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Card-based roguelike

Developer: Eric Farraro
Category: Games
Price: $3.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.0.323
ID: com.slothware.meteorfall


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Meteorfall is a deck-building roguelike. You'll choose your class from one of four unique adventurers, and then set out with a deck consisting of some basic attack cards. During the course of your adventure, you'll be presented with the opportunity to add powerful new cards to your deck.

No adventure would be complete without slaying a few monsters that get in your way. In battle, you'll draw cards from your ability deck. Each time you draw a card, you'll be able to swipe right to play the card, or swipe left to skip a turn and regain some stamina.

Between battles, you'll venture through a variety of locations, represented by an encounter deck. You'll encounter blacksmiths that can upgrade your cards, temples that can help you optimize your deck, and mysterious characters that will make you all sorts of bargains.

The tactical strategy of combat micro-decisions mixed with the strategic element of deck-building provides a compelling and deep gameplay experience.

As with all roguelikes, death is permanent. You'll earn some gems that you can use to unlock new cards, but it's back to the drawing board after that. Start out with a new adventurer and set out on your quest once again.

The good news is that Meteorfall is different every time you play - you'll encounter different locations, different enemies, and different quests. Part of the challenge is adapting to the challenging situations the game puts you in, given the cards available.

Good luck hero - it's time to end the Uberlich's cycle of destruction!

+ Challenging roguelike gameplay with an easy-to-understand deck-building combat system
+ Procedurally generated content - every adventure is unique
+ A dozen different enemies with 7 unique bosses
+ Six heroes to choose from, each with a different starting deck and unique playstyle
+ Unlockable hero skins, each with its own starting deck
+ Discover more than 150 cards
+ Daily Challenge mode with leaderboard and gameplay modifers
+ 5 'Demon Mode' levels of difficulty to unlock
+ Unlockable cards that can be easily earned through normal play
+ Leaderboards and Achievements
+ Portrait orientation for casual one-handed gameplay
+ No ads, timers, or other freemium shenanigans

Version history

- PERSEVERANCE: New card added for Rose "Gain 2@ and restore 1 charge to all spells. Remove from your deck for the remainder of combat (upgrading this card reduces the cost)"

- Charismatic will no longer show up for Battle Royale

- Fixed the amount of healing done by Shadowburn
- Fixed a bug when playing as Ghost King and hitting Level 10
- Added volume sliders
- Fixed a bug where the 'Ghost King' buff sometimes appeared outside the Daily Challenge
- Other minor bug fixes
Fixed an issue where the FPS (frames per second) were reduced for some devices, resulting in sluggish performance
Bug Fix Update

Full notes -
* Reddit:
* Discord:

A big thank you to the Meteorfall community for all the invaluable bug reports! Got a bug? Join our Discord and type !bug to automatically log a bug. Alternately, email slothwerks at

- #452 Fixed a bug where Cardoso's ability doesn't activate in some cases
- #453 Fixed a bug with Silence being able to target higher level abilities
- #454 Fixed a bug with the description of Quickcast
- #463 Fixed a bug where the Burnout mod was triggering too early
- #470 Fixed a bug where the Ghost King had a passive ability called 'Cardoso's Thirst' in the Daily Challenge
- #471 Fixed a bug where playing as the Ghost King in the Daily Challenge showed the name 'Poh Rey Cardoso'
- #473 Icy Touch now scales properly with level
- #475 Leveling up to Level 10 as Swampalina no longer causes an error
- Cardoso's Thirst can no longer be removed by abilities like Skull Bash
- Health is now properly restored again after beating a boss
- When resuming a game, Cardoso's passive ability is restored properly
- The 'Radioactive' daily modifier no longer crashes if the player's stamina reaches 0
April Update

Full notes -
* Reddit:
* Discord:

- MULDORF: New skin: Poh Rey Cardoso
- NEW CARDS: Life Sip, Silence, Blood Money, Call of the Depths
- DAILY CHALLENGE: New modifiers: Ghastly, Burnout, Clarity, Divine

- Removed Taunt, Hamstring from Muldorf’s loot table
- Hero skin cost 1500 -> 1000 gems
- FEAR: Now applies damage immediately if opponent is at 0 health
- SCYTHE: Triggers its effect immediately when its played

- Fixed a bug where Block was missing from Bruno’s loot table
- Fixed a bug in the Chinese version where finding the Rapid Fire card would cause an error message to be displayed
- Fixed a bug where the +action bonus from The Demon Inside event was lost at level up
March Update

Full notes -
* Reddit:
* Discord:

- New companion card selection art (bones), courtesy of Redditor 'Frederik Paes' - thank you!

