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Bullet Hell Action Roguelike

Developer: Erabit Studios
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.3.16


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A top-down arena shooter roguelite where you play a potato wielding up to 6 weapons at a time to fight off hordes of aliens. Choose from a variety of traits and items to create unique builds and survive until help arrives.

The sole survivor: Brotato, the only potato capable of handling 6 weapons at the same time. Waiting to be rescued by his mates, Brotato must survive in this hostile environment.

· Auto-firing weapons by default with a manual aiming option
Fast runs (under 30 minutes)
· Dozens of characters available to customize your runs (one-handed, crazy, lucky, mage and many more)
· Hundreds of items and weapons to choose from (flamethrowers, SMGs, rocket launchers or sticks and stones)
· Survive waves lasting 20 to 90 seconds each and kill off as many aliens as you can during that time
· Collect materials to gain experience and get items from the shop between waves of enemies
· Accessibility options: tweak the health, damage and speed of enemies so the difficulty is right for you

*Cloud storage is only available while online. You can play offline, but your data will not be saved to the cloud. Please take note of this.

【Contact Us】
Discord:@Erabit or join via
Tik Tok:
Email:[email protected]

Version history

- 2 New characters added: King& Renegade
- New weapon added
- 4 New items added
- 5 New entites added
- Improved performance and resolved some bugs for a smoother experience.
· 2 New characters added: King& Renegade
· New weapon added
· 4 New items added
· 5 New entites added
· Improved performance and resolved some bugs for a smoother experience.
1. Added new characters.
2. Added new weapons.
3. Added new items.
4. Fixed some bugs.
Improved performance and resolved some bugs for a smoother experience.
Added new hero: Cyborg.
Added new hero: Glutton.
Added new hero: Jack.
Added new hero: Lich.
Fixed a calculation bug with hero attribute modifiers for (damage increase/decrease).
Fixed a bug where (damage dealt) values were incorrectly calculated in specific situations.
Added Endless Mode.
Added new items.
Added new weapons.
Added accessibility options for adjusting difficulty.
Improved performance and resolved some bugs for a smoother experience.
Fix bugs:
1. Fixed Slasher Egg dropping materials even if it was not killed within 5s.
2. Fixed Monk's bullet direction randomization.
3. Fixed Spitter / Junkie / Monk attacking right after spawn.
4. Fixed paddings effect miscalculation.
New features:
-Encyclopedia feature added

Bug fixes:
-Fixed sound effects sometimes being lost
-Fixed achievements/items/characters/challenges not unlocking
-Fixed progress not being saved after quitting during gameplay
-Fixed abnormal speed of 16th wave of monsters

-Adjusted bosses' skills
-Optimized random logic of the shop
-Added icons and text prompts
1. Foldable device compatibility
2. Translation issues fixed
3. Fixed HP-5 progress unlock issue
4. Fixed some bugs
1. Foldable device compatibility
2. Translation issues fixed
3. Fixed HP-5 progress unlock issue
1. Foldable device compatibility
2. Translation issues fixed
3. Fixed HP-5 progress unlock issue
- Full Version Released.
- iPad resolution fixed.
Cloud storage is only available while online. You can play offline, but your data will not be saved to the cloud. Please take note of this.

Full version released.

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4.7 out of 5
1 023 Ratings


Doesn’t deserve less than 5*, just some minor complaints
As somebody who has put dozens of hours into the Steam version, seeing this on iOS was an instant buy. It’s definitely a 5* game, but I wish the UI was more like the the PC version, especially when playing this on iPad, it seems like there’s a lot less information available on the upgrade screen that could easily fit on an iPad screen, but isn’t included.

Additionally, the game only has partial controller support, which isn’t a dealbreaker, but it is annoying to have to switch between the two.

Still highly recommended for the price, keep it up, devs!
Fred likes this,
Broken Balance on Mobile
The game plays a little different from the PC with tweaked speed settings etc. I don’t mind 99.9% of this at all and find it to be appropriate. However, there is one difference which I have to imagine is simply a game breaking bug where elites on difficulty 5 are essentially impossible to get past. They attack more frequently and with less delay between the hit box showing up and actually dealing their damage, and the attacks will one or two shot you, where you usually have about 4-8 hits with a typical build on the PC (as well as the ability to kill the elites - on the mobile port it seems they have at least double the health pool so racing their damage is also not feasible). This renders almost every single run on difficulty 5 a guaranteed defeat on the first elite you encounter, regardless of character or item quality. You can Google this known issue by searching for something like “Brotato Elites Difficulty Mobile Bug”. If they fix this one issue the app would deserve five stars, but I would say in its current state it’s not even worth purchasing as you will end up progressing very quickly to a point where difficulty 4 is not challenging and 5 is impossible. I hope anyone reading this chooses to wait until they release a bug fix for this before buying - I already put the money in for the premium version and consider it a waste of money until they do fix this.,
Get the free version
Game is amazing. I know that because I downloaded the free version first. When I saw the premium I was very excited to unlock new or exclusive content. I was wrong. It, in fact, has less content than the free version. Free version does not force ads ever. What it has is adventure/survival mode. To gain higher levels you can CHOOSE to watch ads or just progress through daily/weekly missions for different types of currency. I thought in paid version there would be some other way to gain levels that didn’t involve ads, or maybe not as many, or different currency gain since you shelled out $5 from the beginning. Or maybe different characters, idk… ANYTHING. That isn’t even an option. You just don’t get access to anything other than standard play. So I just threw away my money for a stripped down version that is not is not even compatible with the other. All the hours of progress spent do not carry over. I have no incentive to even play this version. What a bummer. Support team basically just said it’s an ad free version, but there were never forced ads anyway. I could have gotten the free version, chosen to never watch ads and still had more content. I am so confused and disappointed. Either charge for the whole game from the beginning or remove this version from the shop. I feel like I’ve been tricked.
Too hard, harder than free
I played the free version, was up to the mage, then a friend suggested the premium. I highly regret it. It’s been 20 losses with the very first character on the easiest setting. The easiest setting shouldn’t take 20 or more tries to complete, especially since I beat it before in the free version, the first time through. This paid version is way harder than the free version and it honestly is too hard and unrewarding. I’ve gotten nothing for my 20 attempts. Not a single thing. At least in the free version you get stuff when you die.

