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Developer: Mika Mobile, Inc.
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.5.2
ID: com.MikaMobile.BattleheartLegacy


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The spirit of Battleheart returns, re-imagined! In Battleheart Legacy, you will explore a rich and detailed fantasy world, customize your unique hero with dozens of powerful skills and items, do battle with hordes of enemies, encounter quirky characters and discover the stories of a troubled realm. Will you become a powerful wizard, or a notorious rogue? A noble knight, or a savage barbarian? How will you forge your legacy?

••• Features •••
• A refined real-time combat system, based on the award-winning "Battleheart". Move your character or attack your foes through simple taps, and unleash powerful special moves at the right moment to turn the tide of battle!
• Unparalleled animation and VFX make every battle a visual feast!
• An astounding 150+ unique skills across 12 classes to customize your character with. Poison your foes, crush them with giant two-handed weapons, put them to sleep with a song, or simply blow them up with a meteor strike. And with our unique multi-classing system, it's possible to combine classes into a nearly limitless number of combinations.
• Over 200 unique pieces of equipment to further tailor your character's play style.
• Incredible boss battles that will put your hero to the test!
• Use iCloud to transfer saved files from one device to another.
• Universal App.
• Game Center Achievements.

Version history

The ability "Blade Rush" will now move the player correctly.
Items dropped by enemies can no longer bounce to unreachable locations.
Enabled support for 120hz on iPad Pro.
Aura of Light's visual effect will no longer appear darker than intended.
Summoned skeleton health bars no longer stretch across the screen when they are unsummoned.
Added support for newer iPhone/iPad resolutions.
Fixed collision bug in St. Argus Crypt
• Various bug fixes
• Improvements for compatibility with iOS 9 and modern iOS hardware.
• Fixed a crash that would occur when replacing colossal weapons with another passive while a colossal weapon and the "slaughter" passive are also equipped
• Fixed a crash triggered by using an ability that did damage to yourself (Blood Magic, Reckless Blow) while the knight skill Revenge is active
• Fixed a crash related to using a very small number of skills after swapping your armor/weapons in a dungeon.
• Wynter's Almanac can no longer start talking to you while enemies are present, causing you to be locked into dialog while taking damage.
• Completing the duel with the monk trainer while a continuous damage effect is applied to her (i.e. poisoned knife) will no longer cause her to remain hostile after completing the event.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when fighting frost giants if you had challenged the Ox to a duel but fled before either of you were defeated.
• The cancel button on the file selection menu will no longer fail to work properly under certain conditions.
• Fixed a rare crash that could occur when summoning creatures within a very specific window of time from the previous summon, or at the very beginning of the arena
• Fixed a crash that could occur from an enemy AOE attack (i.e. meteor) hitting the player while the enemy was asleep
• Fixed a soft crash that could occur if pushed through a doorway by an enemy attack, leaving the player stuck in a transition state but unable to move (black silhouette).
• Fixed a dialog crash that could occur in the Frost Giant's domain if Wanda dies, and you leave the zone before returning to find Gregor.
• It is no longer possible to kill the Eston dungeon guard, but leave before picking up his key. If you've already done this, simply re-enter the dungeon and the key will be given to you.
• Flipping the switch in the Sealed Cave while in stealth will no longer trigger bizarre results.
• Added enemies to a random encounter that was previously completely empty.
• Reduced memory overhead in the Capital's City Center.
• The event at the end of the cartel mine can no longer leave the treasure chest permanently destroyed with no way to complete the quest.
• Fixed a couple typos.

• Song of Inspiration no longer resets the cooldown on Premeditate, and vice versa, preventing the possible infinite loop of having all abilities with zero cooldown
• The auto-movement option now only applies to hostile targets.
• If you abandon a battle by leaving the area (such as from room to room in a dungeon) the enemies in that room will now reset to full health on hard difficulty and above.
• Since it seemed like an unnecessary restriction, treasure chests can now be opened mid-combat.
• Improved memory efficiency and load times, particularly on later levels with large numbers of enemies.
• Mana Strike (Battlemage) was not factoring in all buffs/multipliers, and doing less damage than intended. This has been corrected.
• Fixed a rare crash that could occur when summoning pets in the Solar Crystal Keeps.
• Fixed another crash that could occur from summoning pets almost anywhere.
• Fixed an issue with elemental resistances which would cause them to produce bizarre behavior, sometimes increasing damage instead of reducing it
• It is no longer possible to corrupt the random encounter with the fleeing ninja by dying in the middle of it after killing the head guardsman
• Fixed an issue where the player would become "stuck in combat" with a distant enemy on certain maps, making it impossible to open chests, spend stat points or access their character sheet
• The chest at the end of Rotten Mine is no longer locked incorrectly
• Gregor no longer lingers in the frost giant's cave after you've already rescued him
• Summon Mummy (Necromancer) no longer has it's cooldown screwed up until you overwrite the dead mummy with a skeleton
• The Monk trainer's dialog no longer resets when she relocates from her starting point
• It's no longer possible to do Rasmus' quest chain more than once.
• Using teleport in the middle of another special move will no longer interrupt that special move, potentially causing bizarre results (like getting the game stuck in slow-motion).
• The castle steward in the Capital now actually marks the locations of the solar shards, instead of just saying he does. If you've already passed this point, you can talk to him again and have him "remind" you where they are.
• Fixed a crash which could occur if you entered a zone with your primary weapon slot completely empty, but with something in your offhand
• Summoned skeletons are no longer briefly invisible when first summoned
• Murdering certain quest givers with "crazy mode" will no longer trigger a crash after re-entering that zone
• Finalized Content for Release

