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Welcome to My Tidy Life!
Are you crazy about seeing things in order? Do you like to organize or sort everything? Do you love renovating your place? Then, you will enjoy and feel satisfied while playing this game.

• Tidy Neighborhood
Walk around the neighborhood and help each place with their messy rooms. There is an untidy room in each building, and they are waiting for you to organize their places. A kitchen, a hobby room, or a bedroom, all of them come with fun unboxing, satisfying cleaning and organizing experiences. Each room is a unique adventure, can you tidy the whole neighborhood?

• Renovate and Upgrade Furniture
Tidying places is not the whole job. It is up to you to bring the light into these rooms. There are multiple beautifully designed furniture, so you can upgrade your rooms. Do you prefer modern or classical interior? Just decide your style and start designing your place as you wish. It is time for a new fridge, a sofa, or a bathtub.

• Mini Games
Light up the fireplace, fluff pillows, and organize your spices. Then, you deserve a bubble bath to relax but first, you have to prepare it for yourself. Numerous fun mini games are waiting for you!

You won’t believe how messy these cabinets, drawers, and fridge are.
Be the tidy hero and clean everything!

Version history

- Bug fixes & improvements.
-Amazing new rooms and houses to tidy!
-New neighbourhood for you to explore!
-Brand new upgradable items!
- Bug fixes and improvements.
-Bug fixes and improvements.
-New rooms are ready for you to organize!
-VIP Christmas Room is here for the holiday season!
-Brand new city neighbourhood is now open!
-Now you can go between different neighborhoods and play whichever you want with the new game map!
-Amazing new rooms and houses to tidy!
-New neighbourhood for you to explore!
-Brand new upgradable items!
-Bug fixes & improvements.
-A new neighbourhood added for you to explore and play!
-New rooms and more amazing levels added!
-Brand new upgradable objects are here for you to use!
-A new neighbourhood added for you to explore and play!
-New rooms and more amazing levels added!
-Brand new upgradable objects are here for you to use!
-New rooms and more amazing levels added!
-Brand new upgradable objects are here for you to use!
-Bug fixes and improvements.
-Bug fixes and improvements.
-Bug fixes and improvements.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(Remove all ads!)
IB141991183✱✱✱✱✱ A2DB8EA✱✱✱✱✱
No Ads
(Removes all annoying ads!)
IB141991183✱✱✱✱✱ A2DB8EA✱✱✱✱✱
No Ads
(Removes all annoying ads!)
IB141991183✱✱✱✱✱ A2DB8EA✱✱✱✱✱
No Ads
(Removes all annoying ads!)
IB141991183✱✱✱✱✱ A2DB8EA✱✱✱✱✱
No Ads
(Removes all annoying ads!)
IB141991183✱✱✱✱✱ A2DB8EA✱✱✱✱✱
No Ads
(Removes all annoying ads!)
IB141991183✱✱✱✱✱ A2DB8EA✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
6 701 Ratings


