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Developer: Codebrew Games Inc.
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.023
ID: com.codebrewgames.pocketcity2


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Build and explore your own city in this 3D sequel to the original Pocket City! Create using roads, zones, landmarks, and special buildings. Drop your avatar into the world and roam freely. Buy your own house, host events, survive disasters, and live the life of a successful mayor!

No microtransactions or long wait times, everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay!

- Build a unique city by creating zones and new special buildings
- Explore your city by controlling your avatar directly
- Enjoy a dynamic environment with seasons and a day night cycle
- Play minigames like street racing, plane flying, and much more
- Trigger fun events like block parties, or disasters like tornadoes
- Complete quests to earn XP and money
- Customize your avatar with clothing and tools
- Become a homeowner and furnish your own house
- Visit buildings in your city to buy items and find loot
- Invest and build long-term mega projects
- Encounter and help NPCs around your city
- Spend research points to gain valuable perks
- Invite a friend to collaborate on your city in real-time
- Unlock special rewards by competing against rival towns
- Unleash your creative side in Sandbox Mode
- Play in both landscape and portrait mode

Version history

Additional residential styles
Allow ridable animals to jump
Allow player to choose desired zone size (activate in settings)
Option to select which quest types are spawned in city
Additional interface settings
Minor optimizations
Minor bug fixes
Other minor gameplay adjustments
Fix bug where some icons are not loaded
Ensure Medieval Castle castle is unlocked in Forest regional biom
Other minor fixes
Allow player to change zone building style
Allow background app audio to be played while game is active (user may need to un-pause background audio after starting game)
Allow traffic lights/bus stops to be placed under elevated rail
Various bug fixes
Memory usage optimizations
Allow NPCs to be visited from Relations screen
Expert difficulty adjustments (on new cities)
Various bug fixes
A couple new animal mounts
Fix bug where some textures did not load
Fix bug where specific commercial building could not be visited
Expert mode adjustments
Add a few new hats
New: Pause time button
Fix bug where snowplow spawn too much
Fix bug where camera may go out of bounds
Fix subway wall issue
Fix bug where vehicles spawn on walkways
Fix bug where railcars might not spawn right away
Fix bug where helicopter was slow during fast forward
Fix bug where building rotation after upgrade may be wrong
Memory and battery optimizations
Fix bug where new city cannot be started after displaying the region preview
Fix bug where special regional building might spawn on top of Town Hall
Fix bug where mountains were not spawning on terrain for different bioms
Fix bug where citizens catch on fire for too long
Fix UI bug where some devices cover top of display
Fix bug where rails weren't showing in competition cities
Show subway impact in traffic statistics
Additional tooltips
Balance adjustments for demolition and basketball minigames