Many of these bugs game from our public Discord - thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a bug report! If you join our Discord, you can type !bug or !request to easily log bugs or feature requests that you have.

- DRAFT: Fixed a bug where Varfa would start the draft Daily Challenge without a pet
- REJUVENATION: Cards are now shuffled into your deck, rather than being inserted at the end
- LION ROAR: Fixed a bug where the buff was not properly applied if the attack damage was 0
- KITE: Fixed a bug where this card was not giving an action
- OL'BESSIE: Fixed a bug where previewing the upgrade for this card did not show the correct description
- Fixed a bug where the Transmutation event (where you transform a card) was replacing a card different than the one shown. Yikes!
- Bleed no longer deals damage to you when you play a pet card

- TRAMPLE: Deal 200%/300%/400% of your CP, up from 100%/200%/300%
Full notes -

* Reddit:
* Discord:

Many of these bugs game from our public Discord (any bug with a #) - thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a bug report! If you join our Discord, you can type !bug or !request to easily log bugs or feature requests that you have.

- #98 Fixed a bug where Heartshot doesn't grant an action
- #99 Fixed a bug where a double digit cost for 'Restore Pet' wouldn't show up properly
- #100 Fixed a bug where Ol'Bessie's equipment buff did not last after the round
- #101 Fixed a bug where Ol'Bessie wasn't properly increasing shot cost
- #102 Fixed some text that was cut-off in one of the tip / tutorial messages

- #103 DODGE: Cost reduced from 4->3
- #103 BACKFLIP: Cost increased from 2->4
- Replaced Wildcat Talons with Seek in the starting deck for 'Varfa & Bongo'

Full notes -
* Reddit:
* Discord:

- VARFA: Brand new ranger hero, with more than 30 new cards! Join Varfa and her companions - Orhu, Caw, and Bongo - on their quest to defeat the Uberlich! Each of Varfa's 3 skins features a different companion and play style

- QUICKCAST: Reworked this card. Now reads "Gain 1@. Choose a spell in your discard (up to Level 1/2/3), fully charge it, and put it on top of your deck"

- POISON POTION: Fixed a bug where this potion behaved differently than other potoins
- SHADOWBURN: Fixed a bug where this ability restored 1 health too much
- KRUMIT THE FRAIL: Fixed a bug where certain events could possibly clone Krumit
- REJUVENATE: Now adds the healing cards into your deck instead of discard
- CHESS: Fixed a few issues related to this daily modifier
- ARENA: Fixed a bug where max health wasn't granted on level up
- Fixed a crash that occurred if you had more than 50 cards in your deck
- Fixed a bug related to Lightning Storm
- Fixed a crash that occurred when viewing deck while transitioning to the Blacksmith
- Fixed a crash related to a race condition with Devour Magic

Full notes -
* Reddit:
* Discord:

- New skins for Bruno, Mischief, and Greybeard. Meet these new characters - Boris, Lagovaz, and Redbeard - all free and unlockable with gems!
- New Daily Challenge modifiers: Swamp Queen, Arena, Radioactive, Purity, Chess
- New cards added to Bruno's loot table: Armor Up!, Body Slam
- New cards added to Greybeard's loot table: Jumpstart, Dragonbreath, Ice Armor

- ROAD RAGE: This challenge modifier now only affects player
- CONFUSED: This challenge modifier has been removed
- DAGGER: Reworked. This card now reads 'For every 4 cards you play, inflict Bleed (1). When you equip this, inflict Bleed (1)'

- KRUMIT THE FRAIL: If you remove Krumit from your deck (for instance, at the Temple) penalty reduced from setting HP to 1, to instead reducing max HP by 5
- DODGE: Cost reduced 5->4; no longer gives an action when played
- Reduced gem cost for skins 2000 -> 1500
- MAGIC DANCE: Cost 3->8, now reads ''Gain 1@ and restore a charge to the next {0} Level 1 spells you draw. Cost is decreased by 1 for each uniquely named spell in your deck
- POTIONS: Now restore 1 action when drawn; no longer restore stamina when skipped

Full notes -
Discuss -

- Fixed an issue where cards could not be unlocked with gems

Full notes -
Discuss -

- Added new Daily Challenge mode! Each day, all players will have the opportunity to fight through a daily challenge on the same RNG seed. The game will be modified by 3 modifiers, changing the way you play the game in radical ways. Your score is only counted on your first attempt each day, so good luck! This mode unlocks after you've beaten the game with any character.

