Collect Em All! Clear the Dots Cheats

Collect Em All! Clear the Dots Hack 2.11.4 + Redeem Codes

Connect & crush - a brain game

Developer: Voodoo
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.11.4
ID: com.tarboosh.collectemall


Game screenshot Collect Em All! Clear the Dots mod apkGame screenshot Collect Em All! Clear the Dots apkGame screenshot Collect Em All! Clear the Dots hack


Connect balls from the same color to crush them! Make the longest chains and break them to get the fever!

Easy to control, simple tap on the block and swipe across the adjacent same-colored blocks! Watch out your moves, you need to achieve the objective before you run out!

Use boosters to help you clear the board and climb up the leaderboards to become the number one in the world!


◉ Original concept and gameplay
◉ Colored balls
◉ Boosters including; bombs, rockets and shuffle!
◉ Leaderboards
◉ Saga map with thousands of levels
◉ Loads of fun!
◉ And much more!

Version history

Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Piggy Bank
(Unlock the Piggy Bank coins)
BB441771996✱✱✱✱✱ 0EA69BB✱✱✱✱✱
Super Pack
(A package that includes coins & boosters)
BB209308164✱✱✱✱✱ C6F1E4E✱✱✱✱✱
Remove Ads with Bonus
(Remove Ads with Bonus)
BB978435772✱✱✱✱✱ 0001CA8✱✱✱✱✱
Mega Pack
(Get Coins, Bombs Rockets and Shuffle)
BB903345475✱✱✱✱✱ 66C2F63✱✱✱✱✱
200 Coins
(Get 200 Coins)
BB975634377✱✱✱✱✱ 194CB18✱✱✱✱✱
500 Coins
(Get 500 Coins)
BB179541310✱✱✱✱✱ 7A00862✱✱✱✱✱
Starter Pack
(A package that includes coins & boosters)
BB279457189✱✱✱✱✱ 2FBB526✱✱✱✱✱
Master Pack
(Get Coins, Bombs Rockets and Shuffle)
BB744010551✱✱✱✱✱ 0DBEEA4✱✱✱✱✱
Legendary Pack
(Get Coins, Bombs Rockets and Shuffle)
BB031864192✱✱✱✱✱ 134F2B7✱✱✱✱✱
Skip-it Pack
(Use Skip-Its to earn rewards)
BB563443111✱✱✱✱✱ 9398439✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
304.3K Ratings


Annoying ads are too long and loud; override phone silencer
I absolutely love this game but I am about two seconds away from uninstalling it and never playing it again because I’m not willing to pay $10 to stop the ads. I often pay real money on this game and I’m not paying for your advertisement too. The Project Makeover ads and all ads from that company are annoyingly loud and there is no option to silence them. These ads override the phone’s ability to silence them and that is extremely rude of any company to do that. We don’t get options of which ads play, and if you already own the game in the ad you still cannot fast forward through it or silence it. These ads that sponsor this game need to be told that they are actually turning at least one person off. I refuse to download or play any game from any company that overrides one’s ability to silence their ads. Continue using to have ads such as these run on your game site makes your game not safe to play in a setting with other people around. Everyone around is forced to hear the sounds and music and it’s especially annoying when you have to watch the entire ad and then try it and some of them are longer than 90 seconds before the X shows up. Sometimes the same long ad plays several times in a row between levels, and it’s enough to make me shut off the game completely. Not paying $10 for ad free version…Otherwise I would give this game a 5 star review.
This is a fun game that has you planning sequence moves several steps ahead! For me I find it relaxing enjoyable. However, there are a couple things that are really annoying! Especially for a person who paid the $9.99 to remove the very long depressing ads! Once I did all of a sudden I was unable to complete a level. Which means either you watch an ad, pay 100 coins or start over!! Very suspicious. AND, receiving free helps (rocket,etc.) seem to have been reduced. LASTLY…ESPECIALLY since I paid for this game, why do I have to pay for the coins in the “piggy bank” since I’m the one that earned the coins by playing your game?!?! I find this a little greedy on your part! Perhaps, you could change the piggy bank that once a certain amount of coins (like 1200, seems fair) are earned the player automatically receive half and then have the option to purchase the balance. Then the bank goes back to zero whether balance purchased or not and the player starts filling it again. It would be a satisfying goal for the player and you can still have the satisfaction that some players will purchase the balance at a lower price. The piggy bank idea should be used across the board with all of your games. Oh, one more thing, how do I add my name to the game board? Settings is very basic and doesn’t even have a way to contact for help. Thank you for listening!
Maine Country Gal,
Keeps blacking out ! ! !
Love the game but when I reached levels above 90 screen started randomly blacking out & when I restarted game I not only last my life but had to start all over again ! Also have bought lives AT LEAST FOUR times & because of above issue I have lost ALL of my lives after closing out & NEVER EVEN GOT TO MAKE ONE MOVE ! Would like my coins or lives back PLEASE. Would NOT recommend this game until it is FIXED really too bad because I really enjoyed this game until this all started happening! VERY FRUSTRATED Country Lady Seems as though somebody was paying attention to emails because WITHIN MINUTES THE PROBLEM SEEMED TO BE FIXED ! Hope it remains as such. Big KUDOS to whomever addressed the problem & a HUGE THANK YOU 👍👍👍👍👍! I LOVE YOUR GAME A VERY, VERY HAPPY Country Lady