i dont know you miss roblox,
Good but
I love this game because I am so good at organizing and like cleaning up messes and like organizing stuff like towels it helps when I am bored and I don’t want to watch adds every 5 minutes but it needs an upgrade I want to get the free stuff but why do the free stuff have to have adds I mean it’s free for a reason why need to have annoying adds it’s free so when I don’t have enough money to buy the other stuff and buy it I have to do the work again and sometimes I have to watch annoying adds to get the nice stuff and why does the no thanks button have to be so small I don’t want to watch annoying adds to get double money I am like the person who likes doing things one at a time getting the normal amount of cash so sometimes I press the other button instead of no thanks button and have to watch an annoying add. Second when you pass the first level with the small house and move on to the apartments when you pass that you go back to the same kind of small house I don’t like rebirthing I want more messy houses to clean I don’t wanna do the same kind over and over. I hope anybody who’s planning to download or already play or maybe the owner can read this and make these changes goodbye
Too many ads!!
I really like the app and I would like to enjoy it more but there are sooooo many ads every level there’s an ad and those are short levels and it’s 10 dollars to get rid of them like no at least make the ads every room please it would give better ratings,
And I would really like it
Recycled levels
There are only two maps. A neighborhood with four rooms to clean, and then a city with four different rooms to clean. After that? You go to the same neighborhood that was in level one. After that? You go to the same city that was in level 2. Level 5 is the same as level 3, level 6 is the same as level 4, and so on. There is zero difference. Once you finish level two, you have completed all the game has to offer. I was persistent enough to get to LEVEL 10, and lo and behold, every single level was the same as either 1 or 2. I loved the first two levels, and this game could have been amazing IF THERE WAS MORE CONTENT! However, if you play this in the future and level 3 is the same exact level as level 1, please don’t waste your time playing through the exact same game over and over again. Wait until the developer adds more levels with new rooms. Other than the recycled content, the game was an ok time waster (but of course, this is an ad-heavy game). Unfortunately, not worth your time of money at all. I will only change my review when the developer actually adds more content and chills out on the ad content. I completely understand needing ads for money, but the mini games are far too short to have an ad after every other one you complete.
Very mediocre
The levels are too easy,. The “mess” is often already organized. For example, when putting things in the fridge, every item is already in its own basket, so all you’re doing is tapping for each item.

The touch feedback is weird, too. If you pick something up, it’s not going to be under your finger, it’ll be floating above it and this really breaks the immersion.

One final thing: the levels are crazy short, and you get an ad after every single one. That means an ad every 20-30 seconds. And to remove them, you have to pay a whopping $10. That’s ridiculous, made especially greedy by the fact that the time you spend in the app overall is two-fifths just watching advertisements.
Want to enjoy but….
I really want to enjoy this app, but it’s so hard to with the amount of ads. It’s beyond ridiculous. There’s an ad after everything I complete, and several ads before I even start a task.
And to top it off, it’s $10 to remove the ads. I have never played a game where it cost that much to remove ads. If I did, it’s because they offered other things along with ad removal.
Another issue, the levels are the same. Same rooms, same decorations, same everything.
Why would I pay $10 to remove ads for the same levels?
OK let me be real, I saw this advertisement I fell in love with it I download it and I fell in love with the game but every two seconds you did get an ad, so I went to go see it about removing the yard $10 I’m like that’s awfully expensive but I love this game and I love the objective, however, that being said when I made it to the third town, it was a repeat of the first town, I immediately got angry for spending the $10 just for a game that repeats itself it’s not even funny when you do the same thing twice
Don’t download this game
I have deleted it twice or maybe even 3 times now and I keep finding it redownloaded on my phone without my knowledge. Very scammy. Also, you finish the game in 3 neighborhoods and have to watch an enormous amount of ads to even finish. Ads even start if you take too long to make a move in the game. Also, you can’t design how you want if you want a 5 star property, you always have to choose the most expensive items. Don’t waste your time or phone space. Also, how do I report the scammy redownloading thing?!
ahhhah 1417,
Recycled Levels
this game could really great, relaxing fun little games to play. except you're bombarded with ads almost every 10 screen touches, which i could deal with. i don't mind ads too much, they even offer you to pay for an ad free option which is truly unethical because after level 4 you just get recycled levels. the same exact levels. i didn't pay for this game, but i can't imagine how upset someone who did would be. this is wrong.
Only three levels repeated
I paid ten dollars to (1) essentially be forced to watch ads anyway to upgrade rooms and (2) only play the same three neighborhoods forever (same exact activities) with higher prices for the exact same items I’ve already purchased.

A massive waste of money. Gets two stars bc it entertained me briefly until I realized what a scam it was
It’s literally impossible to enjoy this game because of the ads. After playing the first level, I got two ads in a row. I thought maybe I’d let it slide then I got another ad midway through level 2. THATS 3 ADS BEFORE I EVEN GOT TO LEVEL 3. I tried to ignore them but eventually I couldn’t even enjoy the game because every time I would try and relax, boom, another ad. These devs are so money hungry. Just download another game and save yourself the frustration