Added a News section to the main menu. Find out what's new and what's coming in Meteorfall.

- Cleaned up buff tokens - they no longer will cover the health/stamina information
- Various issues & inconsistencies with equipment stacking (eg: playing the same equipment twice) have been resolved

- Fixed a bug where enemy cards would creep off the screen during long battles
- Fixed a bug where Sap Mana wasn't restoring charges in some cases
- Fixed a crash that would occasionally occur when the Uberlich used the 'Meteorfall' ability
- Various other small bug fixes

Full notes -
Discuss -

- Added 'Rose, Queen of Shadow' - a new unlockable skin that also changes your starting deck!
- Added 10 new cards to Rose's loot table: Corruption, Bewitch, Acolyte's Hood, Enfeeble, Helm of the Bat King, Devil's Bargain, Soul Chalice, Feedback, Amulet of Cosmic Horrors, Dark Presence

- ENCHANT WEAPON: Description has been updated to reflect the fact that this buff also heals when dealing spell damage
- 'Shadow' shop bundle for Rose has been updated to reflect the new cards added in this update
- Moved 'Reset Tutorial' button in settings so that it's less clicked by accident

- MINING PICK: Fixed a bug where equipment from Mining Pick would randomly switch sides (thanks everyone who reported this!)
- Various other minor bug fixes
Full notes -
Discuss -

- Fixed a bug with max health and certain events
BUG FIX UPDATE (October 2018)

Full notes -
Discuss -

- Three new achievements added: Skin & Bones, Phat Deck, Gear Master
- Added outline to 'combat text'

- Fixed a bug where Demon Mode was unlocked for new purchasers
- SUMMON GOLEM: Fixed a bug where this was causing a variety of issues with max health
- TRIDENT: Fixed various interactions
- MAGE HUNTER: Fixed a bug where this was not giving +1 action
- BLOOD MAGIC: Fixed a bug where this was giving +2 instead of +1 actions
- WRAITH: Fixed a bug where this card wasn't removed from deck after triggering
- SAP MANA: Updated description to be more clear
- Various typos fixed

Full notes -
Discuss -

- Added Demon Mode difficulty! Unlock a set of progressively more difficult challenges by defeating the Uberlich (The first level should unlock automatically if you've beaten the Uberlich and have the achievement for winning with that character)
- 5 new demonic enemies: Cococat, Lutenica, Salamandrah, Chickenburn, Alcodemon
- 2 new quests: The Mischievous Spider and Krumit the Frail
- 18 new cards: Char, Scorch, Dispel, Mage Hunter, Devour Magic, Dig Treasure, Warmblooded, Skull Bash, Swig o' Grog, Bull Horns, Trident, Defensive Stance, Artifact Collector, Mining Pick, Shades, Shake it Off, Kick, Puppet Master

- 'Gold' encounter removed
- 'Treasure' encounter now shows 3 cards (instead of 2), and also gives 5 coins
- 'Shop' encounter has 50% chance (per card) of displaying a card of a higher level than you would normally see on that floor (max is still level 3)
- Level up: when adding a card to your deck, one choice is guaranteed to be a card of a type that is already in your deck, and the other is guaranteed to be a card of a type that is NOT in your deck
- SHADOWBURN AND SHADOW PACT: Now add 'Forsaken' to the target, which prevents the next source of healing from having any effect
- REJUVENATE: Added stamina regeneration; now reads "Shuffle 3 'Blessing' cards into your deck that give 1 action, 3 stamina, and heal for 2 when drawn"
- PICKPOCKET: Now reads "Deal 3 damage. Steal an item or buff (up to level 1) from your opponent";"
- RAVAGE: Now reads "Deal 3 damage. If opponent is bleeding or poisoned, deal an additional 3 damage and gain 1 action"
- VAGABOND BOOTS: At level 2 or higher, now adds improved stamina recovery when skipping a card
- STAB: Now adds Poison at level 2 or higher
- BOAST: Now reads "Deal 4 damage. Increase the damage dealt by this card by 1 each time your play it (resets at end of battle)"
- BLOCK: Now reads "Block the next 3 damage you receive and gain 1 action"
- SUMMON WRAITH: Wraith damage reduced- BOAST: Now reads "Deal 4 damage. Increase the damage dealt by this card by 2 for each other Boast played in this battle (resets at end of battle)"
- SHADOW PACT: Damage taken when drawn with no charges is reduced
- SPIDER BITE: Now reads "Inflict Poison (1) and reduce enemy stamina by 1. Gain 1 action"
- BATTLE STANCE: Now reads "When you play this card, deal 3 damage + 3 for each time you skipped it this battle. Skipping this card also adds 2 armor.";
- Most enemies adjusted to reduce average card level (broad, small nerf to basic non-boss enemies)
- Events "People's Champion" and "Village of Miracles" now scale with current location 'depth'

