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Test your reflexes!

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Price: Free
Version: 1.1.6
ID: com.rubygames.tapontime


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Tap the loop at the right moment.

Compete against your friends and show off your reflexes!

Can you unlock pink ball?

Version history

- Bug fixes & improvements
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Remove Ads!
(Removes all annoying ads!)
AH578123537✱✱✱✱✱ 9E617C1✱✱✱✱✱

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4.4 out of 5
10.3K Ratings


Just another review
The ads in this are just too much honestly. It’s one of those games where no matter if you choose to revive or not, there is still usually an ad. That alone made me put this as a four star game. I mean I get you want to make money, but for some people some games just aren’t good enough to keep while ads are played every thirty seconds. It just downgrades the entire game. Okay that was more about ads that needed to be said so moving on. The game is fun, you might think it will get boring over time, but really it doesn’t. It kept me interested. Has a really fine base for the game and they kept adding things around that to make it better. The levels are fun and the shop is a nice addition though it’s pretty easy to get the whole shop. The levels you can play are a nice touch and it can be a pretty addicting game. Other than the adds. If you are reading this I applaud you 👏 most likely no one else has lol.
If you have spotty internet, don’t even try this
I play timewasters almost exclusively during times where I have no internet access - I assume that’s the main use for apps like these because what else are you supposed to do? You’d think that’d be fine since no important part of this game needs internet, just the ads and a probably fake leaderboard. But no, you literally cannot play if you have no internet. It’ll even give the error if you have a very weak connection.

They decided that because some people just turn of connection (because the ads in this game are beyond atrocious), that if you have no internet you just can’t play (the error outright says turn on internet or pay to remove ads). That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day. Fix your ads instead of making it downright inaccessible. If it’s so bad people would rather disconnect, you would get more money off of having less of them (because then more people would be willing to put up with them and/or pay for removal).

What’s the point if you can’t even play this in a waiting room and the like? Pretty much the only use these sorts of games have is to kill time when you can’t do anything else, which means you also likely have no internet.
This game is pretty fun. People may say stuff like “ oh thats gonna get boring after a while” but I’ve had this game for like a month now. I love listening to my books on libby while playing this game and overall its a great app. Ok now lets actually talk. THERE IS WAY TOO MANY ADS. I mean i get it thats how you make your money. But really is it necessary to have a 30 second long ad you cant skip after EVERY SINGLE ROUND. let me answer that for u. NOOOO its not. I mean imagine you played a game that had an ad every 5 seconds. Its so annoying. Please at least have it be an ad after every 3 rounds that would be so much better even if it’s still 30 seconds. If you do i thank you 𝚂𝙾 much 🥹😃
angry boi 17,
Fix these problems then it’s a 5⭐️
First of all, I tried to play this game but I got ads shoved down my throat every 35 seconds. And for other games yea it’s different but for a little mobile game where you have to click a button, it’s kinda pointless. And also, I bought the no ads but I feel bad that I had to spend five whole American dollars just for no ads. Now talk about ridiculous. I think it should cost 5 dollars if there were a lot more to do in the game like more modes. Devs please fix this-
Listen to me… don’t get this game
The game itself isn’t too bad. The concept is simple, and it’s pretty fun to be honest….. until you lose. First it shows you on a FAKE leaderboard. If your wondering why I know it’s fake is because it shows names of other “users” when you aren’t even allowed to make your own name. Also, after every game there is an ad that is 30 seconds. The game itself takes around 30 seconds, so unless you want to spend half of your time watching ads, please don’t get this. Lastly, I thought I was big brain and turned of my Internet so there wouldn’t be ads, but because everything is for money, a message comes up saying you have to turn wifi on or buy the ad remover for 5 bucks. Please don’t get this game and give it more money, because it doesn’t deserve it at all.
This game is a money grab
I looked at this game at first and it looked really fun I started playing it and it was very smooth and fun that’s until the ads came around. The ads were so often and I counsemt take it anymore I tried to do levels mode but that had ads every level even if you won this game is more ad than game. The ads are 15 seconds but every single time it just happens over and over this game is so bad. I finally came to my senses after considering ending it all and jumping but then I remembered airplane mode I turned it on and it don’t let me play without internet unless I bought no adds. This is when I went crazy I decided to jump and finally end it for good I had this game for 5 mins and deleted it right after this was my last straw 😡
Too Much Ads !
The game is fun and all, but I just think there's way too much ads for a small game like this. All you do is tap on your screen at the right time, I don't think you need a lot of ads for that. I get that you want money, but think about the people who play your game. We honestly don't wanna see ads much, i'd get it if it was like different ads but no, it's the same ads over and over. If you're gonna have ads at least switch them up don't have the same ones over and over it gets boring, and the money multiplier is basically pointless because if you choose to keep your original earnings you still get an ad either way. Just stop the ads. Overall the game is great, the ads is my problem.
The advertisements
This game looked extremely fun but only a couple minutes playing it, I have been bombarded with ads every time I restart or really do anything, makes me stressed to play and not really want to start. It would be OK if I could get out of the ads easily but they typically make you play first and then send you to another screen and then try to get you to download until FINALLY you can click the X and it doesn’t work and makes you go to the App Store again. Fun game tho😐
Don't get me wrong, this game is great and all but there is so many ads. too much. Every time you lose, there's a 30 second ad. I understand some people don't care, but I do because the ads make it difficult to enjoy the app. I uninstalled the app after 5 minutes worth of playing it because of all the ads. I'm not exaggerating. I tried turning my phone on airplane mode to get rid of the ads, but then it wont let you play at all. This game is great, i would've rated it 5 stars but the ads made me rate it 1 star. If there were less ads, and i mean little to no ads, i would've rated it 5 stars. Please fix this.
There’s a lot of ads but the part that upsets me is that you can't disconnected from the internet to remove them. If you turn off your Wi-Fi and cellular data, you prompt in the game saying "please turn on the Internet to keep playing or remove ads". Keep mind that this is a reflex based game. So if you’re not fast enough you’re gonna die a lot and this game plays an ad after every single death.... It would beThat’s just restart the game than wating for the ad to complete. You're basically also not allowed too play offline, this is a form of DRM and it's stupid