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Developer: RobTop Games AB
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.21.3
ID: com.robtop.geometrydashsubzero


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Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure!

Jump in, brace yourself, and get ready for a real challenge! This won't be easy...

Game Features
• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Three unique levels with amazing music from MDK, Bossfight and Boom Kitty!
• Unlock unique SubZero icons to customize your character!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

Approved by RubRub \ (•◡•) /

Version history

- New unlockables!
- Small extras!
- Bugfixes and tweaks!

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

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4.5 out of 5
56K Ratings


Zag it,
Great, But Needs Tweaking
All of these levels are very well designed very well, I like how in knock em in the last wave, 1st spider-2nd spider had that weird effect and I like the boss fight in press start even if it was very easy but here’s the thing, I’m a mobile player and on knock em the 2nd coin with the ball, in yt vids it’s shows a path but when I try it, it doesn’t, And yes I have gotten the key on the ship part and it still doesn’t work :/.Also I HATE how in power trip it makes you progress go backwards and how it constantly flips you, especially with the wave at the begging of the lvl. And when the jump pads constantly make you go flip flop. In a day in age where fortnite is the most popular game (I don’t like it) That makes me like this game even more. if I had to rate the lvls I would rate 1: Knock Em 2: Press Start 3: Power trip. And also yes I have beaten every lvl with all 3 coins except for the ball with the invisible path for the 2nd coin in Knock Em... Even though this game has a lot of problems it’s still a good game. Not as good as regular geometry Dash But 2nd best. 8.6/10 Also on power trip on the 2nd section I missed a green jump ring I my screen glitched so the robot I was using went out of the screen and I beat the lvl :/, I have beaten power trip ligit now but that was a weird experience.
awesome Ava🤪😉🙂💕❤️👍🏻🤩🥰,
Please Read
Ok so this game is actually really fun and I honestly think that this game has better levels than the normal geometry dash. So the normal one costs money and my parents won’t let me get games that cost money so I play it on my friend’s iPad sometimes, but I have this one and geometry dash MELTDOWN. Subzero is fun because it has really good songs and better effects that the normal version. So does meltdown. I love this game. It is very enjoyable. I play it on the bus ride home from school. There are only a few bad things about this app. 1.) there’s only three levels!!!!!! The fourth level is a “coming soon” sign. I’ve had this game for years and there has not been a new level for so long. It’s getting really annoying. 2.) yk how you can change the look and colors of you little block thing, some of the colors and shapes are Only unlock-able in the normal game. 3.) the title screen music is the same as the normal version, same with meltdown. Maybe they could add a new type of title music? Alr that’s it my friend. Hope you hall have a good day! Remember: you are all loved. ( TOTALY recommend this game btw)

