earth planet” 6.” I would like there to be a super nova thing” that’s all if you add these I would love it thank you:)