2248 - Number Puzzle Game Cheats

2248 - Number Puzzle Game Hack 3.1.6 + Redeem Codes

Match Merge 2048 Numbers Game

Developer: Inspired Square FZE
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 3.1.6
ID: com.inspiredsquare.jupiter


Game screenshot 2248 - Number Puzzle Game mod apkGame screenshot 2248 - Number Puzzle Game apkGame screenshot 2248 - Number Puzzle Game hack


2248 Puzzle Game: Minimalistic & Elegantly designed Game which lets you think out of the box and sharpen your mind.

The goal is to connect the same numbered blocks so they merge into higher numbers.

You get to enjoy this amazing new puzzle game while improving your memory, concentration levels and reflexes at the same time.

Once you start playing it, you will absolutely get addicted to this puzzle game.

- Slide the same numbers in any of the eight directions (up, down, left, right or diagonally) to merge them.
- Get higher numbers when you merge multiple same numbers together.
- Keep merging numbers to get the highest number possible.

Game Features
- Minimalistic & Elegantly designed Game.
- Smooth & simple controls.
- Easy to learn and play
- Automatic save game
- Global Leaderboards
- No time limits.




Send us your suggestions and feedback as we are always looking to add new levels and features!



The more you play, more fun it becomes and you just cannot stop playing it. Try it today enjoy this simple yet addictive puzzle game.
So what are you waiting for? Download 2248 Puzzle for Free and PLAY Now!


Version history

- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
Minor bug fixes.
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements
- New Blocks Added
- UI Improvements
- New Blocks Added
- UI Improvements
- UI Improvements

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Pouch of Diamonds
(Use Diamonds to purchase power ups in game)
HI097910464✱✱✱✱✱ 124E5A6✱✱✱✱✱
Handful of Diamonds
(Use Diamonds to purchase power ups in game)
HI396024430✱✱✱✱✱ 61C8118✱✱✱✱✱
Ad Free
(The Game can be played without Ads.)
HI312653286✱✱✱✱✱ 24AFBAA✱✱✱✱✱
Stash of Diamonds
(Use Diamonds to purchase power ups in game)
HI664655713✱✱✱✱✱ D27D3CB✱✱✱✱✱
Bucket of Diamonds
(Use Diamonds to purchase power ups in game)
HI477707893✱✱✱✱✱ B055D36✱✱✱✱✱
Bank of Diamonds
(Use Diamonds to purchase power ups in game)
HI496475337✱✱✱✱✱ C8DC7CA✱✱✱✱✱
Vault of Diamonds
(Use Diamonds to purchase power ups in game)
HI013597430✱✱✱✱✱ 10E2B45✱✱✱✱✱
Mountain of Diamonds
(Use Diamonds to purchase power ups in game)
HI311737303✱✱✱✱✱ 3D2666E✱✱✱✱✱

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4.9 out of 5
130.7K Ratings


Awesome game
This is the first game review I’ve ever written and I’ve tried a lot of games. I love this game so much because there is no reason to ever spend a penny. You earn enough gems for each accomplishment in the game so that if you ever run out of moves and need to spend some gems to break a block and continue your game, you will already have enough saved up and won’t need to purchase any. Also, I assumed that when you run out of moves you need to start your game over again but I’ve had this game for close to 2 months, I play daily, and I’m STILL on the 1st game I ever started. It’s that fun and that easy and I’ve never had to spend a cent of my own money to play it. I have only run out of moves once and used around 1500 gems to keep my game going. By watching adds you can multiply your reward up to 5x, which I usually do. Because of that I have around 200,000 gems saved and ready to use when I need them. Easy, stress free, enjoyable and so worth it compared to many other games out there. This game is endless and you are not constantly spending money, running out of lives or getting pop ups. Absolutely love it and can’t wait to see how high my number can go!
Added not: I did pay to remove ads so now I only watch the ones I choose to, to earn additional gems. Totally worth the little extra to have ads only when I want them. Thank you!
The Bint,
I really like it, but it goes stale quickly
The game is pretty exciting at first, but it eventually becomes fairly routine. The mechanics of the game don’t change much & the only “bonus” move you can do is swapping any 2 tiles, which eventually gets way too expensive & since the game doesn’t change in any meaningful way, why bother progressing other than the mundane sake of progressing in a fairly predictable, linear fashion?

I think it would be cool if after a certain point you unlock new bonus moves, like make all blocks of a certain number disappear from the board in that instant. And pick a block to blow it up & the 8 other blocks around it! That would add a bit more variety to the game play.
The Ads Take This Game from a 5 to a ZERO
This is by far my favorite game out of all of the games that I have ever downloaded. Unfortunately the developers chose to have about 120 seconds of the ADS for every 60 seconds that you play. The ads in this game are so annoying that as bad as I wanted to continue playing it I had to delete the app. There are so many ads that it actually increased my anxiety instead ofAllowing me to enjoy the strategy of making great moves or feeling a sense of accomplishment as I increase the numbers. To be fair, there is an option to pay - and you can have the ads removed. But there are similar games that have WAY WAY LESS ADS and you can play those for free. If a million of us pay $4.99 to play with no ads, we’ve just made someone $4.9M. 😳😳😳 I feel like I’m being forced to pay for ad removal. Nope, I’ll just play the free game which is quite similar and has only a few ads. This game doesn’t wait until you complete a board or advance to the next level, the ads just interrupt you in the middle of the game, throwing your momentum way off. I won’t be playing this game again unless I find out that they have decreased the number of ads and the way that they just pop up in the middle if your play. So I’ll have to rate this one a lukewarm 2. Please address this. You just messed up a really good thing with all of those annoying ads!!!!!!!!!!!
Gets very expensive very quickly.
A really nice game and has some strategy. But, you quickly reach a point where you must pay to progress. I understand that it costs money to make the game, but the amount you have to spend adds up fast. Also, the game is very much the same the higher you go. There are no real bonuses for achieving higher levels except that certain value blocks are removed. All you do is progress to higher value pieces just for the sake of getting higher value pieces. I’m really not into buying bragging rights, such that they are. I’d keep playing if there was a way to earn more diamonds and progress by skill rather than be dunned to buy more diamonds or lose all your progress. Seems a bit greedy to me.