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4.7 out of 5
331 Ratings


Konstantin von Stein,
One of the best sequels to an already fantastic game
Sequels so often fail to impress or improve upon their original versions. Either they overcomplicate previously enjoyable gameplay, or they don’t manage to actually deliver on any meaningful improvements. Pocket City 2 couldn’t have stuck a better balance between these two Thanos himself. While there are many great things to comment on, I won’t. I hope anyone who sees this game gives it a try and finds it as enjoying as I do. Despite my five star rating, I do have a few notes to the developer - Bobby - expert mode is no where near hard enough. After a few bank loans and about 1 week later of setting up the city ( game time ) I’m already in the multi millions. Rail stations need max limits, and free roam can be tedious. Also - how do I get my small business relation to 50? That seems to be by far the hardest thing in this game. Anyways; fantastic sequel and will continue to play for a while! 👋
Lots of bugs and glitches
Great but Lots of bugs and glitches, and not so pleasant features - traffic is too much - too much cars on the road especially the snow plowers. Ability to turn off the traffic, would be ideal, especially on different type of roads- dirt road’s especially. - the avatar can fly but sinks in the water - too many graffiti’s, this should be tied in to the crime level, the more crime level goes up more graffitis, but it’s just too much. Trying to build a city that’s pleasant -Blind spots! ability to rotate the map is needed. Ability to rotate buildings is there but not on the map(land). Blind spots! -NPC’s on destroyed roads, they emote awkwardly. It looks like they are performing push-ups on the road. -There are many NPCs, ability to turn them off. -We keep having to turn off and restart the game because of random glitches, npcs merging, road features disappear. - Request to remove the ramp that shows up on roads, it would be great if it only shows when you’re inside a vehicle. It looks bad out there. Trying to built and admire the city, and the road with the ramp(Minigame) looks bad.
Incredible but needs some fixes
First of all, I’m impressed with the amount of content. The first game was super fun, but got a little repetitive after awhile. This sequel is GREAT and definitely worth the five dollars. However, since the game is extremely new, it has some fixes that needs to be addressed. The helicopter at the fire station has a bug where it’ll continually put out a fire that doesn’t exist on the original building to set fire. When the original building breaks, the helicopter will try to put out a nonexistent fire. Another bug I experienced is whenever time is sped up, helicopters fly extra slow. Not sure if any of this is accidental or intentional (my guess is accidental) but it makes putting out fires a hassle. One last comment is when purchasing more land, it’s pretty expensive and increases in increments of $10,000 I believe? In the first pocket city it went up by $5,000. Now that’s all based off of memory, so I apologize if I’m incorrect. Otherwise, this game is very solid and I highly recommend it. Love to see it!
Just amazing!!
Works offline, City building, Leveling, Quests, go into your city as Mayor, free roam your city! mini games, have a house, pet, decorate your house, get resources by mining, wood chopping, fishing, smashing boxes with hammer, snag I mean borrow a car, vehicles have radio stations. Do mini side stuff like shooing away raccoons, finding criminals, building relation ships to get gifts. Watch disasters from a new point of view it's epic! Minor sadness, can't ride any of the rides or rides in the amusement park dude that was pricy & I can't interact at all there .. The house is one room no matter which size house u buy.. Houses don't look very different no matter where u stick em. Do wish for more variety of building stuffs but otherwise this is a 5$ 5 star game & hope to see new content maybe in the future.
So much better than Pocket City but one thing
first I have to say I loved pocket city the first one it was great I thought it was worth the money and this is just an elevated version of that one of the best city builder games in the App Store. I only have a few issues with it and I say this with Grace just because I understand loading all of this might take a lot and after a few bug fixes it’ll be up and running in a few months. But in the last game when you interacted with the citizens or interrupted a crime you could clearly see where the crime is but it is difficult to find it in this version if that makes sense. Also after playing this game for about 45 minutes I’ve had to restart it at least a few times so I do think it’s worth the money if it gets updated a few more times overall great job.
Best city builder on iOS ever
I was a huge fan of the first Pocket City and when I saw Pocket City 2 came out, it was an immediate no-hesitation purchase for me.

If you’ve played the first, it’s the same core gameplay but expanded upon, big time. It’s 3D, the city can be directly interacted with by your player character, the research tree is shockingly complex but cohesive, there’s lots of events, minigames and whatnot, there’s even some “life sim” sprinkled in with the ability to buy and furnish a house, build relationships with characters in exchange for unlockables, etc. You can explore the entire city personally, engage in random encounters, enter any building, you can buy from a kid’s lemonade stand to gain temporary perks. Overall the game just feels very well put together and thought-out.
Don’t miss out on this classic
This game is in depth and wildly addictive. I have played games for over 30 years and I have never liked a single mobile game I have played. In a world of microtransactions and paywalls this game is truly a breath of fresh air. Everything is unlocked via gameplay in an ode to the golden era of gaming. I have played hours already and have just scratched the surface of all the content available. I give many thanks to the developer for this gem of a game and I have already got my money’s worth and would have paid more now that I know how good it truly is. If you like sim builders, don’t hesitate in buying this game and supporting a developer that clearly understand what made games so great in the past.
The series I’ve been waiting for!
As a continuation of the series this game is going to be great yet again! Already having so much fun with 0 ads. This game is obviously still in the works, so there are some bugs like when you leave buildings sometimes you get stuck, and the camera is a little annoying to rotate sometimes. However, the gameplay, system, and little bonus items you get in free roam are so much fun. 1st person driving is something I didn’t expect either! I’d recommend investing in this game and watch it just get even better over time :)
Fun But Lacks Challenge
This is certainly one of the best city builders on iOS. The first few hours are great fun - good graphics, smooth gameplay, easy to use UI - but then you realize there isn’t much challenge to the game. It’s absurdly easy to make money, the location of your zones doesn’t have much effect (residential zones don’t have a penalty for being near industry), bad traffic doesn’t have consequences, etc. Increasing the difficulty only increases the time between unlocks, not the difficulty in city management.

The free roam and mini games are great features, but don’t make up for the game’s lack of challenge as a city builder. Pickup on sale for a few hours of fun, but don’t expect anything close to a SimCity 4 level of city simulation.
I am a BIG fan of pocket city one….pocket city is cool and fun. But there is one problem. I play using iPhone 12- latest iOS version.. when the game is really busy . Lots going on lots of graphics to display—- the game starts to get jumpy and then either completely freezes where I have to close app and start it again or it crashes.. but after you start it again it’s good to go. Sometimes gets jumpy ….. but other wise cool . Hope this issue will be fixed .. otherwise worth getting it after update the game still get jumpy then suddenly crashes

UPDATE——- the game still crashes. When there’s to much going on it crashes

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