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Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale Hack 1.0.260 + Redeem Codes

A card-based dungeon crawler

Developer: Eric Farraro
Category: Games
Price: $6.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.0.260
ID: com.slothwerks.krumit


Game screenshot Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale mod apkGame screenshot Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale apkGame screenshot Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale hack


Battle the likes of sozzled bearbearians and nuke-addled snotwolves to protect our glowing green world from the sweaty hands of the Uberlich! Krumit's Tale involves the same core deck building mechanics as Meteorfall: Journeys and the same cast of overly optimistic heroes, but expands the ‘swipe’ mechanic into a dynamic grid based system. This means more depth and longevity – our heroes will have to choose perks to complement their deck-building strategy and carefully manage the board if they wish to triumph.

+ A follow-up to the popular mobile solo deckbuilding card game - Meteorfall: Journeys!

+ The brave heroes of Meteorfall return! Play as five different heroes - Bruno, Greybeard, Mischief, Muldorf, and Rose - each with their own cards and a distinct playstyle

+ In true roguelike fashion, each run is different! Your journey is built from 20+ unique dungeons, 25+ fully animated enemies, more than 50+ perks (passive bonuses), and more than 300+ cards

+ More than 30 achievements to unlock

+ Feeling competitive? Check out the daily challenge mode! Each day has a different set of modifiers which tweak the rules of the game in radical ways.

+ Mobile optimized gameplay. The game can be played one-handed in portrait mode and auto-saves frequently

+ Play across multiple devices with iCloud save support

+ Offline play. If you want to enjoy Krumit's Tale on your daily commute or on an airplane ride - go for it! No online connection is required

+ Join an active community of players on Reddit ( and Discord (

Version history

Full notes:

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Submit feedback automatically by typing !bug or !feedback.

April Bug Fix Update

- #1688 - Removed Gathering Storm from the Daily Challenge tile pool
- #1699 - Removed Bone Armor from spawning in the Endless Mutation Daily Challenge
- #1702 - Removed Poet from the Pauper perk list


- #1694: Fix an issue where the Sniper perk showed up with no description
- #1696: Fixed various Greybeard abilities not interacting properly with Mark
- #1704: Fixed a rare crash in the Endless Mutation
- #XXXX: Backstab can no longer target hidden enemies
Bug Fix Update

- Fixed a bug that caused a soft lock after defeating the Uberlich as Itchitah
- Fixed an interaction between Bottled Lightning and Seek


New Mutation Mode - Electromancer
Play as Chief Electromancer Itchitah!

New Ability - Bottled Lightning (Greybeard)
3 cost
Instant. Fill your empty inventory slots with copies of Zap

New Ability - Gathering Storm (Greybeard)
1 cost
Instant. Shuffle a copy of Zap into the deck, then cycle this

New Item - Screwdriver (Neutral)
1 cost - 1 attack / 3 durability weapon
Depleted: Restore 1 durability to items in your inventory


Removed Bounty and Gold Chest from spawning in any daily


#1368 - Tinker and Wishing Lamp no longer target Lord's Helm when restoring durability
#1639 - Nukdr0mancer's self-destruct ability no longer sticks tiles on the screen in certain circumstances
#1655 - Voodoo Doll removed from Reaper's Curse
#1667 - Fixed an attack prediction interaction with Crusader / frozen enemies
#1668 - Removed Privileged and Greedy on Baron
#1669 - Fixed a bug with Treant and Lure
#1672 - Fixed the description for 'Renounce' in Japanese
#1675 - Frenzy no longer consumes the free tile bonus for Street Rat
#1678 - Using Knockout on a top-row enemy with the Magician perk no longer causes a lock
1.0.255 Feb Update


New Enemy: Cococat
"Acquiring a tile in the same row costs 2 #heart"

New Ability: Humility (Rose), 0 cost
"Instant. Restore 8 health and Repent. Can only be acquired if you have 0 gold

