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Fun and challenging puzzle

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Price: Free
Version: 19.0.3
ID: com.gma.water.connect.puzzle


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By changing the direction of water on the ground, you connect water and trees. A level is completed when all the trees are watered. Pay attention to the color of the trees and the color of the water.
• Tap to rotate the ground.
• Find a way to connect the colored water sources to the suitable trees.
• Provide all the trees with their colored water to save them.

• No time limits.
• One finger control.
• Multiple unique levels
• NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy this game at your own pace!

Version history

+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
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GJ631144612✱✱✱✱✱ D1C45D1✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
43.2K Ratings


Joyful Customer :D,
Great game! It’s tons of fun! Only one issue.
I have been thoroughly enjoying Water Connect Puzzle and I think it is a splendid way to pass the time or cure boredom. I especially love the levels where you blend primary colors to make secondary colors, and I appreciate that the ads are very manageable with some tolerance built up. This game is exactly what is shown in its ads, and I admire that it’s not a pay-to-win type of game. You can get all the backgrounds and styles without having to blow all of your money, you just have to play the game. I’m already past level 100, and I’m still having lots of fun. My only complaint is about the hint system. I don’t mind that you have to watch an add to get a hint, but it bothers me that the tiles that it shows the correct rotation for only have the light around them for a few seconds. I often forget what tiles were corrected, so I would like it if the light ring would stay around them until you beat the level. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this game 9/10!
All the nicknames I wanted are taken,
Pretty good, needs a little work
I love these types of games, but all too often they’re just level after level of simple puzzles, with no real challenge. This is a surprising exception. The levels do get progressively more difficult, and many of them require some real thought and consideration to solve.

Where it needs work: Sadly, the game does drain my battery quickly; I only play more than 1 or 2 levels if I’m charging my phone; it also seems to overheat my phone . If this proves to be a long-term problem, I may decide to ditch the game, but I hope not.

I’ve seen other reviews mention having to watch a full ad after every level, but I’m not experiencing that. An ad after every level, yes, but all of them have a close option after 5 seconds or so. BUT some of the ads do “glitch” when you try to close them; it shows the x to close, but when I tap it, it takes me to the download page, sometimes several times in a row on the same ad. I realize this is not a problem with the game, but with the ad itself. And it’s maybe one ad in 20 that does this. All in all, worth the download at least.
Finally a great chill game,
At level 40 and enjoying it
I tend to download and delete lots of games. I stopped playing Gems of War recently and I’ve tried a lot of games to fill some time.

Some games are too easy and I spend as much time watching ads as I do playing. Some games you’re just hoping for the right next piece so you can beat your previous score or time, but you never really feel like you progress. It’s gets boring fast. Still others you progress through until you start reaching levels that feel nearly impossible to beat. And many of these games have the same RNG issues that make other games boring forcing you to play the same level many times.

So far, Water Connect doesn’t have any of those problems. Many of the first 40 levels have been easy, but some have been challenging. More importantly it keeps my interest because each level has been a little different and the only way you can fail a level is to give up.
Advertises accurately
Wanted to leave a review because this is one of the few games out there that actually advertises the actual game you play. Unlike Homescapes, Fishdom, and a million other apps on the market that advertise one thing and then the game itself is COMPLETELY different (and ends up costing quite a bit of money just for it to be even possible to continue), THIS game is actually exactly how it shows in the ads. Super refreshing due to that fact alone, however, I’ve also very much enjoyed the app itself. True puzzle. Each level is different and increases with difficulty gradually. Despite the fact there’s ads, as in any app nowadays, there’s only one after each level (with options to watch additional ads for hints), this does game does not require in-app purchases to progress. Very much enjoying my experience thus far.
My perfect game
No time limits. No penalties. Just me and the puzzle. And twice so far in 132 puzzles I had to start over because I left one unconnected and couldn’t fix it. Second time - Aha! I LOVE THIS GAME. Me and my brain. Nothing random thrown at me. No stupid side tracks. No annoying interrupts. Just figure it out. I love it. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I’m 70. Been looking for this since I got my first iPhone. And you don’t bug me to buy crap to help me. God bless you. Now. One issue. I’m watching the wheel of death for my 16th hour. I finished a level and it’s stuck trying to go to an ad. I think my only option is to delete and reinstall which means losing all my data and starting from puzzle one. Happens in every single game app I’ve ever played. This is the first time I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to lose my data. I WORK at this game! Any options?
Nice fun game
Saw this as an ad in a different game and decided to give it a go. Instantly got hooked as I very much like puzzle games. Some levels are easy and some are a little tougher. Definitely a nice change of pace and a quick go to as a break from other work or gaming.

