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Developer: hidea
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Price: Free
Version: 1.5.5
ID: com.hidea.manorvampire


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An unprecedented game, Human or Vampire! Experience it now.

Paradise: a mysterious world in which the souls of dead humans live on.
Now that the end of the paradise is imminent because of the vampires who were guarding the frontiers, only the king of the paradise can save it from the crisis.
Now, an adventure to become the king of the paradise begins.

[Game Features]

● Strategic Combat
You can create an even more strategic battle by using the terrains in the turn-based battles. The battles are carried out in a party-play basis, and the aspects of the battle will change depending on the ranks and terrains of the party that you have configured. In addition, the skills of your colleagues create various effects with a wide range and target.

● Suspenseful dungeon progress
Human or Vampire contains various dungeons that are created randomly. Map exploration is essential in order to escape a dungeon. Beware of the dungeon boss, who appears out of nowhere and sends you various patterns of threats. You already have a supply of items and equipment that will help you progress through the dungeon.

● Recruit colleagues with diverse characteristics
Recruit your colleagues who will go on an adventure with you. There are various occupations that allow your colleagues' unique characters to stand out. You can train your colleagues to become even stronger through various contents that include closeness, monster element, party analysis, and so on.

● Develop a special main character
Grow your main character. The main character is the only creature in the game that is both human and vampire. You can change their occupation whenever you want to, and learn advanced skills from your colleagues. You can enjoy the game in various ways depending on how you utilize your main character.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who loves Human or Vampire!
Your precious reviews help the developers in a big way.

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Version history

- Added Language - Chinese Simplified
- Fixed other issues
- Fixed other issues
- Fixed iPhoneX issues
- Christmas Event Add
- Fixed other issues
- Fixed other issues
- Fixed other issues
- Colosseum Open.
- Fixed other issues.
- Fixed other issues
- Fixed other issues
- Add 'Dark Realm - Middle Layer'
- Fixed other issues
- Fixed other issues
- Fixed other issues
- Halloween Event
- Fixed other issues
- Added new characters (2 kinds)
- Added new events
- Fixed other issues.
- Added new characters (2 kinds)
- Added new events
- Fixed other issues.
- Fixed other issues
- Fixed other issues
- Cost of unlocking some fittings - change for free
- 'Soul Graveyard (normal)' difficulty reduction
- Gochiri Mission - Difficulty Reduction / Gold Compensation Increase
- Experienced potions and gold gain at low difficulty
- Added intimacy ranking system
- Add new event
- Fixed language errors
- Other bug fixes
- Global launch
- Modified map
- Other bug fixes
- Added 'Dino' system
- Added 'Hoochiri's Wagon' system
- Balance adjustment
- Other bug fixes
Bug fix
New / Enhanced
- Added detailed function of bat scrolling
- Improve the academy system / Improve convenience
- Other bug fixes
New / Enhanced
- Added detailed function of bat scrolling
- Improve the academy system / Improve convenience
- Other bug fixes
- Add an academy system
- Added equipment enhancement system
- Unlock the hero level limit (max 220 levels)
- Add a hot shop

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4.6 out of 5
896 Ratings


tactical game with a twist
pros: great graphics, really immersive score, lots of unique units with different skills, many classes to pick from, interesting tactical gameplay. no energy meter needed to play.

battle system is unique where you can move your team as if you are playing a roguelike game. battles commence when you step into a zone that an enemy is watching. lots of random loot to collect. gold and premium currency is bountiful.

auto mode for grinding is definitely give and take as it makes the player complacent, jumping in only when the units hps drop below a set percentage.

cons: online only. when your units are strong enough, battles can become monotonous and unchallenging. arena pits you against opponents way above your level on a regular basis. killstreaks will be rare until you get your top tier units into shape.

worst con: you have limited slots for characters, equipment and consumable items. you can buy slot expansions, but the cost jumps exponentially. of course you can earn everything without paying for iap packs, but it would take much, much more time.