Also in press start, somewhere in the middle of it, the background is red, an 8-bit skull pops up and says, “ OH D*MN”. Just a warning for little kids out there wanting to play this game.
Amazing, but...,
Great new addition to the franchise, but...
The game and level designs are top notch. The camera zooming in and out makes the level seem more interesting. Good job on the level design, too. It is obvious that there is a great improvement RubRub.
However, there are some, in my opinion, extreme flaws that I only found on my iPad. Firstly, when the app was downloaded, the app icon remained dark. It’s as if it is still downloading. I can’t access it and have to go to the App Store in order to open the game. There is a glitch with the second coin in the “Nock Em” level, where the transparent platform I should be able to jump to, as a ball, is just absent. This frustrates me so much.
Only one more thing, I have all of your GD games, ie paid for the original and got Meltdown, Worlds and SubZero. When I log in to all of them and save my progress it’s fine. But when I want to load data from the other games in between each other, it just doesn’t happen. Only SubZero was able to load some icons and colours. Meltdown, on the other hand, when I try to load, tells me that this function will be available when update 2.1 comes. I have it!
All in all an amazing trio of new levels with new gimmicks. I hope you will address the issues mentioned above. Then I’ll give 5*.
Thank you!!!
nop nick,
Levels VERY NICE and a really cool game
I love the levels some are hard some are easy as you know I love geometry dash and even this one and this one and the others are good even tho some are easy some are hard this is a great game to me and this is very nice and challenging and I love or like the game I like it and love it by the way and these levels are nice cool and even the boss fights are cool in this new thing going on I know I don’t make any to no where sense but very nice and very very very cool boss fights there not bad the bosses do a ok job at trying to kill millions of people and just love those decorations and very nice really fun for people to play nothing really challenging and make sure that don’t ever never rage its just a game just be nice and take your time on those levels even tho your a noob or pro or hacker or god and do cheat if your a hacker but anyway you can get those levels and beat them I take my time on the levels you should to it’s never bad to take your time on things and don’t dream about not having geometry dash it’s not a bad game it’s cool fun and you get to design your icon it’s not that bad its just a nice sick really fun game to play to get your fingers going and get your mind up to the top of your head and stuff like that and no matter what you can get there soon and keep your mind to the top of your head that’s all I got today ok so have a blessing day and have the best geometry dash day ever peace.
Geometry fun
This is a good version of geometry dash press start is fun and catchy nock em witch i only beat in practice mode power trip is a harder difficulty and i hate the beginning because it makes you go flip flop like crazy and I really appreciate “mdk” and Bossfight for making these wonderful songs! The boss fight in press start is really fun even though it was super easy like there’s no tomorrow also press start was too catchy i kept having remixes of it ALOT and i even told my neighbor about it we had played for a long time and i reviewed lots of games like Roblox and Pokemon this game was so fun i gave it a 5 star review Hahahha🤩🤩🤩 anyway more about the levels witch are hard but they are still fun again with press start i wish they released the full version of press start because i really want to play it there are also other levels that are remixes and one of them are called press start x and i tryed one of them and it was way too hard next to nock em was when it try’s to smash you with the spikes⚔️🗡⚔️⚔️ then power trip the wave part is super hard I can’t beat it i haven’t beat it in practice mode yet and this is it for this review byeeeee
Developers please read
I can’t even use the game. When I want to play it I tap on the app, except I sends me out of the game instantly. The only reason I’m rating this 5 stars is because I absolutely loved playing it when I was younger. It is one of the best games I have ever played. If you know how to fix the bug please write back to me. I’m not going to say the game is bad, because it really isn’t bad at all. I would totally recommend this game for people who don’t have a glitchy device.
Definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played in my life. The design is the coolest out of many other games I’ve played and I think this game is fun and at the same time, a challenge. Overall, the game is epic, fun, challenging, and just a great and amazing game. *Though I d want to be notified if you find out how to fix the problem with sending me out of the app* (° ~ °) goodbye.
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Bee Factory Lover,
Questions and concerns.
So, I like this because it’s very challenging. Overall, I’m seeing this as a top game on the App Store. Playing geometry dash was quite inspiring for me to play other games. That’s why I am here. Maybe make the secret coin not like “oh click me so you can play hard”. And like : “Geometry dash secret coin in the level screen for hard level” ya know? If you want to know what I mean RobTob Games just ask. Also, maybe add a new level called predator? I’m just asking you don’t have too. Also, maybe add another secret coin where you can find in the title screen? Also an ask. My main concern is that you’re basically just making a mini boss fight on a easy/moderate Press start. Another mention is I like all the levels and personally a great game, but I feel like three levels aren’t enough. Thanks for reading and have a good day! (make more challenging games soon!) Edit: so, I completed Press start and when I’m on wave on nock em it just like tap and then one second of going then back down! Please fix the glitch where mobile people use wave spam it CAN work because it will just go DOWN when I want it to go UP.

Also I’m shocked about that.
I usually don't write reviews. This game is simply to challenging, addictive, fun, and very very satisfying when you get a level done. <3<3 <3! Like I said, I don't write reviews. So If your scrolling through reviews like mine or just came from someone else's 5 star review, listen if you haven't played this amazing game yet. Don't listen to the 1-3 haters. They can't see the true authority of this game. I'm a 10 year old boy, and if you see me doing this punctuation and capitalization correctly, you should give this a try! Now, for you people just scrolling through the comments, write your own review. Truly express how you feel about this game. It doesn't take long. A matter a fact you don't have to make a long review. So people who haven't played this game can have a chance to see how great it is. I know it sounds like I'm just saying all of this for a long review or something to give me a notice from developers, but honestly I'm not. So thanks for making it this long into review.

GD Sub Zero, Problem
Hello, I have played all the Geometry Dash Sub Zero levels and they were flawless! The zoom in was awesome, how when going back and the percentage bar going down as well was a really cool feature! And the levels were just amazing, the design, and everything! I’m totally excited for the new update of Geometry dash! But I do have a slight problem, and I found out it’s only apple products (I played on my friends phone and I did not glitch out like mine), the problem is that in the level “Power Trip”, the second coin wont appear and I won’t get the trophy of Ultimate Power Trip. And I can get the second coin and it will appear on the level of a coin that has an outline, showing I have collected it, but on the game menu and on the complete menu, it will show that I have not collected the second coin. Even though I have collected it, which that means I can’t get the achievement. And how I found out that it’s only Apple products is because my friend beat Power Trip and had the same problem. Could you Please fix this RubRub?
Great game,but two major bugs(And Good GD Games)
This game is good,But I am here to report some bugs
First bug:In power trip when you clear it,it does not verify the second coin even if you do collect it making the icon you unlock when you collect all 3 coins at power trip rendered impossible to get!
Second bug:Just like regular GD,if you tap the first lock on the second row,you get that same Icon,that’s the bug,it’s not supposed to be in the game and you can tap it again and again and nothing changes!But it does make sense since Scratch IS a glitch in the code(According to secret shop when you tap it when locked in regular GD or GD world)
Also,The updates will have games to showcase the features in three leveled GD games,so updates may take longer,I’m used to it now and am always excited to see new levels!Also,2.2 is taking so long cause I heard it’ll be the absolute biggest update ever(Sadly map packs gonna be gone) and tons of new stuff,and a new level!