UPDATE: In response to the devs: I’ve already bought the game. I shouldn’t be subjected to more ads. Besides, if I must use an ad to move forward, I never actually watch the ads. I just set my device down. I never buy an app because of an ad (do you hear that advertisers?).
unhappy screwed customer,
Should be negative, I0
I made it this time all the way to 39 or 49 F and was about to double that. Playing the free version, watching countless ads to get free points and actually was going to compliment the game that not ever single ad is another fake game but I ran out of moves and was in the process of watching boring ads from a minute to a few seconds and my game is wiped out. I only needed to watch one more ad to be able to swap 2 numbers and I have done that several times and continuously played for hours or days once I’ve done that. It’s not like I’m getting paid anything to watch there ads Anyway this is the 3rd and final time that I’ve been up in the ratings, points whatever and open the app and it’s all gone again. There are numerous ways to improve this game but I’m not suggesting them to this developer I’ll find one that will respond to there customer’s complaints and issues. This is my 2nd time reporting same issue-DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OKN THIS ONE👹👺 and I have a screen shot with my cummative points to prove but of course can’t post it here
This game is great but glitches
One day I was playing the game and I was at a pretty high number and an offer came up for it to be a bigger number but I canceled that offer because I didn’t want it but it didn’t work I kept tapping and tapping and tapping but still it never went away so I ended up double clicking and swiping the game away I’m going back in and when I went back in the number was smaller so I had toDo all that work again and when I finally got back to that number or the bigger numbers the offer came up again and I canceled it the same thing happened again it didn’t work so I kept tapping and tapping and tapping but it did not work so I ended up double cooking and doing all that again and swiping it away going back into the game and the number wise can you guess smaller so that’s why I think the game is great but glitches
Fun Distraction + Thinking
The game is fun (to me.) I get sucked in and find myself playing for longer than intended because I just want to unlock the next (and then the next) block. You can be as strategic as desired, or find your way through the puzzle without too much thinking, however you like. I enjoy that this game unlike other 2048 games doesn’t end once your blocks are stacked at the top, it keeps the challenge going. The only things I don’t like are sometimes when you match a certain amount of blocks, it doesn’t add up once you’ve gotten so high, you have to add on like one or two more blocks for it to rank up the “consecutive” count. Also too many adds in the middle of gameplay which seem misplaced but they give you diamonds each break so I guess that’s the trade.
App Crashes and Resets Progress
This is one of my all time favorite games. It is one of the few free apps where you can progress easily without watching hundreds of ads. However, once you reach the higher levels, like numbers with an “x” at the end, it locks up during a video ad and if you close out, it resets all your progress when you go back to it. The number of blue diamonds does not reset, just your progress in the puzzle. This has happened 4 times to me so far. Also, when you reach a new level tile, it often times takes a few more moves before you get the rewards from that new tile. This could cause you to be out of mixed before getting your reward. I will continue playing, but it should not reset at random.
WARNING!! Ad Free Version Is NOT Ad Free!!
I enjoy the game, but after paying for the ad free version , I discovered it is not ad free! FALSE ADVERTISING!! APPLE SHOULD CRACK DOWN ON SUPPOSED “AD FREE” APPS THAT ARE INACCURATELY PROMOTED ON THE APP STORE!! Pay for the ad free version & you’ll quickly find that to accumulate sufficient points to use the swap & smash features (more than rarely) requires viewing multiple ads just to use once! You also will have to watch an ad each time you receive a new high scoring block… no option to skip in the “ad free” version!! This is a SCAM!!! to advertise an ad free version for a charge which turns out to be NOT AD FREE!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! I grow increasingly frustrated with games on the App Store!! I find myself not keeping any very long because of INCESSANT, DISRUPTIVE ADS & IT ONLY GETS WORSE… AS DO THE ADS THEMSELVES! I REFUSE TO WASTE MY TIME!! I don’t mind paying for an occasional game app, but I won’t stick with it if it creates more frustration than fun, which is increasingly the norm. IS ANYBODY LISTENING?!?!
Frustration delivery like you’ve never experienced!
Having reached level “n” I was suddenly booted from the game and told there were “no more moves”, but not given an opportunity to see for myself. Nope, I was offered the option to trade diamonds for either the hammer to slam some off the board or swap two tiles but I hadn’t enough diamonds to purchase either option, so I opted to view a video to collect more diamonds. At conclusion of the video the game started again from the very beginning instead of returning me to my game, one I’d spent days to achieve the level “n”.

It is no fun at all starting over once you’ve achieved the equivalent of 14 levels … especially when the various options didn’t deliver the results promised. As obsessed as I was with the game, starting over at the beginning is not at all motivating, much less of any interest.

Don’t waste your time trying to get somewhere in this game when it’ll get snatched from you without notice or anything other than purchasing (for $$) the ability to stay at that level.

It’s truly frustrating in the extreme and rather bait and switch to get you to buy your way to continue. Don’t waste your time to get somewhere and then have that progress erased!

Total pisser.