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Version: 4.2.1


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Complete SATISFYING mini games to unlock more tool and update your office.

Can you trim all the hair?

Version history

Bug fixes & improvements
Bug fixes & improvements
Bug fixes & improvements
New levels!
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes & improvements
- Bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fixes and improvements.
- New gameplay & improvements
- Bug fixes

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Remove Ads
(Removes all random ads from the game.)
CB433179830✱✱✱✱✱ 8916466✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer 5.99
(Special Offer 5.99)
CB342279893✱✱✱✱✱ DECEDB1✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer 6.99
(Special Offer 6.99)
CB690117385✱✱✱✱✱ D4F25F8✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer 7.99
(Special Offer 7.99)
CB214309860✱✱✱✱✱ 53A5B8B✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer 9.99
(Special Offer 9.99)
CB113441899✱✱✱✱✱ 1A57AF1✱✱✱✱✱

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4.3 out of 5
173.9K Ratings


Emily (╹◡╹),
Ads, Useless Currency, Repetitive Gameplay
Firstly- Too. Many. ADS!!! after each step in a level there was an ad, and then at the end of the level there’s an ad! Sometimes even before I finished a step in the level there was an ad! I understand the game devs need to make money but that’s pretty excessive.

Secondly- There needs to be more upgrades you can get. Maybe an avatar to decorate, upgradable tools, or SOMETHING ELSE added to the game that you can spend the in-game currency on. I downloaded this game and was totally upgraded after 20 minutes of playing. Then there’s no point to the currency because there’s nothing to spend it on.

Lastly- There needs to be an update to the level design. I get that there’s only so much you can do with this type of game, but at about level 6 things had already begun to repeat themselves. I understand having the same mechanics or “problems” with the clients you get but when you get the exact same thing back to back it’s a little boring. Maybe add some facial work or back work or something else to help diversify gameplay.

This was a great game, I just think the developers need to be better about updating it and implementing new assets. And limit their ads to at least only at the end of each level if they still insist on having an abundance of them.
Tidy widy,
Way too many ads
I downloaded this game for my kids to play but they would spend so much time watching adds then they want to off a 5 dollar no add fee I can not believe how many adds you have to add for games it’s unbelievable any game developer that puts a game on here and makes someone watch 45 mins of adds to play the actual game for 5 minutes is a big waste of time if money is so important that you have to flood your games with adds develop something else that’s going to make you a billionaire because to be very honest your ruining it for the kids and any adult or elderly that wants to play with a million adds and to pay to remove adds and pay just to get stuff on your games and pay for every single little thing is just plain robbery and everyone who does it should be sued and shut down and banned from ever making a game the point is game for enjoyment and entertainment not spend 50 dollars just to play something it’s unbelievable how greedy people have become so disappointed good luck
Awesome Game, but needs some work.
I fell in love with this game the minute I played it. But half way through every operation, there’s an ad. This game has a lot of ads but Is still playable. It is very addicting but it has WAY too many ads. And not to mention that after most of the operations, an ad pops up. And I also don’t like that at the end of an operation, you have to wait to get your actual reward. Instead of getting it right off the bat. I’m not trying to hurt any feelings, but this game could use some improvement. This is an AMAZING game and I think it will become a lot better if these improvements are made. I’m not trying to complain, but this game needs improvement.