New Ability: Trick Shot (Varfa), 2 cost
"Deal 8 piercing damage, split among enemies in the same row. Exhaust"

New Perk: Magician (Greybeard, Mischief, Varfa)
"When you target an enemy with an item or ability, also Push them"

- #1617: Removed Stout from the Endless mutation
- #1641: The cost of Frenzy no longer shows up as '99'
- #1643: Battle Song now requires that there's a visible weapon
- #1645: Damage dealt by Healing Trap now works properly with Mark
- #XXXX: Arcanist no longer triggers when removing Curse tiles (including Megaton)
- #XXXX: Fix a bug where block was not removed for some enemies, after defeating a hero's minions
1.0.251 Jan Update

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Submit feedback automatically by typing !bug or !feedback.


- Krumit can now speak in Chinese! (Check it out by setting your language to Chinese in the Settings)

- NG+9 (You have one less choice when choosing perks and treasure)

New Weapon: Snowpiercer (Greybeard): 1 cost, 2 durability, 3 damage
“Piercing when attacking Frozen opponents”

New Armor: Widow's Grasp (Bruno, Muldorf): 3 cost, 3 durability, 4 block
“When you parry, add a copy of Spider Bite to your inventory”

New Trap: Healing Trap (Varfa, Muldorf)
"Pay 2 gold to arm this trap. Trigger: Deal 6 piercing damage split between enemies in the same row, and restore 6 health split between you and your minions"

New Ability: Kick (Mischief) 1 gold
"Deal 8 damage to an enemy and push them. Can't be used in battle. Exhaust"

- Daily Challenge now accepts only the first score (you can play as many times as you like though)

- Removed items and abilities that increase base attack (only in the Daily Challenge version of Endless).
- Enemy ratios skewed towards more powerful enemies.

- NG+ levels that add curses now do so on the 2nd and 3rd dungeons respectively, instead of in the 1st dungeon

- Smashgud reworked: Damage 6->5, Now reads "Your attack stuns"
- Slam reworked: Deal 10 damage to an enemy, cost 3->2
- Sharpen is now Instant

- Renounce: Now Cycles when acquired
- Shadow Crown reworked: Cost 3->4, Now reads "Restore 1 durability when a corrupted enemy dies"
- Bat King's Mantle reworked: Now reads "While you block with this item, you have thorns equal to the number of visible curses"
- Penance reworked: Now reads "When you acquire this and when you have depleted it, repent", Damage 5->6

- Dragorn's Paw reworked: Cost 4->3, now reads "Attack increased by the number of burn stacks on your opponent"
- Shatter: Cost 2->1, Recharge 8 rounds in battle->2, Damage 4->3
- Meditate is now Instant, Cost 2->1

- Hide is now Instant, and Cycles

- #1573: Instant tiles are now acquirable even if your inventory is full
- #1576: Stoopid no longer 'consumes' Street Rat
- #1582: Fixed an issue which made it impossible to remove Stoopid in some cases
- #1595: Queen's Grail no longer spawns in Endless
- #1600: Blast Wave no longer glitches when used in battle against a bottom row enemy
- #1612: Seek no longer glitches when duplicated with Poet
- #XXXX: Counterfeit no longer duplicates 'perk gifts' in Endless
- #XXXX: Seek no longer targets / glitches when it selects a 'perk gift' in Endless
[-] Endless (new mutation): Survive as long as you can in the Endless Dungeon! Battle against waves of increasingly difficult enemies until you meet your end. You’ll score additional points for each enemy you defeat

[-] Wishing Lamp (item: Neutral) Choose: Gain 1 #coin, restore {0} #heart, or restore 1 durability to a random item

[-] Frost Trap (item: Greybeard, Varfa) Pay 1 coin to arm this trap. Trigger: Apply freeze to enemies in the same row

[-] Battle Mage (Greybeard perk): When you burn or freeze an enemy, reduce the cost of weapons in the same row by 2

