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Version: 1.0
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The Democratic Socialism Simulator lets you play as the first socialist president of the United States! Enact radical reforms, tax the rich, transform the economy, tackle the most pressing issues without alienating voters or bankrupting the government. But beware: the ruling class won't give up its power easily. Even your closest allies may turn on you.

*Hundreds of choices based on existing policy proposals
*Randomly generated scenarios and multiple endings
*Room for different play styles, ideologies, and strategies
*A cast of extremely opinionated anthropomorphic animals

The Democratic Socialism Simulator is a single player game that borrows its interface from the dating app Tinder and the popular game series Reigns. A single game typically last about 20-30 minutes.

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3.9 out of 5
1 392 Ratings


A Satirical Gem
This game is amazing, and I use that word literally. I was amazed about what it accomplished; the developer's goal of provoking thought about politics. It's not just bashing Democrats or vilifying Republicans. It's doing both. Regardless of your opinions, playing this game makes you feel like every decision is the wrong one.

For example, the game gave me the offer to gerrymander, which would increase everyone's views on my office. However, you can also reject the offer, giving you a boost for the justice system. I knew that gerrymandering sounded too good to be true, so didn't decide on it. I lost that game, and part of me wonders if I could have totally changed the outcome from that one decision. That's the beauty of DSS.

From the wonderfully designed characters and dialogue, to the immense amount of replay potential, I'm amazed that this game is free. My only negative thought is that the game isn't at the scale it deserves. I'm waiting eagerly to see what's in store for the next project.
Top notch political simulation
As a fellow Leftist, I deeply enjoy this game. Sure, it is focused on a very improbable reality, but a fantasy can still blossom a sense of pride for most. Unfortunately, what is applied here is considered “radical” in our American political climate when it should be fundamental, but I won’t dive into that element deeply for the sake of brevity. I do, on the other hand, think that some improvement can be made. Firstly, I would pay to see what it would be like to get to play for longer than two terms. We can’t just let FDR be the only one, right? Another thing, I think that the music could be a bit more original. I love it and I totally get it, the music has a background, it fits to the theme, but I think something new can get our minds off the past and on to a better future. A future of reform. But, otherwise, it’s a nice use of the chorus of “Solidarity Forever” and the tune to “The Internationale”. Overall, it the best-ish game of its type (up next to Reigns).

We must embrace communism ☭
Limited, but still Fun
I’m not at all a socialist, but I found this game very amusing. I hope the developers will make it more challenging and in depth. As a side note, I would like it if they provided access to background information on topics presented in the game. Sometimes I’ll read a question and not really know what the policy means, and the game's context isn’t enough to figure it out.

This game is also a very fun game to play with friends, especially when you play with fiscal conservatives who are forced to socialize the means of production when they run a surplus. I still want more detail, and I’d like some sort of achievement system. Another suggestion that’s kind of out there is a “feral mode” where you can go rogue during your second term and actually destroy the billionaire class, or something to that effect.
Good, definitely biased.
It’s a fun game, a good time kill that also makes you think, but it’s clearly biased. What I think a lot of the people here staying ITS PROAGANDA!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!!!1!1!! Here missed, is that it’s DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM simulator. The goal is to achieve socialism, carbon neutrality, and my issue with it, power of the people.

This is my issue cause “power of the people” is the “propaganda” piece. If there’s one thing we should agree on, it should be the socialism does not give people more tangible, recordable power like shown in the game. It provides too much of a positive air to the whole thing. If your gonna do a socialism simulator, you should cut down on the bias. With questions, there is either a socialist, correct answer, or a money saving/voter saving answer. There is no “We shouldn’t buy the aircraft carriers cause we don’t need them” there is only “let’s cut down on the amount of aircraft carriers so we can save money”

It’s definitely an idealized version of socialism, which is something to beware of before downloading, but as long as you can recognize the bias, it’s a fun game.
This is the best game in the genre
I knew I would like this game, but I didn’t expect to like it *this much*.

