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Build your own city as mayor!

Developer: Codebrew Games Inc.
Category: Games
Price: $2.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.0.41
ID: com.codebrewgames.pocketcity


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Build your own city as the new mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive!

No microtransactions or long wait times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay.

Pocket City re-imagines classic city building simulation gameplay for iOS devices.

Note: Landscape and portrait mode can be toggled in the settings menu during gameplay, or by tapping the icon at the top right of the start screen.

Version history

- Adjust UI to allow for Dynamic Island on iPhone 14
- Minor UI fixes
Fixes lag/performance issues on iOS 15.4+
Please update your device to iOS 15.4 when it is released to fix performance problems related to WebKit present in iOS 15.0 - iOS 15.3.

Technical details:
Pocket City uses WebGL to render graphics. iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.3 contains a bug in WebKit causing a worse performance in WebGL. Pocket City instead used a canvas renderer for iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.3, but the performance was still sub-par. iOS 15.4 fixes the WebKit performance bug, and this update reverts Pocket City to use the WebGL renderer again. With this app update and iOS 15.4, Pocket City should be back at full performance.
UI fixes for iPhone 13.
Performance improvements for iOS 15
- Minor bug fixes
- Add additional monitoring for errors
New Translations:

French / Français
German / Deutsch
Italian / Italiano
Japanese / 日本語
Korean / 한국어
Portuegese / Português Brasileiro
Russian / Pусский
Simplified Chinese / 简体中文
Spanish (Latin America) / Español
- Fix bug where loading bar may get stuck if there are too many saved cities
- Fix bug where sandbox setting for finite money would not propagate to neighbor region cities
- Slightly improve memory usage
- Fix bug where sometimes "Max Cash" may not be visible in Stats view.
- Detect backup recovery save files and prompt user to restore missing cities when available
Bug fix:
- Fix cases where save states may not save correctly
Bug fixes:

- Fix bug where a neighbor city may become a central city if the Regions view is opened from start screen
- Fix bug where certain neighbor cities could not be loaded
- Fix bug where moving Marina or Giant Duck would copy it instead
New Policies feature (unlocked at level 28)
New Regions feature (unlocked at level 40)
Sky rail improvements (allow build on top of all roads)

Minor Changes:
Show stats in metrics about public transit
Save disaster reports
Allow multi-build Shipping Docks
Don't set income to 0 when Town Hall is destroyed
- Allow purchase of multiple land properties at once
- Reduce cost of moving a building to 50% of purchase price
- Flood disaster
- New "Move" option for relocating special buildings. Tap on a building, then tap the "Move" icon in the top right.
- New building: Nuclear Power Plant
- Improved fire animations
Reduce population requirement for Hovercar Factory from 55,000 to 45,000
- Fix certain sound bugs
- Minor optimizations
- New building: Recycling Plant + Environment quest
- New building: Bank Tower
- Balance change: Land cost caps at $300,000 per lot, even in Expert
- Earn Cash from Rocket Launch
- Minor bug fixes, remove iOS spinner on loading screen
- Fix potential crash during build mode
- New achievement building: Mayor's Mansion
- New achievement building: Hovercar Factory
- Fix bug where sometimes trees don't reduce pollution
- Fix bug where discoverable chest buildings aren't available in Sandbox mode
- Fix bug where four disaster reports would be clipped by UI
- Reduce frequency of autosaves to reduce I/O
- New Ski Resort building (Leisure, Outdoor)
- Improve palm trees
- Fix bug where music would play on game open, even if music is turned off in settings
- Fix iPhone XR layout problem for power warning bar
- Fix minor iPhone XR layout problem for "Boost" button in street race event
- Add "Building Supply Co." store, reduces upkeep of nearby zones
- Add View for selectively showing one type of building at a time on the map

Balance changes:
- Reduce # of fire stations needed on hard/expert mode (for new cities)
- Balanced upkeep for zones of all sizes, .e.g. upkeep for four 1x1 buildings is the same as one 2x2 building (for new cities)

Minor bug fixes:
- Fix occasional incorrect power overload warning
- Fix incorrect food export calculation (for new cities)
- Fix bug where certain railway sections don't get rebuilt from disaster auto-rebuild
- Fix iPhone XS Max layout for power warning
This version:
- Fix bug introduced by previous update where only basic roads were selectable

Previous update:
- New terrain build options (soil, forests, palm trees)
- New random pedestrian speech bubbles (from community suggestions)
- New terrain build options (soil, forests, palm trees)
- New random pedestrian speech bubbles (from community suggestions)
- Fix crash that can occur when calculating roads on large maps
- Fix crash that can occur when rebuilding multiple times after disaster
- Other minor bug fixes
- New earthquake disaster
- Fix bug where water supply might not be calculated correctly after rebuilding from a disaster
- Fix bug where lava from volcano may prevent rebuilding fully after disaster
- Fix bug where using multi-build with animal pastures might cause a crash
- Fix XP trick where starting events on empty cities can level up the player very quickly
- Fix bug where sometimes Health stat can exceed 100%
- Improved iPhone XR screen support
- Fix bug where emergency ground vehicles may stop moving when camera is zoomed out
- Fix bug where pollution may be incorrectly calculated, affecting income