[-] Dragorn’s Gold will no longer show up during the Daily Challenge
[-] Curse of Weakness can now be removed by paying 2 health
Fixed an issue where choosing Bandit during certain mutations would cause you to be unable to continue to the next dungeon
- Biker attack increased by 1; now increases at end of turn only

- #1502: Disengage can no longer be used in battle
- #1510: Heist can no longer target blessings
- #1517: Tombstone no longer consumes the 'free tile' buff from Street Rat
- #1518: Tapping back during hero selection no longer resets Mutations
- #1524: Street Rat no longer shows up during Dungeon Crawler
- #1526: Using Tag Team consumes the attack buff from Sneaky
- #1529: Plague Mask, Brewer restore charges correctly for Dart Gun
- #1542: Reducing Bartholomew to 0 HP with poison no longer causes a softlock
- #1544: Resuming a game with Varfa during the 'Unidentified' mutation no longer softlocks
- #1549: Fixed assorted bugs with Baron & Boss Rush
- #1550: Ventriloquist Skeleton no longer consumes the 'free tile' buff from Street Rat
- #9999: Pacifism now correctly requires '2' overheals to recharge, instead of 1
Introducing a brand new mutation: Baron! Gold carries over between rounds, so try to amass a fortune as you venture through the dungeon!

- New mutation: Baron
- New potion: Liquid Armor
- New perks: Fencer (Bruno, Rose), Bandit (Neutral)

#1426 - Death Prediction no longer incorrect if Tag Team is used while Orhu is deceased
#1457 - Orhu doesn't consume 'free item' from Street Rat perk
#1474 - Goliath Slayer now works properly with the Sniper perk
#1491 - Fixed a bug with Tag Team where Varfa could become permanently Disarmed
#1493 - Queen's Grail should grant victory if used on the last stage of Reaper's Mark
#1496 - Marked enemies should now be tappable in battle
#1501 - Using Lure on debuffed enemies no longer soft locks when the enemy is attacked

- Fixed an issue where the reported score and score shown in-game didn't match
1.0.239 Post-Varfa Fixes
- 50% of Daily Challenges will be 'Bosses Only', making it easier / faster to participate

- Thief's Glove and Blood Money no longer show up in Daily Challenges

- Fixed a bug where Knockout used on the last enemy would end the dungeon
- Varfa should now be usable in Explorer Mode
- Enemy attack patterns now show up properly for landscape mode

Updated translations
1.0.238 Varfa
From deep in the Slithering Swamp, Varfa the Ranger and her loyal companion, Orhu, have answered the call to defeat the Uberlich!

Unlock a new playable hero, Varfa the Ranger (IAP), featuring more than 50 new items and abilities and unique perks including Scout and Sharpshooter! You can also try Varfa for free during Daily Challenges in which she's the randomly chosen hero.
1.0.234 Hot Fix
Fixed an issue where the game would soft lock in certain cases in battle after resuming a saved game
1.0.228 Bug Fixes

- Stairs are no longer discardable
- Corrupted enemies that 'drop' the stairs no longer cause soft lock
- The dungeon name shows up correctly when resuming
- Fixed an issue where resuming the game would cause enemies not to 'drop' the stairs
- Stairs can no longer be targeted by Potion of Transmogrification
1.0.225 Reaper
The spookiest update yet! Now available - a brand new mutation called 'Reaper's Curse'! Ascend 7 deadly floors in the Haunted Spire and defeat the Ghost King before you're consumed by his deadly curse.