- BRUNO: Added 1x Battle Stance to starting deck, -1x Attack

- BRAMBLE'S FORTITUDE: Fixed issue where Bramble's Fortitude to recover too much stamina
- MAGIC DANCE: Fixed bug where it wasn't recovering the right number of charges
- DISINTEGRATE: Fixed bug where Disintegrate wasn't affected by Staff
- Fixed a bug where some cards showed prices to upgrade, even though they were not upgradable
- Fixed a bug where new cards were always added to the bottom of the player's deck
- Various minor bug fixes
BUG FIX UPDATE (July 2018)

Full notes -
Discuss -

- Fixed a bug where the shop spawned the wrong level cards
POST-NECRODUDE Patch (June 2018)
Full notes -
Discuss -

- Fixed an issue where higher level Summon Wraith cards summoned Level 1 Wraiths
- Fixed bug where Wraith was always added to the top of the deck
- Fixed an issue where cards purchased from a shop shared the same number of charges
- Fixed bug which made in-progress saves from the pre-Necrodude update to be compatible
- Fixed issue where Smite didn't do bonus damage at full health, if you had Summon Golem in your deck
- Fixed(?) bug that caused an inconsistent game state after dying/leveling up at the same time
- Various other minor bug fixes

Full notes -
Discuss -

- Added Muldorf, the Necrodude (new hero!)
- Introduced shop 'bundles' - instead of random cards, cards will be selected from pre-defined bundles of complementary bundles
- Level-up: Stamina upgrade removed and replaced with an 'upgrade a card for free' option

- Improved 'event selection' algorithm to prioritize more impactful events such as Blacksmith, Temple, and Shop (when usable by the player)

- BRUNO: Removed 2x Attack from starting deck. Added 1x Intimidate, 1x Gut Punch
- MISCHIEF: Removed 1x Spider Bite from starting deck. Added 1x Vagabond Boots
- ROSE: -1 Holy Strike, +1 Flash Heal
- Shop cost decreased
- Temple frequency increased. Now costs 0/5/10/15/25 to remove a card. Can remove multiple cards in a single visit.
- Many small tweaks to monster decks and bosses
- HEMORRHAGE: Now adds 1 action when played
- POISON: Now adds 1 action when played
- SHADOWBURN: Now reads "Deal 3 damage. Gain 1 HP for each charge on this spell." (damage reduced slightly to compensate for the healing)
- MEDITATE: now always grants an action, regardless of whether you have spells to recharge or not.

- Fixed various event/card reroll exploits
- DOOM Fixed a crash related to the Doom card during the Uberlich encounter
- Fixed an exploit that allowed players to re-roll events
- Fixed a bug where players could sometimes upgrade a card beyond the max level (3)
- Fixed a bug where the 'minion counter' for Muldorf was shown in the wrong spot for iPhone X users
- FEAR: Fixed a bug where the effect only lasted on turn
- PICKPOCKET: Will no longer generate a Mana Potion when the effect triggers
- Fixed Blacksmith crash
- Added 'Earn Gold' and 'Train' options that will replace other encounters, if certain conditions are met
- Improved UI for 18:9 aspect ratio devices
- Added a 'View Deck' button that shows up during quests
- Added an 'Ambient sound' toggle to turn off the crowd chatter
- Added support for 'upside-down portrait' orientation

- Spells will regain 1 charge upon resting/level-up (currently, all charges are restored)
- Dodge buff for Blinding Light reduced to 10/20/35% (down from 20/40/60%)
- Zap will appear slightly less often for Greybeard
- Inferno deals 6/9/13 damage per level (down from 6/10/16)
- Arcane Shock now has 2 charges (down from 3)
- Temples will appear slightly less often
- Lightning Storm reduced to 2 charges (from 3)