I play difficult games. I like them. But this isn’t one of them. This is simply a terribly balanced one stick shooter. At what point am I to be rewarded for my efforts? At what point are you going to lower the difficulty on the easiest setting? How am I supposed to unlock stuff when level 11 is unbeatable and even if I beat it the boss is unkillable but that’s not the hard part. The hard part is getting hit by random things when your screen is full of enemies. That’s fine, btw. But not on the easiest setting. The easiest setting- 0 - should allow players to easily progress and unlock various things so that they can play the harder difficulty levels. We are unable to do that here. Here, level 0 means nothing, as you continually try to beat it you get nothing for the losses.
Frustratingly Bugged Brotato Experience
I recently downloaded the "Brotato" iOS game, lured in by its captivating graphics and intriguing concept. However, as someone who appreciates a smooth gaming experience, I was utterly disappointed. The game boasts a unique character called "Demon" which, I admit, initially caught my interest. Unfortunately, this feature became the source of my ire. While navigating my character through the treacherous world, I noticed an inexplicable loss of HP even without any collisions with monsters. This bug led to several untimely and frustrating deaths, diminishing the overall gameplay experience. I tried to give the game a fair chance, hoping that the developers would rectify this glaring issue, but alas, it persisted. The constant setbacks caused by the HP bug significantly detracted from the game's potential, leaving me feeling aggravated and unsatisfied. In its current state, I cannot recommend "Brotato" to my fellow mobile gaming enthusiasts. The HP bug is a glaring oversight that needs to be addressed immediately, as it severely impacts the enjoyment of what could have been an incredible game. Until this issue is resolved, I can only provide a one-star rating.
iPad experience - it’s like playing the game with tunnel vision
Great game! 5 stars on the iPhone,
But on the iPad it’s just short of being great. I generally play games on the iPad because it sounds better, it’s bigger, and I can See More of what’s on screen. Unfortunately with the iPad version of Brotato, it certainly is Bigger and sounds great, BUT I actually see LESS of the game (and I’m playing on the big screen version of the iPad). That means: the time I have to react to enemies appearing on screen is very short compared to the iPhone. On iPhone i see enemies coming a LOT sooner, and as a direct result, I die less. Sure it’s nice to see your character and enemies up close, but I would have like the zoomed out view more than this “tunnel vision” experience.

I would love to play this game with an expanded view on the tablet, and keep the tunnel view as an optional mode in settings for those who like it (and like dying more often).
Linnea Flowers,
A disappointing port of an amazing game
When you port a game from keyboard and mouse to phone you tend to tune down the difficulty. While most enemies appear identical and the player as powerful as the steam release (iPhone version is several patches behind but I digress) the bosses behave dramatically differently in this release Let’s look at the butcher in particular. The first phase is almost impassible, the visual indicators for damage are almost a full second shorter than the steam release based on my timings. This leads to the only viable solution is going so fast that you pass the danger which isn’t realistic, stand completely still, or guess the direction. I have a maxed save on steam but I have doubts I’ll ever pass difficulty 4 with the current version. I look forward to launching this in 6 months and having everything be better. The devs tend to take their time but their quality is unquestioned
Great game. Mobile version has some flaws.
So Brotato is awesome. I actually bought the steam version after playing this one, and that’s when I realized how busted this port is.

The game is so much harder on mobile. Touch controls are going to be inherently more difficult for a game like this, but there are game mechanics that are for some reason tuned to be less forgiving in this version. The Butcher is basically a run ender because his attacks are so fast that the only way to dodge them is pure luck. Healing items don’t leash to the player when you walk by like they do on PC. The shop tagging system feels like it isn’t quite working, but admittedly that may be RNG for me.

Anyway I know that they are aware of these issues, and if they fix them I’ll fix my rating. Until then I’ll be playing on steamdeck.
Great game, but port has some quirks
Really enjoying my time with the game so far (~15 hours in). The iPad scaling issues look to have been fixed, but a few things:
- Using WASD to move on the iPad Pro keyboard causes the character to move in that direction for ~a second, instead of just a little like on desktop which makes it impossible to navigate properly using it
- The cloud saving sometimes has issues and doesn’t sync often enough to where there are mismatches. A force sync option or upload / download button would be helpful to ensure progress is synced
Really fun but dont buy this version :/
I really enjoy the elements that this game takes from other games by being roguelike having autochess-like builds. Its able to blend these elements really well while still being unique enough to have its own identity. The only reason the rating is 4 stars and not 5 is because I and many others payed full price for this game and with the full game (which is much more polished) being released with another pay option feels unfair to the early supporters. If there is any way to either add a feature to unlock the full polished game for buyers of this version or to bring the same polish to this version of the game it would really show appreciation for the early supporters.