(Try it now in the Mutation Mode menu and periodically during the Daily Challenge)
1.0.222 Rose Update
Rose ‘Chosen’ perk rework: When you remove or transform a visible curse, deal 2 piercing damage to enemies in the same row
New Keyword: Repent: If a curse is present on the board, trigger this tile's effect. Then, convert the curse into a blessing
New tiles (Rose): Holy Symbol, Judgmental Sword, Vigilance
New perks (Rose): Pure
New perks (Neutral): Peaceful

You can now select ‘Boss Dungeons Only’ for most Mutations Mode, if you prefer a shorter run

#1222 - Can now swipe left / right to cycle through the shop tiles
#1230 - Can now hover over or tap health to show your max health value

#1157 - Smashgud's description more accurately describes its effect
#1191 - Run History will properly label Explorer Mode runs
#1209 - Fixed an an issue with death prediction + life steal + poison
#1219 - Fixed an an issue with death prediction + Crusader
#1224 - The 'discard' effect in Ghost King's Cryptorium now continues to trigger after he's defeated
#1228 - Cococat will start with 3 health (not 2), as described
#1229 - Megaton tiles that appear on the bottom row (eg: after using Teleport) no longer explode
#1230 - Fixed an issue with death prediction + hornet
#1237 - Boss max health values will be shown properly on Krumit's Notes during Explorer runs
#1238 - Fixed a text wrapping issue in RU
#1241 - 'Passive tiles' (such as Armor Up) will no longer be exhausted if left accidentally active when attacking
#1243 - Run seed # can now be viewed on the run summary screen

Various typos fixed & strings updated across all localizations
1.0.208 (Explorer)
Introducing Explorer Mode! Struggling and need a little extra help? Customize the difficulty to your liking by adding a few buffs in Explorer Mode

Added Czech and Korean translations

Fixed a bug where Run History didn’t sync via iCloud
#1121 - Fixed an issue where player's scores wouldn't show up on the Daily Challenge scoreboard until later, as well as an issue where the rank shown was one higher than it should be
#1125 - Megaton no longer triggers Blessing of Magic
#1127 - Fixed an issue where a player's name might show as 'Uninitialized'
#1136 - Opening Settings no longer hides the score for the remainder of the run
#1145 - Blessing of Magic properly triggers Bounty
#1146 - The 'Intelligent' perk now works properly with the Boss Rush mutation
#1149 - Apprentice Cap no longer makes Megaton cost gold
#1152 - Dark Ritual no longer takes an extra health to use
#1158 - Cull can no longer be used against hidden enemies (Trickster, Jackals)
#1177 - Holy Fury no longer soft locks when acquired in 'dual class' Mutations
Fixed a variety of bugs reported by beta testers

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Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Varfa the Ranger
(Unlock a new hero - Varfa the Ranger!)
BF596621167✱✱✱✱✱ FD93567✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
235 Ratings


Well put together
The game has beautiful art/animations, it’s super smooth and just feels like a really well put together game.

In all honesty though, I just don’t find it very fun for some reason. I got super in to STS, pirate outlaws, darkest dungeon, etc. but just cannot get into this one no matter how hard I try. It feels like a chore to play. Each run doesn’t feel much different from the last and I have no desire to continue trying.

I’m giving it 4 stars because I want to support and encourage well made paid games with no pay to win IAPs, but like I said, I just don’t find it very enjoyable to play.
Big Noh,
It’d Be Easier to Teach My Cat Quantum Physics
This game is hard. It’s not Elden Ring hard where it’s skill based and you’re able to get better and better until you progress. It’s just hard because the game is not balanced. I’ve played every card-based game out there. Even if it’s a difficult game, usually there’s some sort of mechanic or combo that you can utilize to make your chances easier. I’ve found nothing in this game that even remotely improves my chances. I don’t think I’ve passed the 5th round. Even by the 3rd stage, some of the enemies are just too overpowered compared to you. 70% of the time you will die by that round unless you get lucky from RNG.