- Fixed bug where prices are sometimes not shown in the shop
- Made changes to improve stability on some low performance devices
- Fixed bug where 'Win with hero' achievements were not unlocked when beating the game
- Fixed a bug where Taunt was not granting the right amount of stamina
- Fixed a bug where the number shown for the 'Sword' buff did not update when multiple Swords were played
- Fixed a bug where the 'price stickers' shown when upgrading cards obscured the number of charges for spell cards
- Various other bug / crash fixes
Added iPhone X support

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4.6 out of 5
455 Ratings


Great game, lack of content
I wanna start this off by saying the game is fantastic and I think it’s worth the asking price, I’ve been playing this on the bus and while walking to the store, it’s a great time waster. I think the mechanics and overall theme of the game is great, however it lacks the polish I desire for a game that’s about 4 bucks. Some performance problems on my iPhone 6, stutters and lags when loading some card effects. The main problem this game suffers, is simply a lack of more content or areas to progress too. I’d like more choices for character classes, as the standard characters have very set archetypes that are hard to break out of if you want to actually win runs. It’s controls are beautiful and genius for this type of game, however it’s genius is also its downfall, as the lack of choices can leave some games up to complete chance, as some enemies will kill you in one turn because you lack the HP to survive a lucky roll from the opponent. This happens early in the game and later on. A tip for any new players, getting HP early to survive the onslaught while you’re still powering up your deck is a smart choice and sometimes passing on the upgrade is a better choice than trying to go for an ultra powerful deck. Anyways, great game, highly recommend, just wish there was more content, and a little more polish in regards to the cards visually, and special effects.
Unsure where to put this
Game is amazing, hate that they nerfed the wizard so much it seems, while a little over powered now it seems like the basic attacking people will shine.( Not a bad thing I guess). One quip I have though is it seems I always draw shadow pact first while it isn’t charged ending up with me taking extra damage on the cleric and sometimes ending playthrus early. If this intended then could it be stated as such, if not maybe the algorithm could be looked at since it seems like it’s targeting. And no it isn’t because of a fluke once or twice it’s like every time it is uncharged. Regardless of this little gripe this game is amazing and I am hoping for more content like characters, cards bosses and the like. But even where the game stands now totally worth the money. I also could possibly see adding a feature to fine tune a starting deck using gems for either an extra character or something like that, just because I have already amassed a couple thousand even after unlocking everything. Hope there is a long life for this game because it’s great.
Love it but...
As a fellow fan of strategy card games, I love this one it has a unique play style to it that no other games that I have played. The roles are easy and nice with a smooth booster card set that can really give you an advantage to your role type (but not nailing you down to that role in any way at the same time if that makes sense.)
I really love how there are no pay to play booster packs and it’s a one time purchase kind of deal although there is one thing that I don’t really like to much and that’s the four roles, nothing about the roles in particular besides me either having the worst of luck or not being able to build my character with certain cards because I can’t find them but I just wished that there were more and more of an in-depth story line (although I haven’t played much) I just don’t think there’s a crazy draw to the storyline is all, and that there isn’t a huge huge diversity that other games I’ve played has. (I get that this just came out and hopefully hasn’t gotten all the stuff together and just the bare bone game) but I’d love to see sort of a clerical type character or a debugger of some sort besides the standard mage,fighter stances.
KJAY on the Bay,
Great game after two major updates! Buy it!!
Great, fast and fun one handed RPG based card game action! Well worth the price.
It’s a great little time killer with plenty of tension and meaningful decision points. Lots of room for expansions too. Here’s hoping the Dev releases some new content going forward!
Update: I previously had a few minor quibbles about the lack of opportunities to customize the player’s deck in game. However, after two major updates, this is now one of the best games for IPhone I own and I own a lot. Plenty of opportunities to really hone your deck and build your character. Want to play a fire mage or an ice mage? No problem. A fast, acrobatic thief or a subtle poisoner? Can do. The latest update offers a new, more difficult deck to play against if you so choose and it is FANTASTIC!
Wish list: One more player character and something meaningful on which to spend the in game currency; Players choice of additional starting cards or temporary buffs. Whatever play tests well.
Amending my previous rating of 4 to 5 stars. This is a GREAT game. Buy it!
Fun Deckbuilding Game
Simplistic fun deckbuilding game. I have one complaint: using your gems to “unlock” cards actually adds them to your starting deck. While they’re relatively powerful early, I find that in the long run “unlocking” cards weakens your deck substantially as the strongest strategy in this game is to keep a small, heavily upgraded deck full of synergy cards. The cards that you unlock aren’t bad, but are ultimately more things to upgrade or remove. Mischief especially is hurt by the extra cards, as without them it’s much easier to make a deck that can consistently cycle through itself multiple times a turn. To the developers, I suggest adding a toggle to the cards, and letting players choose whether or not to include them in their starting deck after unlocking them. Also, I’d consider reflecting on the design philosophies surrounding these “upgrades” actually weakening the deck, and consider reworking it to give a more rewarding sense of progression. Overall, I really like this game, and consider it a worthwhile addition to the genre. :)
Tough until I realized...
I simply couldn’t make it past the second area after about 10 runs with various characters. I couldn’t figure out why; I felt like I made the right choices on what to upgrade and buy and remove and whatnot, but I always seemed to get murdered by a tough area 2 monster.

