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Roguelike TD meets board game

Developer: Studio Gridpop Inc
Category: Games
Price: $5.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.1.3
ID: com.gridpop.isleofarrows


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Isle of Arrows is a Puzzle Tower Defense game in which you build a fortress in the sky. Place towers, expand the isle, and build your own paths. Can you find the perfect spot for each tile to beat the RNG and defend against waves of invaders?

* Tile-Placement meets Tower Defense: Isle of Arrows is a unique blend of genres that adds a new strategic puzzle element to the Tower Defense formula.
* Roguelike structure: Each run is randomly generated with different tiles, enemies, rewards and events. Playing through campaigns unlocks more elements to appear in the game.
* Modes & modifiers: A variety of game modes, guilds, game modifiers, and challenges make each playthrough unique.

Each round, you get to place a tile on the isle for free. Spending coins allows you to skip to the next tile immediately. When you're ready, call the next enemy wave and watch your placed defenses in action.

There are 50+ tiles in Isle of Arrows:
Towers attack the invaders. Roads extend the path the enemies walk on. Flags grow the isle, giving you more space to build. Gardens reward you with coins. Taverns boost all adjacent archery towers. And so on.

* 3 game Modes: Campaign, Gauntlet, Daily Defense
* 3 themed campaigns that each have their own unique set of tiles
* 70+ tiles
* 75+ bonus cards
* 10+ events that can help or hinder you

Please note that Isle of Arrows does not offer cloud save functionality for the time being.

Version history

* Hotfix for a save game related issue
* Added localization for Simplified Chinese
* Added a popup with a few stats to the daily mode

* The Replication relic will not appear in daily mode anymore

* Increased the score counting animation speed after a game
* Changed the color of the ‘start new game button’ to red to indicate it will override the existing save game

* Fixed an issue that prevented the game from launching when save files were corrupted
* Added a missing description to the dice roll event
* Fixed a bug that would submit daily mode scores from the previous day
* Fixed the screen shake button setting on mobile
* Clarified the French localization for Horticulture
Fixed a localization issue
* Various bug fixes and improvements

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4.5 out of 5
106 Ratings


Great Tower/Puzzle/Rougelike
Honestly a great mobile game, which I don’t come across many that have such originality as this one. Been really enjoying it but I hope with future updates the game will be smart enough to know if I have bombs in my inventory then it’ll let me build a path facing a flag or water… knowing I have the means to blow it up and put something in its place. I mean the game let’s you build to the edge without bridges… and it’s literally the same thing… so It’s a little annoying we’re you are trying to strategize placements and the game says you’ll cut off the path when you aren’t… also I wish water tiles stacked. Feels kinda silly you have to blow up water to replace it with.. more water. Would make water a little less cumbersome but add an extra element into the puzzle/strategy of the game.
Man who types,
New Tower Defense Classic
Simple, challenging, fun. It’s one of the visually appealing tower defense titles that have graced apple’s doors in a while. Every tile, every tower, fits together perfectly and looks quite attractive. The gameplay is challenging yet fair, and their are plenty of randomly generated events to add some flair to any play through. If I were to make any gripes over it, I would say that the variety of enemies is somewhat lacking, and that their appearance is perhaps too simple against the backdrop of the towers. At a glance it can be difficult to really distinguish between one unit and another, and it would be nice to see something like dragons (perhaps flying in a straight line towards the defended block, and destroying towers as they go, with great reward for taking it down). The monochromatic color scheme of the enemy units is aesthetically pleasing, but they lack sufficient distinguishing markers in my view. A shield, or a beard, just seem a little too weak. Yet, this is a minor point, and besides it, i have found the game quite rewarding, both in play, and in visual appeal.
Amazing Tower Defense Tile Placement Board/Video Game Mix
Been years since I had this much fun with an app! I lost 2 hours of time last night to this app and it felt like 15 minutes. I cannot wait to try again. This plays and feels like a tile placement board game that morphs into an amazing tower defense experience. It is turn based, not real time. You draw a tile, place it, and initiate the next wave. You can also spend resources to draw new tiles, demolish existing tiles, or build bridges to place new tiles on open air-because you are on a floating island that you need to expand as you play.