NEW REVIEW !!! Very UNHAPPY I’ve been trying ALL day off and on and I can’t get game to load ! ! ! UNFORTUNATELY if someone doesn’t get this FIXED I will be forced to DELETE your app. I really like the app but there’s no sense keeping if I CAN’T PLAY IT ! ! !

PLEASE HELP ME and RESTORE the app so I once again can enjoy your app. Thank you for your time A VERY UNHAPPY Country Lady
Was fun but have to spend spend spend
At first, they gave free boosts and coins daily. Most games do this but this game has stopped having a daily claim after I’ve been playing a while. Now they keep upping the number of coins needed to move up the level.i don’t mind paying sometimes but they’re intentionally forcing people to pay continuously. Can’t and won’t be ripped off no matter how much it helps me relax, especially because I’ll bet I can find other games where everyday sign on bonuses are given. I usually don’t pay to stop ads but these ads are ridiculously morbid. Who comes up with them? I just close out the game when it’s obvious it’s designed to make me pay over and over. Don’t you realize that the ability to store up coins and boosts adds to the excitement of the game. I like the daily ‘race’. I also wonder why when I reached the ledge only once did I ‘win’ something. And, when the piggy bank is full, $4.99 to get the coins. Sorry developers, it costs too much to play. I believe you should receive money to play the game, after all, you developed it to make money…but you get $ for displaying ads…and I have paid, just that it takes away from the fun of the game when it’s designed not to win, forcing people to pay way too much to play. I hope you realize this because I’d think you want to keep customers. It is a fun and relaxing game.
No Support
I love this game! It used to keep me entertained for an hour or more . but there’s one really annoying thing I don’t like when you first open the game each day it has a spinner and you can spend once for free but if you hit the button for spin again it makes you watch an ad. And the ad is really long and it has no timer and no way out you have to close the game and open it up again. That’s disgusting. Some days I’m just not in the mood to wait 45 seconds watching a stupid ad for something I’ve seen 50 times before and I DONT WANT.

