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A challenging puzzle game!

Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 15.0.3
ID: com.gma.water.connect.flow


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Water Connect Flow is an exciting puzzle game to train your brain and keep your mood fresh.

Solve puzzles to improve your logical thinking skills with this extremely addicting puzzle game!

• Tap to rotate the water pipes to make a working pipeline
• Provide all the trees with their water to save them.

• One finger control.
• NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy this game at your own pace!

Version history

+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.
+ Bug fixes and improvements.
+ New levels updated.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
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HD092819472✱✱✱✱✱ EC4C688✱✱✱✱✱

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4.3 out of 5
2 920 Ratings


Let us see the completed puzzle!
This game is lovely and beautiful but once you finish each puzzle, it immediately gets covered up so you can’t see it! I’ve played many games like this and the graphics of this one are the best I’ve seen yet, so don’t ruin that by taking away the satisfying moment of just seeing the pretty colored water flow from start to finish. That’s the whole pleasure of games like these! Please it’s a small change that would make it so much better. The game is not relaxing or pleasant if you’re just being rushed through.
More ads than gameplay
This app used to be so good, it was fun there were minimal ads, and it the puzzles were all challenging enough to have fun. I don’t know why the developers decided to ruin it but it’s now significantly worse than when I used to play it. I say used to because it took me roughly 30 seconds to progress through 2 levels when it used to take me a couple minutes. There are way too many ads and while it would be fine to have a couple ads here and there, when it gets to the point that it’s more ads than actual gameplay it just gets boring. This game used to be a hidden gem, but it’s now been ruined and I not only don’t recommend it, but I also don’t even recognize it anymore.
No way to remove ads
Love this game. Simple to understand, but challenging enough to keep you entertained. However, developers, i just started playing and got so put off by the ads that i deleted it after about 30 minutes. i understand that ads help pay for a “free” game, but when you have a game as fun as this one is, you would bank a lot more by offering a “no ads” purchase option. I’d be glad to pay $2 or $3 to play without ads, and i see from the reviews that a boatload of other people would too. But when you’re pushing a ridiculous amount of ads on people just so they can play the game for “free”, folks are just gonna walk away and not play the game at all. Please, PLEASE, add a “no ads” purchase option.
Baby Yoda Fan 18,
Great app, and great Game!
This game is a very good game, and this is why you should get it. First, you don’t have to pay to download it. The only thing it wants you to buy is no ads, but if you don't want t get it, that’s fine. It has challenging puzzles and requires internet or no internet. Remember how it offers you no ads? Well, here’s the trick: if you turn your Wi-Fi off, NO ADS! You can get coins and you can play it back to back many times, without no ads. Well, at least that is what mine does but, app is the BOMB! Try it now!
Great game
I’ve been playing for a little while now. I noticed the style of some levels has changed but I don’t really mind, I like both.
I have noticed my level number is really acting weird lately though. I’m around level 1850 and it is now skipping numbers. I know it’s just a number, but it’s just weird behavior I wasn’t expecting to see. Hopefully I don’t run out of levels soon.
It’s okay. It’s a simple game that progressively gets more challenging and it does it well. However the levels advertised don’t exist. It’s mostly those pipe Connect games and the cool looking bridges don’t appear until like every 10 levels or so and at a certain those levels literally get repeated. Could be better but it’s mid. Also for the people complaining about the ads simply close and open the game after each level or turn on airplane mode it really isn’t necessary to add a no ads purchase and ware money with simple methods like these.
Great game
There are no ads in the game except when you finish. That is great. The game makes you think which is great! I love it. Best game I’ve ever played. I give it 5 stars but post 1 star so people that look at the one stars will realize this game is good! As one star people are either stupid or untalented. Shoot, I’m giving it 5 stars anyway! Let them figure it out.
green bart dart,
It gets two stars for being challenging I will admit you don’t see that in every game or any. The thing is though this game has WAY too many adds for no reason. You get coins after finishing a challenge but there isn’t a point. They just give you coins for no reason at all it’s kinda annoying in a way. They do allow you hints but you have to watch an add. If you’re the person who made this game. I have an idea for you have the coins let you buy hints. That could make the game better.
Great game but broken now
I was loving this game. Now I have to replay older levels because once I hit level 465 it breaks. The tiles only turn 45 degrees and there is no starting point for the water on the screen.
Also when I try to replay levels it works great till the game has to restart and then I drops me back to level 465 and I have to restart a few times before I can get to home page and randomly pick a previous level.
Best app game!
I don’t leave reviews often and this game never even bothered me to leave one. I find this to be the most enjoyable game on he app market, its relaxing and doesn’t level you out in difficulty it goes back and forth from very difficult to rather easy which gives you hours of play! Well done mates !