It is a beautiful blend of risk-reward resource management, strategic tile placement, and epic tower defense. I also love the artwork. This game screams sophistication and eloquence even as its difficulty slowly builds to crazy hard levels-just wait until you have to manage multiple paths simultaneously! It’s almost unfair how hard (in a good way) it becomes to choose where to allocate your tiles and spend your resources-because the mark of a good tower defense and tile placement board game is all about choice and compromise. The tile draw factor means you probably won’t get what you want so you need to work with what you have.

But your success rewards you with more options to choose from in future games.

I am enjoying this game so much!

My only wish is that it could also be landscape oriented. I play on an iPad 7th gen and it gets tiring holding it in portrait mode.
Game is rurally hard and success relies to much on luck.
I don’t mind a challenging game but when your entire success is not your mastery of the game but on the luck of the draw (in this case tiles) I find it infuriating. Replay ability is one thing, a great thing actually, but when you play the same map over and over despite mastery of the game but loose over and over again just on luck of the draw isn’t fun for me. In this game you can play the same map 20 (or many more times) and only be able to win because of extremely lucky card draws. Trust me, I don’t give up on game just because it is hard to beat. Example, I played the heck out of Square Enix’s Crystal Defenders. That game was super hard to beet but at least with the next play through I might have a slightly better strategy and be able to progress. Not so with this game. It’s all luck of the draw. That and the game has MAJOR glitches which for a paid title like this are not acceptable. I only give this two stars for not having in app purchases as a pay to win bullsheet like Bloons TD6.
Would love to love this game…
But!!!! Holy crap I think the developer forgot what a game is suppose to be… At first I was having fun but now I am stuck repeating over and over again the same levels trying to hit 40. I don’t enjoy cannoneers or merchants at all. There should be some minor stats that get better the more you play. Right now the only OP relic is the one where a flag turns into a tower. With that I usually can get further. I wouldn’t say win but it will get me close to 40. I don’t have any desire to play the daily challenges and I have only beat the 1st gauntlet level on the 1st type….One of the other reviewers suggested having 2 cards to pick from and paying for a third and a one step undo. That would help. Also, what would help is maybe a 5-10% drop in enemy health? Not really sure but currently it’s very frustrating. This game was written like a game that requires you to put in real money to progress but I already put the real money to buy the game.
Fun but frustrating
I really want to love this game but the RNG is simply too hard and it takes away from what otherwise would be a great game. So many times I get to 35+ and then get wiped on a defense that had been working very well. Or, like just now, playing gauntlet and 6 hands in I have lost 2 hearts just trying to balance immediate versus future defenses, really frustrating. Fix the meanness of the rng and you got yourself a game worth playing for the long run. A couple of suggestions: you have two cards to pick from and pay for the third. Also an undo, I have accidentally placed a corner the wrong way or on the iPad hit something I don’t meant to and you’re stuck with it, can be a game ending honest mistake.
Great game needs balanced
Really fun game gets extremely difficult to the point it’s nearly impossible to beat. I get to about round 38 everytime and by that point the enemies are so difficult to kill and you just don’t have enough fire power when worrying about 3 different lanes. I wish there was an “upgrade” element to the towers, increased damage, range, fire rate, etc. it would definitely create some balance for the level of the enemies and lack of room to build.
Logo Black,
Worth Every Penny
Hi, this is my first time ever reviewing something on the app store. I’m here only to say that this is hands down the best app store game I have ever played, and I’ve been around since the iPhone 3 came out. This game is beautiful, calmin, aesthetic, and quite simple. I can’t stop playing this game! Such a great way to spend your time instead of aimlessly scrolling through social media. Take a break from the stresses in your life and spend some time on this game instead. Looking back at now, I would have gladly spent $30 for this. There are 0 bugs as well. Can’t wait to see what games you release in the future, Daniel!
I am a long time mobile gamer but hardly at all in the last few years (spending my gaming time using a Meta Quest these days). This is one of the rare mobile games to grab my extended attention for a while and I love it. While the random luck of the draw plays a big role in your success, good strategy and tactics can overcome bad draws. There is a ton of challenge and content here and I expect to keep playing for a long time (but perhaps not so obsessively). Also, this game is beautiful and highly polished. Well worth your time and money!
Excellent game! And one suggestion
This game is great - I am really enjoying it and well worth the price! One minor suggestion: the game *really* needs an undo button on tile placement. You should be able to undo and re-place a tile up until you place another one or start a wave. It wouldn’t affect anything, and mistakes are very frustrating, especially when you accidentally wipe out another tile that you didn’t mean to destroy…. Keep up the good work!