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4.7 out of 5
4 821 Ratings


As far as city building apps go, this one is the most immersive, breezy, and most worth it. It makes so much more sense to just offer a game for a few dollars that moves quickly and offers challenges (crime, city management, natural disasters). I would love to see some more types of trees (specifically palm trees/ cacti that you can build to improve environment), and just more building options (maybe themes that are unlocked by certain monuments?) Ex: If you unlock the pagoda, and build it, it would be awesome if it also unlocked a new theme of buildings (and trees, parks, etc.) (in a different tab so that you can select between different themes for different zones in the same city). It would also make it more appealing to build multiple cities with their own landscape (like a whole city in the desert; something you can’t rlly do now bc all the houses have grass). Maybe add more levels to unlock these theme packages, or even if you have to do in app purchases, for an app this great. I really really appreciate the ease of building “zones” rather than having to wait hours, days, or weeks for something to get built, and I feel like having themes would be a great way to offer options without there being too many randomizations on one type/size building. Also I love Sandbox mode, great for if you want to just mess around and see what works well. Great app. 10/10, have already recommended to friends.
Addictive and Mind-Blowing!
(PS: Read this before buying this game for some either spoilers, reviews, or suggestions for the developer.) First of all, this is an amazing game! It’s like SimCity but even better! SimCity says, “Not enough materials! Would you like to purchase to complete this action?” This game is NOTHING like that. $3.99? WORTH IT. No In-App purchases, no paying, none of that stuff. This a game where you can embark on a building game that is realistic and should be #1 on everything. Take that, SimCity! I know, SimCity is kind of good, despite all the paying and all that, but you should download this to get rid of your building worries. This is super addicting and you can even upgrade buildings to make them look even cooler! This is for the developer, if you read the essay I wrote for people that download and buy, thank you and have a great day!: Okay developer, we need to talk about the suggestions. 1. Maybe we can upgrade the upgraded even more. 2. We can make the police, fire department, and hospital cars go just a little bit faster to not make playing this game a little bit exciting? Last but not least, 3. Maybe make destroying rocks and mountains a little bit easier for non-sandbox modes? It is up to you to help and fix these suggestions and prove me and all the fans of this game share it to even more people! Sorry if I gave you PRESSURE!

~Rolly Bulletgold
The game you’ve been looking for
If you are a fan of SimCity / Cities Skylines and games like that - THIS is the mobile game you’ve been looking for to scratch that itch. This may be the first game I have ever reviewed on the App Store and there is one major thing causing me to do so: No micro-transactions. For what this game IS, you’d think it would be infested with them but for the price of this game you get a really great (and for someone who rarely gets hooked on mobile games), really satisfying city simulator. I’ve been waiting for one for a while, and the others out there can’t compare. I highly suggest this game AND supporting the developers who are making outstanding decisions.

One thing I have noticed that could be potential improvement - when building (a road specifically, but really when building anything), it would be nice if you had to double tap to confirm placement of an object / the start of drawing the road. I frequently find myself going to scroll to see where I’m going to draw my road - but end up drawing a road, and having to cancel and start again. Not an issue, I’ve developed a workflow for it - but this would be a usability boost useful for mobile in my opinion! Keep up the outstanding work 👍
Should be better - you can’t fail
Almost there in most categories, not there but almost there. High Traffic areas isn’t shown by how many cars, you have to go to the view. I can build power at one end of the map and supply power to all over. The helicopter police and fire makes it too easy. No real neighborhood ratings… if res built by indust it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t auto stop when attempting to build a street into another territory you don’t own. I really feel like it’s not a challenge to really to win… no way to fail kind of game. You stall the game if you forget to do things but don’t really fail or have to start over. I dislike the remember aspect of the game, you build a bank but if you don’t remember to upgrade then it hurts. You don’t remember to upgrade a zone and it hurts. Hate remember this and that’s. I’m getting bored of playing only after 8 hours of playtime. I feel like devs on many phone apps including this one try so hard to accommodate too wide of an age group that gameplay is vague and easy. Like everyone gets a trophy just for opening the app… rather then making good choices in the game that lead to good results. I don’t feel like I’ve had to make a single critical choice that could jeopardize gameplay or require me to start over. In the end this will probably be shelved for when my kid wants to see me play a game and waste time on the phone on a plane
A great game, easy to pick up and put down
Okay so I have waited until I got “decently far” in this game( as much as you can with a sim city style game ) and I have to say I love it. Really truly have had a blast with it. The one saving grace for me was when I found out you can purchase more than one piece of land at a time from the old man by clicking more than one.