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4.7 out of 5
913 Ratings


Like dragon age II x fable I
This is my first review on the App Store. This game is already my favorite iOS game (except of course for kotor). The combat and movement dynamics are fluid, intuitive, and super satisfying, and the class system is dynamic and customizable, with skill/spell acquisition dependent on the stats that come with levels, and on finding/paying the trainers. For each trainer, the skill tree is totally linear, but at an hour into the game, I've already learned different types of spells from 3 different trainers, 2 of which I had to find by quest or accident. The zones are just simple enough that I don't overly miss the lack of area maps, but there are enough zones (travelled to on a world map with random encounters, some of which tie into the over all plot/begin new subplots) that the game doesn't come off as overly linear or simplistic. Other than the slight disoriented feeling that comes from lacking area maps, I only wish that the game had zoom and pan functionality, but none of these drawbacks are significant enough to diminish my enjoyment of the game. If you liked kotor (which you should play right now if you haven't) and the original fable (I loved the first one but the sequels to that game sucked), you will love this game if you give it 10 minutes.
New opportunity for success? Dear developers...
This was a well thought out game, and many people love it. It obviously took a LARGE amount of work, but didn’t seem to receive the publicity it should have. I suspect this is why attention to the game dwindled (not enough potential revenue to justify further development)?

In any case, the current times provide a remarkable opportunity. With Battle Heart Legacy already established as a high-quality game, the key is publicity. A large update (coupled with the current pandemic and therefore larger consumer base) may be enough for this game to gain the attention it deserves. In my humble opinion, allowing multiplayer (hosted on the user’s device—not something more risky investment-wise like remote servers) would most definitely generate excitement among players. From my limited game development experience, I realize this would be a huge and frustrating (haha) project. But I truly think multiplayer—the ability to connect with friends over long distances in these harrowing times—would push this game into the spotlight.

Battle Heart Legacy is a hidden gem, an inch away from discovery.
Why make me do this,
unusually good and creative rpg
I don’t normally rate apps but felt this one deserved it. The game is well balanced, challenging, creative, and the class system gives an impressive amount of freedom for customization. The storyline is simple and funny and good enough. The mechanics are well developed but different: this game doesn’t feels like it copies anything. I particularly liked the fact that it dispenses with a crafting system, which I find tiresome in modern rpgs.

My only complaint is that the depth and variability of the story and available quests is quite limited and limits replayability significantly, even when you switch classes. I won the game once and really enjoyed the whole experience. Now I am in the middle of replaying a second time with an entirely different class but still find myself getting bored.

That is not, in my view, a sufficient reason to give less than five stars. But if the developers are listening, try playing the avernum games. Mix that broad and wide experience with this approach and you’d have something really unmatched. (I realized I just revealed my advanced age...)
The best buuut...
Na, I just wanted to be one of those reviewers that tricked you with the title. This game is literally perfect in every way. The graphics are REALLY good and the gameplay is even better. My favorite part about this game is the class system, there are your basic ones you start out with, the Knight, the wizard, the ranger, and so on but then, as you play the game more, you unlock awesome classes like the necromancer and the monk. I personally love the necromancer but I still played other classes too. Currently, I got bored of the game a few year ago but I just re discovered the game and I’m now wondering why they haven’t made a second game. This game does have some downsides like lack of side quests and out of the few side quests in the game, they’re not even that interesting. It doesn’t bother me that much because everything else in the game makes up for it. Please make a second game, I love this game but I wish there was more to it once you have done everything. Screw all the other 100 games placed better than this game, this game is the best game on the App Store.
One of the many most enjoyable mobile games I own.
I own 50+ games for my iPad, and this is the best in its category. It’s a unbelievably fun action RPG. The action is great, it’s complex enough for die hard RPG fans, but it’s not so complex that if you put the game down for a few weeks you’ll have to start over. The humor is spot on, and the animations are great. I’ve been playing as a mage, but am just as excited to play the game again as a different class. Plus NO in game advertising or sales that I’ve seen. Want a game you can spend en a tire weekend in front of, or pick up when you have 5 or 10 minutes that always fun, this is it.