i rate the game a 5/5 for having an interesting take on the roguelike strategy tactical rpg genre, and to support the tactical genre in itself, but i would rate this a little less if i could for the shortcomings. For everyone complaining about how small everything is, its still very manageable and playing on a tablet such as an ipad is the optimal choice. Beautiful game.
There are 1000s of f2p gachas out there and I swear I’ve played them all, this game is different. Optional ads, no push for iap, no energy system. But! And I hope the developer sees this and makes the change. When you play the levels in auto mode the party just looks for the shortest way to the exit skipping enemies when the enemies aren’t in the direct line of movement and even skipping bosses and treasure too if they’re in the other direction. I beg that the developer change auto modes ai to clear the level before moving on, clear the level of treasure AND enemies. Because I replay levels for 2 reasons, treasure and exp and I don’t always use auto mode but it would be nice to know if I do so I can multi task, that my team will get the max amount of xp and treasure. Xp is important just like any rpg but more so here because even just a 3* monster caps at around lvl 120 and levels are even more important because and this is where the unique part comes in. Your main guy is a vampire and doesn’t gain xp from monsters he gains xp from biting your human companions which in turn makes them a vampire and can no longer level up. It’s smart to use companions as fodder for this but you do need to build a team of vampires to fight in the arena. It’s fun and I can’t stress enough unique it just needs some ai tweaks. I recommend you play this ASAP :)
Really fun!
This game is fun and well made! One tiny issue I had tho. When I made my character, it ignored my initial gender and just gave me the opposite choice. Then when I refreshed my game it made me restart the tutorial and that time it showed my pick properly. It took me 4 tries to do the tutorial as the plant boss thing was untargetable and would not fight me. I restarted my game again and after making my character for the 4th time it worked great! Since it was only issues with the tutorial (which I don’t care much for anyway, I like to figure a game out as I play it) I didn’t let that factor in the rating, because like I said it’s just a tutorial. The combat is fun, and I like the art style; it’s cute. I really recommend people to try this game, don’t let the tutorial discourage you! At least if you run into the same/ similar issues. :)
Typoerror awesome,
This Is Something Else
Wow. Beautiful graphics, pretty animation, and fantastic environments. Everything is made looking very nice, and the colorful explosion of the skills puts the power in the characters. Speaking of the characters, they’re all made with unique skills, outfits, and roles. I don’t understand and why there’s not many people writing a review, because there’s a lot to talk about. I’ve been playing for a couple of hours now, and wow there’s still many quests and game modes to unlock. However, I think the auto run should be tweaked a little bit. My squad would run past enemies, treasure, and sometimes bosses. We should be able to customize what they should attack, when they should move on, and when they should run past enemy’s. Other than that this game is fantastic.
Awesome game
Ive been playing this game for a few months and it hasn’t been updated for half a year, BUT as soon as a problem happened they came and fixed it within the day. The server I had been playing on disappeared and I was so disappointed thinking I wouldn’t be able to play because I have so much fun and put a lot of effort into it. The moment they fixed it I was filled with relief and awe that they would pick up a dropped game at the players request to fix it. Thank you so much. Play this game it’s full of a variety of characters and beautiful graphics.
Very nice
Fun Western style srpg gameplay with nice graphics and great ambience. The vampire bite mechanic for leveling up is an interesting twist - nice to see new ideas.

Sound FX could be a bit better (like breaking crates sounds more like sloshing through a puddle). Translation/story could be better (monsters in heaven? Money is the most important thing in heaven? Gun is first weapon in heaven? Really?). Some UI elements are pretty small on my iPhone 11 Max. And it would be really helpful to be able to rotate the camera, even if it's just 90 degrees at a time - there are times when you can't see characters/enemies/tiles because something's blocking them.

All of these aren't deal breakers though (the camera one could be), thus the 4 stars instead of fewer. Hope to see these issues addressed, and in the meantime going to keep playing!
Personally like the game but..
I like how the devs new trend into the genre on mobile, it was fun and really compels you to play, while having all units available to all players. Of course spending cash is the quickest way to the top. However I feel deep into the game, the devs place too many pits for bad impulse buy. Auto stage shouldn’t be consumable because the stages are large, finding boss and loots, too time consuming. The ratio to time wasted and resources gain are horrid, lead to boredom, then asking why you wasted time repetition on single mode. No multi def kill it for me end game, academy was stupid with so little chars slots. I feel like this game could have been great, but end up just wasting a few days, while they continue to pop out new servers for more quick cash grab.
... I don’t like to five star games, but this one is an exception, because, 1. It’s actually a pretty good game, 2. I want this game and other games with its style and art to be seen more. (Hello I’m my inner “perfectionist” and I’m calling to tell you, In the beginning you make it that all of my characters can one shot every monster, which hurts the “perfectionist” and “challenge-ist” in me.) But this is still one of the top 5 five games I’ve ever played. (Also a personal problem, I spend most of my time offline, but not a lot of my favorite games are offline, please make this offline, at least for me.)
Good game with a few flaws
Broke my immersion at the beginning. Named my character then game just chose my name for me. You find out why as you keep playing but it's kinda funny to me. I don't know if it's the game but most of the game so far is nothing but endless dark wasteland. I can see how the map would look like normally I think if I pause the game but it reverts back to the dark empty wasteland when I un pause. I'm guessing it's because my device is either too old and outdated to handle this game properly. Great game and fun though, I don't usually play turn based or tactical rpgs but this is pretty good.
One of the most fun and engaging mobile games I've played
There's nothing more disheartening than finding a game you love only to find out it's pretty much dead and not supported by the devs anymore.

This game is fantastic. The gameplay is unique and fun, the art style and in-game visuals are really pretty, and it sense like it is pretty f2p friendly.

The mechanics of figuring out which heroes to turn into vampires and when to do so, as well as upgrading heroes star grade are pretty confusing, and it wasn't until trying to research what to do that I found out that note nanny are playing this anymore add the devs aren't releasing new updates.

This is very sad to me. I'll continue to play for a while just because the game is really fun, but I'm not sure the longevity of my interest if there will be no new updates. I'd like to plead with the devs to revive this game. Looking in the community discord server, it appears the game might be able to get back it's entire player base if it got a revival.

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