I love how the tutorial just lets you say “no” to what it’s saying

I love that the caricature of each voting bloc is an animal associated with that issue (Ox for farmers, polar bear for environmentalists, etc.)

I love how decisions that, in the short term, seem like a waste of money actually come back late in the game to give you a huge boost (for example the IRS reforms)

I love how the military eagle and the corporate lobbyist only show up so you can tell them to go away

I love the parodies of Fox News, the New York Times, and Jacobin magazine

I love how, in order to get the best ending, you often have to make the wrong/unethical decisions, but there’s enough wiggle room that you can still support the things you personally care about

Everything about this game is wonderful and everyone should get it

My only complaint is that the “your policies have changed voter opinions” feature seems underutilized. I usually only get it 1-2 times per run, and mostly during the second term when it matters less who votes for me. But even that seems more like an extra bonus for doing the right thing than an actual game mechanic you are supposed to exploit so five stars from me
Not propaganda
While several choices are definitely loaded and the processes are really simplified, the game makes it clear that many choices like the Green New Deal and big company bailouts are expensive, and that the government can’t feasibly put all of it into action. This means that this game is in fact not propaganda, but rather a (though a little simplified) look into what the government can feasibly do and not do. Many “leftist” solutions can’t all be executed because it would send the government into debt, as what happened in my playthrough when I went all in concerning environmental decisions. The game has a cutesy UI and runs rather well, but its gameplay is done in the “card-swiping” fashion which I feel has been slightly overdone. Overall, great game with a slight bias.

Because they don’t bother reading things, Fascists stay mad lol
Z VanDurick,
Simplified But Top-Tier
Few games manage to accurately portray politics in such a manner while still keeping things simple enough for anybody to play. It’s the biggest “what if” scenario that can be played over and over without exhaustion. Finding proper balances between meeting your goals and ensuring you don’t spend too much, all while attempting to maintain your electorate makes for some serious entertainment. On top of that, the steampunk animal theme that comes with it provides equally as much enjoyment as you determine how to keep the nation from tearing itself apart. The only criticism I would add is the completely irregular cycle in which events come can make it very hard to hold a sense of direction midway through each game. Overall very well done though.
What are we even doing?
Pretty good, nice ui, few glitches. My biggest complaint is that I have no idea what I’m doing when I make decisions. This game operates on the basis that the player already understands many different political terms and situations. When it offers you choices, it gives you an idea of how those choices will effect budget and voter support, but it doesn’t explain how it will effect other parts of the country. Each decision, in the real world, will naturally have pros and cons, but there isn’t much of that here. How are we expected to succeed when we don’t even understand what we’re doing? Perhaps add an insight option that gives an unbiased overview of what each choice will effect and let the player pick. Admittedly, the game is fairly biased, but it’s hard to even consider that an issue if you don’t know the effects of your choices.
Entertaining Propaganda
The biggest note here are the wildly inaccurate budget values, e.g. you can offset huge entitlements with a tax on the .1%, or that your baseline for these policy discussions starts in the black to begin with.

One of the most substantive criticisms of socialist policy in modern America (which is the barely disguised setting for this game) is that they are doubling down on policies that have already soaked our finances in red. This game would be great if it started the player teetering on hyperinflation and had to decide what to do from there.

One last note, while it’s absolutely propaganda with a clear agenda (from the name, to most of the policies on offer, to the forced sovereign wealth fund instead of offering tax cuts mechanic, to the fact that it LITERALLY congratulates you for helping get another democrat elected at the end) I was able to get fairly successful outcomes running strictly libertarian policies.
Amazing games 5 stars
This games is great I love it I wish it would pace out longer and record presidency terms to review how long and compare your terms with previous attempts that would be my only suggestion with the addition of maybe asking for a name before you start your first term so you can also use that as a statistical identifier to compare each term you’ve had over the time played. Also maybe a share button of your stats and more in-depth of how you did and how it affected the next election. The game reminds me of reigns in so many ways. Even with all that being said and suggestions I love this game and play often looking for new combinations to have as close to a socialist but near communist utopia :)

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