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Version: 10.0.6
ID: com.gma.water.sort.puzzle


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Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain!

• Tap any glass to pour water to another glass.
• The rule is that you can only pour the water if it is linked to the same color and there’re enough space on the glass.
• Try not to get stuck - but don’t worry, you can always restart the level at any time.

• One finger control.
• Multiple unique level
• NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Water Sort Puzzle at your own pace!

Version history

+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(No Ads Pack)
CB747993556✱✱✱✱✱ 7E2142E✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
323.4K Ratings


It’s ok to -Edit: Even Better!
Edit: If you can wait and get past the hump of feeling like you are doing the same thing on repeat it gets more challenging. But what really makes me love this app is the customer service! I was at level 340 and my game was reset to level 1. I realize there are bigger devastations in this world but I lost the heart to start this game over. I emailed the company to see if they could help restore my game and I had a quick response from an actual human that was able to help me! I honestly didn’t expect anything but had hoped they could and they were able to. Even if they couldn’t help, the fact that I messaged with a human was nice and it felt like they care about what they do and the people who love their games. I’m very happy!

I like it and I definitely enjoy playing it but after 257 levels I have been waiting for more rows. When will it get more difficult? At this point I feel like I’ve played the same puzzle over and over again. The ad that brought me in was 4 or 5 rows of bottles and I want to have that. There aren’t many ads which is very nice but if you want to restart a game they play one (understandably so) but it does get frustrating bc it can throw off your groove. I’m going to push on until 300 and if a third row isn’t added then I’m probably going to cut sling load with this one, not enough space on my phone to have the groundhogs day experience.
Fun puzzles
This game is super fun and relaxing. I honestly don’t have a lot of problems with this game which is unlikely for me. First I want to talk about the great things about this game. The game is a challenging game and super fun and brain-stimulating. I could play this game for hours on end because all the puzzles i have played so far(I’m on level 12) have been different and challenging. The game mechanics are great and I don’t have a lot of problems with it. Now that being said, sometimes it’s glitchy. Now this is only sometimes but I will click on the beaker on it won’t move. Like the screen is frozen. The screen will then turn black and exit me out of the game. I have to restart the game and enter again. Thankfully the game works fine after that or it would not still be on my phone.
The other problem i have is the ads. The political ads need to stop. And considering it takes me less than 2 minutes to figure out a puzzle, i should not be shown ads after every puzzle. I understand you need to make money, but the ads should not be that frequent. Also I think you should add new game modes, like time rush or something like that where you have a certain amount of time to finish the puzzle.

Overall this is a great game and you should try it if you like puzzle games and things.
Chase Biersack,
Whoever made level 933 is a sadist.
As i said in the title, whoever made level 933 is a sadist. However, i still love this game.
Are there ads? Sure. But i have patience so just dont make it more than one ad after resetting and moving on and it’s all good. If you still cant handle the ads, try to learn the patience this game offers by watching them until you skip. Bam, you learn another skill from this game.
If you have trouble with the game, i have three main tips. #1 - sometimes sorting one color at a time can start showing how to solve the level (try not to always grab the colors at the top at the same time,even if they’re the same color) #2 - if you’re stuck come back later to the game. I often find after resting my brain, i can solve things easier partly because it’s starting to recognize patterns, remember past attempts, etc. #3 - try to imagine the next few attempts of moving certain colors before actually moving them ( this can help you avoid making wrong moves, help avoid the back button and of course everyone’s favorite… AVOIDING ADS)

Happy Brainy Gaming✨ also thanks for creating a game simple yet genuinely helpful ✨
Love this game, but I’ve had a few recent glitches
I absolutely love this game. I love that it’s just straight forward. There’s no daily login, no other game modes. You just do the puzzle and move onto the next. Simple and fun.
However, recently I’ve had a few glitches. The first being my undo button. When you want to backtrack to undo a move you get five free undos before you have to watch an ad. It’s a little annoying because I paid the $2.99 to have ads removed, but it’s not mandatory to use the undo button, so I’m not necessarily complaining about that. My problem is sometimes it glitches and even after watching the ad it doesn’t reset your undo button. It gets stuck in a loop and you could watch three or four ads with no reward.
Secondly, sometimes one of the colors will not have all four blocks it needs to complete the puzzle. It’s happened to me twice now where I’ll complete the puzzle and I’ll only have two dark blue blocks, so I can’t complete the puzzle and have to completely start over. I’m currently on level 299, and the puzzles this far in are much more challenging. It’s so disheartening to get a hard puzzle finished only to have to restart it because the colors are missing from their bottles and you’re stuck.
Apprentice investigator,
Silent meditation
I love this app. I use it most when I’m anxious. It occupies my brain enough that I don’t ruminate on negative thoughts. Its like a silent meditation that calms me down. It’s satisfying to finish a puzzle. I paid to remove the ads, but I somewhat frequently choose to watch an ad to get an extra vial. This happens especially when frustration is ramping me up and I need to get to the “awesome” screen without re-doing the whole puzzle. I love that I can start over to try a different approach without penalty. I love that there’s no competition to get to a higher level or beat someone else’s score.