It’s a good concept and there’s potential. The art style is great and there’s some fun mechanics. I wish there were more class specific perks. It seems like they’re all universal across each role; and the options are limited at that. It’s easy to pick up, but hard to progress. Despite leveling up and unlocking new cards, it doesn’t even help you in the slightest. There’s some good qualities but this game needs some serious balance.
Not what I thought and too hard
I kept seeing the description “roguelike deckbuilder and was really excited. I waited until I got paid, then excitedly bought this game. I’ve played it a lot the past few days and it’s different from other deckbuilders in a way that doesn’t click well with me. There’s a lot of strategy involved, but I’m not familiar enough with the cards to plan very far ahead. Furthermore, losing repeatedly starts to get repetitive and draining. Sadly, I’m just not feeling it. I’ll stick with STS on mobile and Monster Train on my Switch (until it comes to mobile). Those games are more my speed. However, if you’re up for the challenge and like puzzle/strategy/resource management, this game will entertain you endlessly!
Preserves the stuff that made Slay the Spire great, and I’d say even improves on it. These deck-builders have a way of becoming stale when you realize the optimum “slim” deck, and try to get rid of as many cards as you can. This results in players ignoring the vast majority of the game cards (even the original Meteorfall had this problem).

Here, you want to acquire as many cards as you can, and you’ll end up with some wild synergies that really add to the fun. The other fun layer is knowing what you’re up against in each dungeon...this lets you plan the overall room, instead of just battle by battle. Throw in the fun, animated cards and superb voice work and this is pretty much a perfect mobile game.
I’ll definitely review in greater detail in the coming weeks. Please forgive any typos as I am traveling.

Suffice to say, this is a fun, and addictive deck building rougelike. 6 playable characters, each of which has a fun and unique play style that keeps gameplay from becoming stale between runs . Krumit’s Tale is amazing in that it is both oddly unique, yet extremely similar to other games of this type. This allows one to quickly learn the basics and begin the process of formulating an optimal deck for each run. Yet, it’s been 30+hours and I’m still learning new strategies.

The card descriptions, music, and character animations are top notch. Would happily pay for more. As a bonus, the developer is active on social media and extremely friendly!

This game drew me in due to being set in the same universe as Meteorfall Journeys. Another deck builder by Slothwerks that I highly recommend.

Read the tips included via link on the Home Screen if you feel confused by the initial tutorial!
king 1012,
Best Game Ever (Highly Recommended)
I am in love with games like these and this one is the best yet. I love how all the characters are so unique and cool. I did find one problem and that is the difficulty of the game. Some people find it hard to pass certain levels and I personally like that but my brother is finding trouble defeating the last boss. I did give him some advice but I feel like other players don’t have that opportunity just saying. Overall I really like the game and I highly recommend to the people who like card games.
A lot to be desired.
Artwork is quirky and on-point. App works fine on iPhone 11 except no sound. Gameplay left much to be desired. Odd mechanics. Stingy on the gold. Rewards didn’t seem to make an obvious difference. Steep learning curve for the casual player. UI needs some massaging trying to hunt for the right object to press. Seems oddly difficult and really only suited for hardcore players that want a game to be punishingly frustrating until you figure out the special combo of cards that work for the particular deck you’re playing. Lastly, not worth the price and adding purchasable characters seems wildly greedy for what you get. I would pass on this until it becomes free.
Fantastic game, perfect on mobile and MacBook
Clever and quick gameplay. Can step away at any time and not lose progress, even if you kill the app. Each character is so unique it’s like playing a different game. Feels like I make progress no matter how far I get since I get some rewards for leveling up the character.

Update: This game is also available for M1+ MacBooks and has shared progress with mobile! It’s awesome!
Still broken cards
Developers!: Your ‘war drums’ card doesnt work, it says its supposed to replace the opponents attack with 2 but it doesnt do that, it replaces with 3, so its not working right, fix it and you can have more stars.

Reader: a fun game for sure, each character has different approach, but there arent ALOT of unlockable cards for each character, so the sense of progression doesnt last long. But it was fun while it lasted. If they did more updates it would prolly be more fun. Also as you saw from above, some cards dont work right and the last update for this game was 2022 so im not sure this game will get fixed.
NOT too hard
This game is excellent and very replayable. If you are reading reviews and allowing peoples opinions on, say, whether it’s possible to beat the game I have beaten it numerous times with every character (including the upgraded difficulty modes you unlock when beating it each time). If you are confident in your logical ability then rest assured it is very possible so don’t let them dissuade you.

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