The follow in for the developers and not a criticism of the game. In a new release, I would offer mini maps for individual missions/battles, some more enemy info, and the ability to undo purchases ( I’ve double clicked by accident more than once) This is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played.
4.75 stars but rounded up.
Graphics 9
Controls 7
Gameplay 10
Sound 8
Replay value 10
Upgrades 10

Game has the feel of Fable with tons of upgrades from many different classes. Great RPG phone game and would be the ultimate for me if the controls were just a bit different.
The controls are touch at the enemy and the guy fights for you. I wish it was a Dpad and button to fight.
The abilities are easy to click and use when you need them but the only problem I have is clicking on an enemy gets lost. Like you click to kill an archer with my barbarian and he will just stand there. He won't go over to the archer to swing at him. You have to click right in front of the enemy for your guy to walk over there and then click the enemy again to hit him. It would be so much nicer just to click the enemy. Plus when it gets intense you start pushing your abilities faster and if you miss the bottom at all you just tapped the screen now for your guy to move down. I've done this so much it's irritating. I want to use my first ability on bottom left of screen and I'll miss the square and end up tapping the screen next to the ability and there goes my guy running down the screen in the middle of battle. Controls are annoying but the rest of the game easily makes up for the short fall of that. Great for the money since there is no in app purchases too.
Truly an IOS masterpiece
This game has more replay ability than some sixty dollar titles out there. Years later I can hop back on and make a new build and take different paths to make a very fun and entertaining experience for a second time. The dialogue can be witty and well done, and the gameplay is fluid and smooth. Its art style isn’t as charming as the original Battleheart, yet it still manages to be a vibrant interpretation that’s altered slightly from the four-partied original. The beginning and ending are very well done and are enticing and interesting, but the middle game (12-25) tends to be very lackluster. Every good RPG has a good grind, but sometimes it can feel too grind-y. I’m personally very excited for Battleheart 2 and hope they make the game feel amazing through the entire experience! Thanks MikaMobile for your fabulous IOS game that will be one of my all time favorites.
Me usually like games,
Best mobile game
This game is a great RPG with amazing gameplay. I downloaded this app because I needed games to play and I had the first one and liked it. This game blew my expectations out of the water and easily became my favorite game. I now have over 300+ hours and completed the game multiple times with most classes and is still fun to play. Now that being said this game takes a while to get good but climbing the ladder to victory was an enjoyable experience. I only found one bug in my years playing it. You can teleport in some rocks with the wizard’s active teleport or the ninja’s passive teleport, but is very easy to avoid as long as you don’t tap on the rocks.(which is very easy not to do) This game is incredibly smooth with reliable data saves. If you are looking at getting an RPG on your phone I very much advise that you get this game. Well worth the money.
Outstanding, Incredible, and Amazing Fane
This is a great game! It is great because it has outsdanding graphics, lots of great spells, great boss battles, and much more! The cost is reasonable and once you buy it it has NO IN-APP PURCHASES! People usually put in-app purchases in games , but this game, very great and they say NO-IN APP PURCHASES! Wow! This is such a incredible game! Rarely even crashes. I could write a review all day , but I want to shorten it. This game is easy to master because all you do is mice the control and press buttons and you become the best legend in the world! Keep up with me guys! You even get to customize your character like YOU want! Great game MikaMobile! I hope you guys make a sequel to this and this really is a great rpg in your pocket! *Hands out a couple of presents and treats* Thanks for reading this guys and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
What I was looking for!
I am a big fan of RPG series such as the Neverwinter Nights series, Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, KOTOR, and Diablo. I am a huge fan of the Forgotten Realms. This game allows the player to pick their class and level them up how they see fit. Initially you start as a fighter and then get to choose how you progress. My favorite class to play in most RPGs is the Monk class. In this game, I was able to build my Monk, and multi-class him with a Ninja. It is very pleasing to watching leap in and out of the fray without taking any damage. The story and Dialogue are not very deep. But the replay value, and ability to master your character's stats and find better equipment is awesome. This game is a great find for RPG fans. I hope they do more with this or at least provide a sequel. WELL DONE!