Then on one run with the wizard I decided not to fight nearly every monster; I rested a lot more, and actually prepared to go into fights, rather than blindly attacking every monster. And with some nice random events and good choices, I breezed by to a victorious run. And it was satisfying. I just mention it because it didn’t seem so obvious to me that you’d still gain enough XP to level up even if you choose to rest on 3 or 4 monsters per area.

It’s certainly not as brutal as this developer’s previous deck building rogue-like app: Dream Quest. If you’re looking to scratch a deck-building rogue-like itch, this’ll get it done until Slay the Spire comes to mobile. Looking forward to getting victories w all 5 characters.
Must-try for fans of roguelikes or deckbuilders
This game is wonderful and you can really tell that the developer put a lot of love and thought into the game’s systems. It all runs really smoothly and feels satisfying to win. However, perhaps more importantly, it doesn’t feel too bad to lose either which is important in roguelikes. Each run-through you’re constantly thinking of new ways to build your deck and new strategies to try and focus on.

Add all of the great gameplay on top of some truly excellent art and animations, and you have a game that is incredibly unique and engaging to play. I haven’t beaten the final boss yet, but I’m still having loads of fun exploring the possibilities. There’s also tons of potential for additional content, like new starting characters and enemies. With so much to love and so much potential for the future, this game gets as high of a recommendation as I can give for a mobile game.
Worth It!
First off, I never write reviews but this one is too good to not recommend. I was searching the App Store for a deck building game and came across this. It sounded fun and the graphics looked cool so I preordered it. I’m so glad I did because I haven’t been able to put it down! This game is so much fun and addicting. Each game is different and you’re given different options (i.e. purchase new cards, upgrade cards, get treasure, recover health and spell charges, etc). It’s definitely worth the purchase whether you’re already into these types of games or want to try it out. It won’t disappoint!

Also, I read someone else’s review about how they need to add a feature so you know what the monster’s cards mean but they already have one. If you click Recap at the end of the monster’s turn, you can see what cards the monster used and a description of what each card does.
Lot of fun but room for improvement
I’ve really enjoyed playing this game. The art and gameplay are wonderful. The main issue that I’m running into is that the alternative characters appear to just be better than the base characters. However, that means that I end up playing the same deck with the same strategy over and over again. I’d really like to progress further but I’m already getting a bit bored/frustrated doing the same thing over and over without progression after each characters unlocks. I would appreciate more unlock able characters that would allow me to try out different archetypes within each class and experiment and try to play a little bit more how I’d like to play. Lot of fun, but I feel like my stay with this game will be more short lived than it could have because I don’t feel like I can experiment and play how I’d like to.
Crash. Crash.. Crash
Does not work on older devices such as iPad 2, please fix, those of us that use these do pay, we most certainly pay,, but would like to play as well,, please be kind❤️ love to bring these stars up. Heads up:@) most of these newer games will not work on old devices regardless of claims that they do, there all worked for the newer systems which conflicts with the older devices, they crash before they even load, I have bought 10 games in the last few weeks, each were suppose to be compatible ( these were not high end games as far as graphics) 7,8,9.0 and so on, out of ten one worked, each with the same trademark problem, because of the low percentage of people using older models the game creators are not interested in making alterations, I can't blame them but hey don't take our money if you don't have a care, of course this is not targeted at this specific maker,, I hope your one of the few that will try, ❤️ the game sounds great, I would love to play it AGAIN: IF YOU HAVE A LOW END DEVICE DONT BUY ANY NEW GAMES REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY SAY, A 98% CHANCE SAYS IT WONT RUN

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