Also, I reached an impasse and I tried to purchase the bank of coins it shows the charge pending on my Apple Card but it doesn’t give me the coins in the game. So I went to the Apple store and I searched for this game and then I scroll down and then I clicked on the link that says “support” and all that does is take me to a website for promoting all their games (?) it doesn’t route me to any kind of support avenue. (Weee, our game is not working right… would you like to buy some other games that also don’t work and take your money?) The online world of virtual games has gotten to be a giant, greedy, Wild West of capitalism… BE WARNED, Pirates of the Play Store, there is a point at which we don’t take it anymore. There is a point at which we stop playing your game.
Love the game, but a few annoying bugs
I am on level 2760, and love the game. A few times I got to a level with the glass you have to break, and one was behind a 'rock?' tile so you can't break it even with a rocket rendering the level impassable. I updated the app and it was fixed each time. Another is I get to one of the levels where you have to eat the dots with that worm thing and there are no dots, no worm, and no score to achieve. I had to use the skip level function and watch an ad to bypass. I paid for the no ads for a reason. It seems like a way to force you to watch an ad so they can make a few pennies off of me. As others have mentioned, the room decorating thing is lame, but it's annoying that I have 2000 paint brushes and nothing to use them on. When they finally do create more rooms, they are already decorated for me. Overall, I am to the point where this game isn't that challenging, but it is still fun and I continue to play.
Time to delete 😔
New water droplet play……terrible New update….since this new version a couple of days ago, not sure I will keep playing…..some of it is great, the water droplet….not liking it at all, game used to be fun, challenging etc., now just frustrating….also the smaller version of the balls etc, very annoying for an older person. You know, we enjoy these games as well, so don’t make it harder for us to play. I love this game. It is addictive, fun, you are able to collect bombs etc and I am at the levels where you can decorate…not great decorations, but still fun and yes, makes you want to keep playing to collect points to decorate etc….I also wish they would put more “two dot” games, I love them. The only, “huge” downfall, is it eats your battery. If they would fix this, I’d be on it all day…😂 Just another thought….I don’t do the competition ones, just love the game, but, I realize the ads pay for the game, but, how about some real ads, not ones we know are questionable. UPDATE…. So, I still love this game, but, very annoying, I have completed decorating ALL of the rooms, and it still has “paint roller” adding up, which I can’t use on anything!! What’s up with this??
UPDATE……deleting this once great game, water droplet play is annoying and frustrating!!!!
I uninstalled this game
It is a fun game but the makers really do nickel and dime you. They want you to pay to collect coins you’ve earned and at higher level. you can only win Quests for purchases. The algorithms also change during the level races so that you are pressured into buying extra rockets etc. or moves to try and win. When I reached a very high level ( well over 2000) I discovered that it was impossible to pass the levels without having to constantly purchase rockets, bombs and color shuffles). When I eventually, I ran out of lives, I refused to spend money to advance and deleted the sp to begin again at level one. . The best way that I found to play this game is to not purchase the ad fee version, not break your piggy bank, stay away from the level races. rest your device down and do something during the ads so you don’t get frustrated and be prepared to have to delete it and to begin from scratch. Also collect all the free stuff that is offered. it builds your coins and arsenal up quickly and you do not have to rely on purchases to stay in the game.
Fun game but slow loading, buggy and it seems to change when you buy it.
I play this game in free mode and enjoy it. Challenging but pretty easy to win. I recommend that you play it with the volume off because the ads are annoying and loud. It switches to and from ads very slowly, sometimes taking minutes and sometimes not reloading after ads at all so you have to exit the game and reload. Here’s the interesting part. My wife purchased the game and it seems totally different once purchased. Gifts and specials are less frequent. She is on the same levels as me and the levels seem harder, requiring extra power-ups/coins to win. I can’t be sure but it seems like the free version is a teaser and once you pay, they try to get you to pay more by making the game harder so you have to buy coins. That’s not cool. I am happy to support game creators by Paying a fair price for games but don’t be greedy. This is a good but slow loading $10 game. With all the other excellent games out there, this one isn’t worth $20.
Love it, but …
I absolutely love this game. It has become addictive to me. However, it is annoying that you have to pay to empty the piggy bank. I hate that once my bank is full, all my earned coins go to waste if I don’t pay $5. And that’s each time the bank is full (it seems to be after 1000, 1500, 2000, etc). Would be nice if that could change, as it seems several users have issues with this. There is also a glitch that will occasionally force quit out of the game and when I reopen, I have lost a life and have to restart the level I was on. Sometimes I was VERY close to winning. Incredibly frustrating! I’ve tried signing in through apple to save my progress to no avail. I also wish there was a way to block ads. For example, I don’t want to have to watch/listen to an ad for a game about hunting or a ridiculous and sexist ad for “make over” games