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Developer: Distractionware Limited
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 (Download for free)
Version: 2.1
ID: com.terrycavanaghgames.diceydungeons


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"It is going to be hard for anything on mobile to top this for me" - TouchArcade Game of the Week

Become a giant walking dice and battle to the end of an ever-changing dungeon! Can you escape the cruel whims of Lady Luck?

In this new fast-paced deckbuilding roguelike from Terry Cavanagh (Super Hexagon, VVVVVV), Chipzel, and Marlowe Dobbe, you'll fight monsters, find better loot, and level up your heroes as you work together to take down the Goddess of Fortune, Lady Luck herself. Balance your carefully planned strategies against the unknown of a dice roll.

Version history

Minor bug fixes.
Minor bug fixes.

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4.6 out of 5
157 Ratings


The Best Roguelike Deckbuilder
There are a lot of roguelike deckbuilders on the market and many of them are quite good! Slay the Spire, Dream Quest, Dicey Elementalist, Dark Mist, loads of others on various platforms. And yet this is my favorite.

I played it first on Switch when it first released in 2019 and have put hundreds of hours into it since. The combat is quick and decisive, the art is the best in the field, chipzel’s music continues to evolve and delight, the writing and characters and little plots are witty and clever; everything about this game displays attention to detail and a care and craft that is sadly forgotten or much further down on the list of priorities, especially in the realm of deckbuilding roguelikes.

A+, 10/10, I stan every person involved in this game.
One Small Bug, But Perfect Otherwise.
This game is incredibly addicting and replayable. Well worth the $5. There is one bug I noticed while playing where the screen completely whiffed on where I had tapped and sent the input to the opposite side of the screen multiple times until I closed the app. This will hopefully be patched out and once it does this game will be elite as it has no other glaring issues. It’s simply fun.
Sir Lentil,
Finally a Mobile Game
I love this game. I’ve loved the desktop version for a long time, and I have been waiting for it to be turned into a mobile game. It’s everything I hoped it would be! Absolutely addicting, and like other reviews have said, when you purchase it, you get the entire game. I still find something new every time I play it. I highly recommend that everyone give it a try!
Best game I’ve come across in years
Great strategy game. Each character and level brings with it a new set of rules which changes the dynamic enough to make it exciting. Not pay to play. It’s like when you actually bought a game and actually get the WHOLE game. I’ve been addicted for over a month. Love the game.
Don’t think I’ve ever written a review
Have this game on switch and used to say it would make the perfect mobile game and when I searched it wasn’t there. Just stumbled upon it while browsing other games and was an instant buy. Simple game play, good strategy elements, replayability. Just get it
Secret Gaygent 69,
One of the best rogue likes!
Dicey dungeons is an excellent rogue like with a lot of replay ability due to the amount of content in it. Each character plays radically different from each other as well giving good variety. The sound track is also top tier! All around an amazing game!
Killer port
I play a ton of this on the PC but wished I could play it not at my desk. Once I saw this was coming to mobile I was stoked! I must say this runs and looks great on my 13 mini. Played for a few hours with 0 issues. This is a killer game and you should play it. Cheers!!
LOVE this game!!!
You beautiful dastards you did it! I was obsessed with this game on the pc and just wished I had the ability to pull it out and play it when I had spare time while out and about. I’m super excited to have this on mobile now!
Terrific Turn Based
I usually don’t play turn based games but I saw the reviews for dicey dungeon and I had to try it out. It turns out I love this game and it’s so great for mobile. Definitely within my top 10 games for mobile
Not enough choices
A cool idea with one big flaw IMO. The inventory size is extremely limiting. I can only choose a few abilities and there’s usually a clear choice of which is most powerful. There’s little room to experiment with new strategies. On the other hand, I appreciate the variety of character classes, and I got a few hours of enjoyment.