I have been playing hard mode and this is where the game shines. If you’re looking for a casual sim city style game with updates buildings and graphics, skip easy or normal or whatever it is and go straight to hard. Your choices matter, your faults are not overly punished and you can back up and take a second look without feeling like you need to nuke your town orbit.

The sheer ease of the normal or easy mode lets you learn everything about the game before going full in which is great! I’m alittle confused about the balance of some of the qualifiers. Like having a 86% fire safety rating when you have 30 fire stations are completely leveled. But still. Great game. Great pick up and put down casual gaming on the go. What phone games should be…not a console…lookin at you Fortnite….
Fantastic app (with a few bugs left)
This is what SimCity should have been. Fantastic city builder good for a few minutes or a few hours. I like the leveling system which keeps you from getting ahead of yourself and gives you specific goals to work toward. And _NO_ IAP! Thank you so much for an honest, premium game! Lots of little touches to keep it from being a mere clone with a quirky sense of humor. There’s even a sandbox mode. Hard to believe this game comes from a one-man studio.

At launch there are still a few problems. The graphics are a bit soft as you zoom in, even at highest settings. Not so much as to be a bother, but you notice it. I’ve had two crashes but no data loss, so not a big deal. Have had an issue with power plants not plugging into the grid properly when incorporating highways into my city design (you still need normal roads, but the game doesn’t always register the connection even then.)

This dev has been actively engaged with his user base, so I feel certain these very minor bumps will get ironed out. Don’t let it worry you — this game is worth way more than the asking price. If you like city builders (and old school SimCity in particular) then you need to own this game.
Silver truck1,
The game is almost incredible
This game is super fun, it’s the best city builder out there. The only problem is that I feel like there should be more assets, like more power plant options, more special buildings, and just alternate forms of transportation. An underground subway would be awesome. Another thing is that the game starts to run slow really quickly, it would be nice if it could be more optimized, this is coming from an iPhone X user, so hardware shouldn’t be the issue (Although I noticed that once my phone heated up the game played much worse, and when I played the same, very populated city later, once my phone cooled down, performance was back to normal, I think the X might just thermal throttle). The first problem I noticed was that even with the textures set to ultra things still looked fuzzy and blurry, especially the pictures of the people when they talk for a mission. Other than more unique game elements, a need for better optimization, and blurry textures this game is fantastic and you should definitely buy it. It’s my all time favorite iOS game even given the fact that it’s 5$ and there are a few aspects which can be improved upon.
After Sim City was completely sabotaged and destroyed by EA, and the original non micro transaction version of Sim City was pulled from the mobile market, we desperately needed a classic city builder that went back to its roots. A sim that wasn’t about having to wait for cool downs, or having to pay to get building materials... we wanted a game that was about city management, rather then micro transactions. Not only is this a fantastic city building game, the design, UI, building mechanics are all well made and very well thought out. You can tell this was made from the heart of its developers. Something that EA doesn’t care about. I honestly didn’t hesitate to purchase this game when I saw the review online. I will always give my money to game studios that care about what they do and want to make a great game, designing it around fun and functionality, rather then a greedy corporation that specifically designs its game mechanicals to get the most money from you.

I have not and never will again give EA another cent of my money. Take notes EA.

I just want to thank the developers for giving gamers what they really want. We notice.
Well worth the price! It just needs more space for expansion
The developers of this game did it right. Instead of the typical cash-grab model that the "free" city-building sim games use, this game relies on the straightforward practice of charging you upfront for the game, but then they never hassle you again for money. No in-game IAPs (no paid currencies, no paid speed-up options…nothing). The game itself is really fun and they’ve tried to differentiate it from the other city-building sims. You can really play however you want, but they give you quests to work on if you want to pursue more objectives instead of working in a sandbox. No matter how you play it, I think you’ll find it to be a lot of fun.
The only thing that I find to be limiting about the game is that there isn’t a whole lot of space for expansion. I hope they give us more room to work with in future updates, but even as it is, there is enough space to build a decent-sized city. Aside from the limits to city expansion, I have found that there is plenty of content to the game. This game is well worth the price if you’re a SimCity fan.
I don’t even like city buildings - and this is amazing.
This game is straight refreshing. As the title says, I don’t even like city building games and this is probably the best iPhone game I have ever played. What the heck? I downloaded it because the reviews seemed exceptional and I instantly poured 2 hours in it. No micro transactions, I didn’t realize how FUN and FREE that makes a game feel. It’s easy to learn but you can make it as easy or complex and fast-paced as you like. I just can’t believe it. It’s like they actually made a game with quality, fun, and their customers in mind and not just profits. It’s more than worth the $4 and I will actively seek out other games by this company and happily give them my money. Thanks for making an amazing game. I can think of so many times I wish I had had this game. As for recommendations, if anything, I’d love to see different, even unlockable “aesthetics”. For example buildings/parks/monuments with different decor like Asian, European, American or other themes so you can make visually different looking cities. I hope that makes sense... I do really like how the maps are randomly generated though.

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