I would love to see a toggle for colorblind use. I’m not colorblind but my eyes are getting older so when I have the game open on the dimmest light setting on my phone I can’t tell the difference between the colors. Just turn up the light? Well, I often turn to this game in bed when my brain won’t shut off but I don’t want to wake my partner.

It might also be interesting to see my playing habits in a graph that shows my heart rate. I don’t know if other people react to this game like I do, though.
Fun but absolutely kills battery
I do agree this game is fun and relaxing and it is very easy to just play kind of passively/while not giving it your full attention. I do have a couple complaints though. The first is that there are a lot of ads and some of them are too long. I get the need for ads and I don’t really have a problem with them here or there, but these occur pretty often. What’s more annoying is that some of them are ridiculously long — I’m talking 45 seconds to a minute. These don’t occur often but it happens enough and is pretty annoying when they do. The bigger problem I have with the game though is that it absolutely destroys my battery. This might just be because I’m using an older iPhone (iPhone 8), but I was playing the game for about 5-10 minutes with no other apps open and my phone went from 94% to 76%. Even with a phone that is somewhat old that is ridiculous, and it has pretty much made me get to the point where I can only play the game when I have a charger nearby. Again, this is not to say I don’t like the game itself because it is really fun and easy to play for extended periods of time, but these setbacks do make it difficult to play when I want to.
Really great game!
I downloaded this game a couple weeks ago and I’m almost to level 900! It’s very fun to play and I feel like each level is a new challenge and it doesn’t seem too repetitive, which I really love. I also like the option to add a new tube by watching an ad which has been really helpful! However I have noticed one thing that gets a little annoying and that would be the speed of which the liquid pours into the tube. It seems quite slow for me and I wish there was a way in the settings to speed up the pouring. I have also noticed that some of the green and light blue colors are very similar and can sometimes be confusing, and I think it would make this game unplayable for those who are colorblind. I think it would be really cool to add in some type of a coin system where you get like 5 coins for each level you pass and then you can unlock new colors or patterns to help differentiate which one is which. I overall really love this game but I just wish those previously stated items were included within this game to make it even more enjoyable. Overall it is a great game!
great app BUT…
I have to say water sort is such an amazing game, I find myself playing all day everyday. whether i’m in the car, home, or outside. I love every level it keeps getting harder and harder. I love everything about this game BUT there is one thing that I despise about it, and that is the ADS I hate ADS and I play a lot, meaning a lot of ADS which is like I said something I really don’t like and i’m sure anyone else who has as many ADS that pop up for me would HATE this game. So please fix the AD problem. whenever i restart the level an AD pops up and if they want to put an AD in order to restart the level they should put a mini icon on the button, but it’s not just then when an AD pops up, it’s also between every level and the other, and if you decide you wanna restart the level another AD comes up. and they are not short ADS they are about 40 seconds long. All i am saying is when you come to download the app be aware of how many ADS you will get. and for the creators of this app i hope they could fix this problem. and i’m sure that many other people are facing this problem so PLEASE be aware, and until the creators fix the app please be careful (also i am on level 44)
Great game but I have suggestions
I love this game and play it a lot, but there are a few annoyances/suggestions. One annoyance is it drains my battery quickly. A suggestion I have is to give the player 15 coins per beaten level, because currently, as of writing this review, you can only get coins by watching ads which brings me to annoyance two. This annoyance is that the ads don’t work for me, they used to. I’ve completely closed the app twice and restarted my phone. Because of this I cannot earn coins and can’t buy new backgrounds or bottles. The last annoyance I have is there are not as many bottles as there are in the ads.
On the positive side, this is an entertaining game I could play for hours. The background and bottles you start with aren’t bad and the levels are too repetitive. This is because there are more bottles added every so often, but from my experience and according to other reviews, it never excedes two rows. Every once and a while there are levels where you only see the color closet to the top, unless you have poured a color over a previous reveled color. There are also daily levels that are challenging. Thanks for reading this far!
The game would be fun, if it was playable
The game itself is enjoyable; the levels are relaxing and tend to be a good level of challenge. Ads are fairly frequent, but not enough to be a problem. The real issue with this game is that it is quite literally unplayable.
I made it to level 28 with no problems, but as soon as I hit 29 things went downhill. Every few times I’d try to shift a color from one phial to another, the game would freeze for anywhere from 5-30 seconds before resuming. By level 32, it was every other transfer, and the game would sometimes crash and close itself, losing all progress on the level. I was on 33 when I gave up and deleted the app after a solid 10-15 attempts to play the level, each of which was cut short by a crash.
Did I mention the overheating? I am using an IPhone 10, which is a few years old but hasn’t caused any problems with any other app. This one caused it to get painfully hot within three minutes of use at a maximum. Hot to the extent that my IPhone once shut itself down because the temperature was too high, a feature I genuinely didn’t know they had. I would have deleted this game a long time ago, but the gameplay (when you can actually play it) is enjoyable.
So, yeah. 4/5 for gameplay, but 0/5 stars for crashing while turning my phone into a ball of plasma.