Couple suggestions:

1. I would pay for this app if it meant I didn’t have to watch an ad after every level. I understand that’s how free games work, but give me an option for an ad-free experience and I am positive I wouldn’t be the only one to hop aboard.

2. I have seen other reviews suggesting a screen where you can see the levels you’ve already beaten and possibly go back and play them again. This would obviously only make sense if there were a three star (or however many you want) rating system for each level you beat. Then you could go back and see if you can beat your old high score.

3. If you really wanted to expand the game, you could have a level creator where users could make their own puzzles and submit for others to play. This might be something you could only do in a paid version of the app, but might be fun and entice a few more users to download the app.

Overall, glad I found this game and am really enjoying it. Thanks!
Love this game, but Level 230+ Needs Somehing More
I have never reviewed a game, but this one I just had too. The color blending levels really resonate with my visual creativity. I love this game, it’s been a week and I find myself on level 230 something. It’s peaceful and not impossible to figure out. No stressful timers and demands interrupting your zen. I would like to see this game progress to buying away the ads for a single fee, and more levels with multi colored options because they are the most intriguing and difficult. I have yet to find another game that uses primary colors to create secondary colors that are incorporated into the puzzle. However, there are more colors that could be utilized. A general “how to play” would be helpful, with a main menu showing what level you are on (easy, medium, hard, expert) and how many levels are left. Right now, I feel like I am simply rotating through previous levels and I have no idea if it will ever end.
I love it, so fun and satisfying!
Not only is it satisfying to connect pipes and get the water flowing, the addition/extra puzzle of a little color mixing is what puts this game above other similar apps! I’ve wasted quite a bit of time on this app, and I dread the day I’ll run out of levels.

The only reason I can’t give it the full five stars is because the app bugs out and crashes pretty regularly. I can usually only go three, maybe four levels (while my phone is charging I’m lucky if it can handle two) before having to restart the app myself, or having it crash and restart itself. That and all the dang ads, but it seems hard to find apps without ‘em these days. I still love the game enough to look past this however!

If devs happen to read this, I know it’s just a little thing, but I’d love it if background music and sound effects were two different options to turn on and off. The music and bird sounds get old mighty fast so I prefer those off, but I still like the little swishy sounds as you rotate squares and the water sfx.

I’d also love to see more complicated color mixing levels, maybe some with tertiary mixing thrown in (like purple and red makes pink, or blue and green make aqua, etc). Just a thought to spice it up a bit as we hit the higher levels! Love the game 🥰
Almost perfect
I tend to cycle through apps like these really quickly before getting bored, but I’ve been hooked on this one for over a week. Whoever I close my eyes, all I see are networks of rivers and junctions, like when you play Tetris for too long.

The idea is simple but still challenging, and I don’t think I’ve gotten the same puzzle twice in over 250 levels so far.

There are a few things keeping this from a perfect score though. I wish there was a “remove ads” option, even if it costs a buck or two. I’d also like to see an undo button. When you use a hint, once the squares are turned where they should be, it would be great if they would lock into place so you can’t accidentally mess it up and waste another hint trying to put it back. Those are really my only gripes with it, I’m low key addicted to this otherwise.
It was going great…
I’m above level 1268 because this game is so calming and peaceful. Enough challenge to require some thought, with elements that are routine enough to be meditative. And when every plant is connected, and you turn the fountains so that the water flows, it’s beautiful and satisfying. I find it mesmerizing.

So why 4 stars? At level 1258 and 1268 the manner of play is so different that if it becomes the norm I’ll probably quit. The pipes are invisible until water flows into them. And the game play is completely different and the rewarding feeling of watching the water flow to all the plants at the end is lost. For me the essential zen feeling is gone in that mode.

Minor thing… sometimes the game is “won” before the water actually flows to all the plants; that’s been true for a lot of levels. It’s less satisfying, but okay.