Thank you for your game Developers, and I hope that you read this and see it.
Goodbye! 👋👋👋
Short and to many ads
Ok I read some of the other reviews and I think all people in the world can agree there are way to many adds in this game sometimes Is have not even finished a level and an add just pops up I understand that the more adds the more money but can’t you understand that we are in happy about this if you could reduce the adds by half that would make me happy big time my second complaint is that the game is way to short I have not even played a full 30 minutes and I already have world doctor I mean the levels still take a long time and I know that it’s hard to add in jobs that doctors should be but I wish there was more just a complain on the world not the game also I wish this game was a little less discussing with the skin peals and stuff like that it’s just gross I already from playing this game made an promise to my self to never pick my skin EVER AGAIN over all this is a good game and I hope others enjoy it to
Bruh I don’t even understand. the ads I’ve seen on tik tok seemed so fun but it’s literally the same 5 levels over and over again. The ads on the game itself were ridiculous so I bit the bullet and paid for no ads just to repeat the same 3-5 levels over and over again. WHY???? Your job was to make a game that was satisfying and stress relieving but I get stressed out by playing the same levels over and over again and knowing I spent money on this piece of crap game. The same 3 teeth in the lower jaw (3 lower right side molars). Cutting nails (I HATE ThiS OnE). Popping pimples/shaving removing fungus/removing legos(???) from the foot/ straitening the foot once in a while. Ear shaving wax removal. It’s these same levels over and over. Not as advertised don’t be like me and believe that this app will bring you joy. IT BRINGS ME ANGEr. fIX it !! fix it now!!!! It had so much potential and it’s so disappointing. GIVE US MORE.
Cat Lady 603,
First Of all I love gross things and this game I love ❤️, but I got this game YESTERDAY and it keeps repeating the levels because there’s nothing else to do. And what’s the point in gems 💎 if you can’t even use them. I really wish there was a store so I could actually use them. And too many ads the levels are easy because it’s doing satisfying things and you can’t lose. But there shouldn't be an add after EVERY level. Also how can people grow MUSHROOMS 🍄 on there FEET that’s legit weird and you shouldn’t use a beard trimmer on your feet! I’m sorry to break it to you and all the the people that play this but this game is a very much so SCAM and for all the people that are reading this the game is getting payed to play ads that’s why they show so many! Thank you for reading my review and for all the people that are looking to download this game... DON’T!

P.S to the creators: maybe just maybe people would download your game if it wasn’t so terrible.
Ads,inappropriate content
oh my god so many adds! every single step you have to watch an add it is not very good. it is not 100% bad but if there weren’t any adds or at least as many adds this game would be pretty good. Also if there are going to be some of these adds KIDS SHOULD NOT PLAY THIS, I am a pretty young person to write a review and some of the adds were very inappropriate. One of the adds that came pretty frequently was this add about 2 girls at a bar one was crying because she got cheated on and the other ask the girl for a drink and they are not wearing very much clothing. At the end the girl gets DRUNK AND SPREADS HER LEGS IN FRONT OF THE OTHER GIRL also SHE IS HOLDING A VIBRATOR?! There’s and option to play with her but you can’t play the add presses to play with her and the girl takes off her clothes wearing a bra and underwear. This game has to many adds and is not appropriate for kids at least under 15.
If you like watching ads, then this game is for you.
I gave this game way more time to prove it is worth my time and energy to play. After every step taken, you are forced to watch an ad, and to gain any reward you are forced to watch an ad. The ads you are forced to watch are not short, and when the ad completes you are then to watch another shorter ad before you can continue. Essentially you end up watching ads for 95% your time playing and only get to play the actual game for the remaining 5% percent of the entirety of time you play this game. The game would actually be fun if they decreased the ad watching time to a more reasonable time frame and also space the time out with playing the game more to make watching the ads more tolerable. I ended up deleting due to the insane volume of ads required to watch in comparison to the actual time allowed to play the actual game. What a complete waste of time.
any free,
Honestly? A little disappointed.
It really feels like a pump and dump game. Like the point is for them to gain money then just let the game be forgotten. I try to not be bothered by ads because I understand that is one of the ways to turn a profit on app games but mid level is a bit much.

Second you never see half of the levels that are shown, as screenshots by the way, and the ones you do see have such annoying rates for when you do get to play them you might forget that that is one of the few things you can do in the game.

Finally the advancement system is meaningless after about the fourth one, city doctor, and there are 10 advancement levels. There is no sense of achievement or advancement in what you can do after that point. So overall I am just disappointed.
a little borijg but very fun!,
I think we can all agree on that this game has more ads then the average amount of ads for a game! The game itself is good, but the ads just ruin it all, RIGHT when your trimming hair off a foot, cleaning ears, basically the only fun part about this game. Why not put the ads somewhere else so we can actually enjoy this game more then five minutes? You guys made it almost impossible to enjoy this game. I understand that the ads get you money, and that’s fine! games can have some ads, it’s no big deal. But you guys MADE it a big deal. You don’t have “some ads” you have a hand full of ads! please fix this problem! I’ve seen other reviews and they don’t like the amount of ads either. Thanks for reading, bye!